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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: Rollins on Vomiting at Extreme Rules, Mustafa Ali Talks Social Justice

July 20, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Seth Rollins Raw Talk

411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 07.20.20

-Welcome to your weekly RAW Talk coverage. Real quick thanks to everyone that followed along Saturday night with my live Slammiversary coverage. My review of that show can be found here, and while I am plugging things, here is my recap of the bonus episode of Taker’s Last Ride documentary. Now to RAW Talk as the focus of the WWE will be shifting to SummerSlam. Let’s get to it!

-Charly Caruso welcomes us and she is joined by R Truth this week. YES! This should be fantastic! Charly asks Truth how he is doing after losing his 24/7 Title to Shelton Benjamin. Truth says it’s not about him tonight and instead what Charly needs to talk about.

-Talk turns to Orton punting Big Show after his victory in their unsanctioned match. Truth feels enough is enough with what Orton is doing because it’s peoples careers he’s ending.

-Charly throws to a video package on what lead to the the Eye for an Eye Match at Extreme Rules. Then we get highlights from the match last night. It was Rey vs Rollins which means the match will be good even with the weird stipulation. Rollins wins after using the steps to pop Rey’s out and then he vomits we he sees what he’s done.

-Back to the desk as Seth Rollins is the first guest tonight. Truth says that Rollins is proud of himself. Seth says he did not ask for that stipulation. He did it because Rey forced him into that situation. Man, has a point! Charly brings up that Rollins vomited last night. Seth says he was not prepared for the image of a man holding his own eyeball in his hand. He was not prepared for what it was going to be like visually and it made him sick to his stomach. Charly asks Seth if he has any regrets after the match. Seth doesn’t know why people keep blaming him. He blames the WWE Universe for making him change as they didn’t like the ‘Burn it Down’ guy. He asks if they regret pushing him to this point? Truth wants to know at what cost and Seth says for the greater good at any cost.

-Charly brings up that Seth was terrorizing Aleister Black tonight. Rollins says Black asked for what happened tonight. Truth is tired of Seth playing the victim. Seth brings up they need a leader on RAW and he has to be that person because nobody else will stand up and do what he has to do. He is the leader of this industry, and he is taking it seriously for the first time. He says Aleister Black will be fine and his career will continue. Seth is seeing clearer than he ever has and Truth tells him he is outside his mind. Charly asks about unfinished business with Black and Seth hopes that isn’t the case. He wants to move forward and teach his disciples the ways that will lead this show into the next decade. Truth goes back to the eye incident and Seth says again that he didn’t ask for that stipulation. If it wasn’t Rey’s eye than it would have been his. Again, man has a point! Seth doesn’t want Truth to judge him as he hasn’t walked in his shoes. Truth says Seth has the world in the palm of his hands, and for some reason he doesn’t care.

-Charly asks if Seth has any words for Rey and his family. Seth says he is truly sorry he was forced to be in this situation. He hopes there is a silver lining to all this and that’s Rey and Dominick understanding that you can’t stand in the way of fate, destiny, or the greater good. Truth is heated and tells Seth to be gone. He says that you always have a choice and the Seth Rollins he knows would have made the right choice.

-Our next guest is Shayna Baszler and this should be interesting considering what happened with Truth last week. Shayna is pissed because she has been on the sideline. She left the upper echelon of combat sports and didn’t name drop anybody. She worked her way up through the company and didn’t care about her hair, make-up, or spray tan. She has dominated every girl they have and then she complains that the catering wasn’t even good tonight. Charly agrees, but Truth says he liked the fried fish. That’s the Truth I expected! Charly asks Shayna how she gets what she wants. Shayna says she never left and can’t get a match because they all know what happens when they get in the ring with her. Shayna crushes Asuka for winning a glorified food fight for the Title. Everyone saw what she did at Elimination Chamber, and they are all afraid of her.

-Shayna brings up that Truth was smart last week when he rolled out of the ring. Charly says Truth has his moments. He doesn’t know if they are scared, but instead there hasn’t been an opportunity yet. Shayna says she will create an opportunity as she calls out anyone that wants to face her. Truth says that he agrees with her. Shayna doesn’t care who accepts and she will create her opportunity.

-Our final guest is Mustafa Ali as he apparently has his full name back again. Charly asks what it was like to return to RAW and get the win for his team. Ali mentions he has not been here since December and it was frustrating not being able to control his own destiny. What you can control is how you respond and he knew he just needed to stay ready. Ali says he has a long history with Ricochet and Cedric. He was tired of seeing them have their run ins with Lashley and picked this spot.

-Charly brings up Ali’s work in fighting for social justice. Ali mentions he was a police officer for years and doesn’t think change will happen until the criminal justice system is changed as a whole. He tells us the first inception of a police force was used to catch run away slaves. He mentions that profit is more important than protection in the criminal justice system. He brings up that the WWE has the most culturally diverse roster and talks about being the voice of the voiceless (he mentions others have used that phrase in the past). They close with that as we are out for this week.

-A much different episode than last week as things were subdued and serious this week. Which with Truth as a co-host, I wasn’t expecting at all. We got serious Truth as a way to sell the horrific nature of the Eye for an Eye match. Rollins was what you would expect and I found myself agreeing with him as Rey did pick the stipulation, so Rollins did what he needed to do. I assume they don’t want me agreeing with their heel who popped out someone’s eye, but here we are. Shayna was fine and stayed on point with the theory that everyone is ducking her. Ali returning and then getting a chance to speak was appreciated. Overall a solid show, but I was just expecting more with Truth as the co-host. Thanks for reading.

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