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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: Ruby Riott On Her Losing Streak, Titus O’Neil On His Humanitarian Award Nomination

July 6, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Raw Talk Ruby Riott

411’s RAW Talk Report: 07.06.20

-Early Birthday wishes to my mother as she shares a birthday with Hulk Hogan turning heel and forming the nWo. Yes, I remind her of that every year! RAW has finished so that means another episode of RAW Talk. Let’s get to it!

-Charly Caruso welcomes us to the show and she is joined by her co-host, Samoa Joe. They discuss The Horror Show at Extreme Rules and focus on Rey vs Seth. The stipulation has been set as an “eye for an eye match.” Joe can’t fathom the mindset of the two men heading into this match as the goal is to permanently injure their opponent by taking out an eye. Charly asks Joe about strategies in this match and Joe says it goes beyond any strategy. This is a match for revenge and brutality. They discuss the momentum being on the side of Rey following his tag win with Owens over Seth and Buddy. They discuss the allies that Rey has found in Owens, Black, and Carrillo. They know Seth will have his backup at Extreme Rules. Charly asks Joe for a prediction and he is going with Seth Rollins as he thinks the stipulation favors him. Charly wonders what happens to Dominick if his father loses an eye. Joe talks about the challenges Dominick will face if he chooses to follow in his dad’s footsteps. Joe and Charly talk about how perhaps cooler heads may prevail and they backtrack on the stipulation.

-Ruby Riott is our first guest this week. Charly brings up that Ruby was out for 10 months due to double shoulder surgery. She then wants the inside story on the friction between Ruby and Liv Morgan. Ruby says she didn’t dump Liv, but saw her thriving while she was out and it made her mad because Liv showed she didn’t need her. Ruby says she has been on a losing streak since she has returned and that leads to Joe talking about ring rust. Joe thinks she looks crisp and wonders if it is the mental game of not having her squad. Ruby says she is trying to find her place on RAW without The Riott Squad, and she just can’t close the deal on these matches. She talks about how hard she worked to come back and what has happened is not what it looked like in her head. She is just trying to find herself and all she can do is give everything she has. Joe asks her where square one starts and admits that he has never seen her this frazzled. She thinks it starts with righting the wrongs she has done in her past. She has been a bad person and hurt a lot of people. She needs to rectify the things she messed up and take accountability. That is part of the reason she has tried to get hold of Liv. She doesn’t know what it will do for Liv, but she knows what it will do for her. Charly asks if she has anyone else in the locker room to talk to and Ruby says not right now. More often than not she is alone and the one time she opened up was to her Squad. They discuss the IIconics and Ruby talks about meeting in NXT. She has known women like them her entire life. She calls them insecure so they try to make those who look different negative. She has lost to each of them and she will give them their due. After everything they have done to get under her skin, she is going to make them regret it.

-Our next guest is Titus O’Neil and he gets all the compliments for his suit from Joe and Charly. Titus talks about his work with public schools in Tampa. They are building a prosperity center to help educate the parents of the kids in the realm of culinary, employment, and can feed hundreds of families a week. They will also help provide mental health counseling and GED Testing. Great stuff! Titus talks about how he started by throwing birthday parties for kids who couldn’t have them. He didn’t have his own birthday party until he was in college and it still means the world to him to hear someone sing Happy Birthday. He then talks about The Love Walk in Tampa he has been doing with Batista. He discusses the protests around the country and says he won’t put law enforcement in a box because they saved his life at one point. He does know there is systemic racism out there though and there needs to be a systemic change in the way people are trained. He is happy to see that a lot of people are waking up and seeing the nightmare that black and brown people are living. He wants everyone to have a chance at The American Dream. Joe asks Titus what he would tell people who want to start working in their community. Titus mentions you can’t change the world until you start at home and then find something you are passionate about. He puts over the work of teachers and how they are under appreciated. My wife is a 1st ground teacher so I know all about that. Charly brings up that Titus was a finalist for Muhammad Ali Humanitarian award. Titus mentions he looked up to Ali, Jordan, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He discusses what Ali stood for and how he stood on his convictions. He puts over the other athletes that were nominated and he was honored to be in their company. That won’t stop the work for him though and he will continue to do what he can to help.

-That wraps up this edition of RAW Talk. A different show this week as this was more serious than the craziness we got with the tag teams last week. Ruby showed some great emotion and did a good job with her face turn. The IIconics make it easy though to garner sympathy. Then Titus continues to show how great of a human being he is and I liked they gave him a platform here to speak on what he is doing to make this world a better place. This show was solid and something different than what we usually get. Thanks for reading!

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