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411’s WWE Raw Talk Report: Sasha Banks On Her Win Over Asuka, Viking Raiders On Raw Loss

June 29, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 06/29/20

-We are back with another edition of RAW Talk and I am still holding out hope Talking Smack is coming back since Backstage is gone. Until then we will focus on the red brand. Let’s get to it!

-Charly Caruso welcomes us to the show and Samoa Joe is back as her co-host after a week away. Joe jokes that he heard last week was a bit contentious.

-Our first guests are Bayley and Sasha Banks and this should be fun. They are already over the top obnoxious and want a replay of Sasha’s win over Asuka. She is going to be Two Belts Banks soon and wants that trending. Sasha says that tonight she beat Asuka and that same thing will happen at Extreme Rules. Charly brings up that it is hard to beat someone twice and I always found that saying stupid in sports. Generally the better team keeps winning because they are just better, but that’s my own opinion. Sasha was jealous of Bayley having two titles and she is going to fix that by getting two titles of her own. She is proud of her best friend and would never turn on her for her title, so she will get one of her own. Joe asks what the celebration will look like and Bayley rants against the last celebration they had as there weren’t enough banners and balloons. They wants statues outside the PC as they built the arena and 7 rings. They then mock Charly by calling her chorizo and close by saying they are taking over the whole damn company. “What just happened?” -Charly!

-The Viking Raiders are out next coming off their loss to Andrade and Garza. They mention that Andrade and Garza had to cheat tonight. They have dominated more than any team in the WWE on any brand since they have been in the company. Joe mentions that as of late they have hit some stumbling blocks. He knows they are specialists and they lost to a put together team tonight. They respond by saying they may have not had their head in the game tonight. They don’t lose…they learn. What happened tonight won’t happen again. Joe wants to know what comes next for those that mess with the Viking Raiders. They refer to Joe as Samoan Joseph and it makes me laugh for some reason. Pain is on the table for Garza and Andrade. Charly wants to look back at the events with The Street Profits and Ivar liked watching the SP trying to throw axes. Erik still wants to sword fight and then discusses drinking goat’s milk. Apparently it is so much better as Charly mentions she likes goat cheese. “It’s the same, but liquid.” I like these guys. Joe asks Ivar about the females around the building being attracted to him and wants to know if he has any secrets for the normal people. Not everyone can be as handsome as him and that includes Angel Garza. Charly tells him to be careful what he says about Angel around her. Joe brings up Ivar is a karaoke champion and this one is going in directions I never anticipated. Charly shuts down Erik once again and just tells him he is a great guest on the show.

-Our finals guests are The IICONICS. They tell Charly that her introduction of them was horrible. They want Joe to try and he basically sounds like a chicken. He says that’s what he thought they were going for. Tonight they had an issue with Ruby Riott and Charly wants to know from where that’s coming. Royce says that it goes back 5 years to NXT and Ruby has had it out for them since day one. They are two women that punch up and don’t punch down according to Joe. He knows they focus on Gold, but Ruby seems to be down on her luck. Billie says they are focused on the Gold, but they need to take care of their light work with this weirdo, Ruby. They crush Charly for asking them what their strategy and they say they don’t give their tricks out for free. Charly then asks what else is going on in their world. They are very big on the Tik Tok as the kids say and the same with their YouTube channel. Joe is having a ball this week as he is great needling and feeding the guests. He’s no Daniel Bryan on Talking Smack, but he is getting there. Billie gives tips on how to do their signature pose and they have Joe and Charly do it. It was horrible according to them so they let each try again solo. They give Joe a 7 and bring up that Charly worked in the bend and snap (I get that reference). Charly is then compared to a cup of mustard, but she will take that as a compliment as it is better than a cup of horseradish. Again, this show is going off the rails, but it’s not boring. They rail against people meeting and claiming to be best friends after just three months. Charly wants to play a game next time they are on the show to see how well they know each other. They finish by pointing out that Charly is sweating through her shirt and that seems like the perfect way to close this one.

-Wow! Joe and Charly were just along for the ride and reacting to what everyone was throwing at them. Crazy that the men dressed as Vikings were the most laid back guests on the show. Again, I don’t know what all to say about this one, but it wasn’t boring. Thanks for reading!

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