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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: Sheamus Wants to Be WWE’s Most Decorated Superstar, Elias Has a #1 Album

October 26, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Sheamus Raw Talk

411’s WWE RAW Talk: 10.26.20

-I thought Hell in a Cell was a pretty good show with an amazing story driven match between Reigns and Uso. Roman is just so awesome with this new character and is the best thing going in wrestling today. With HIAC in the rear view mirror we are now building to Survivor Series and it seems NXT won’t be part of the show this year. No matter as the show already has more announced matches in 1 night than HIAC had total matches. I am sure some of the Champion vs Champion pairings will change before the show if past years are any indication. Now it’s time for RAW Talk. Let’s get to it!

-Charly Caruso welcomes us to RAW Talk and she is joined by her co-host and WWE 24/7 Champion, R-Truth. CHARTRUTH! Charly congratulates Truth on defending his 24/7 Championship last night against Drew Gulak. Speaking of Championships, Charly transitions to Orton becoming a 14 time World Champion. Randy has his hands full as Drew is coming for him, The Fiend is apparently stalking him, and he has a match with Roman at Survivor Series. I guess it kind of sucks to be Randy right now. Also, I just want to mention again that The Fiend/Bliss pairing is amazing. Also as an aside I have a 3 ½ year old son who likes wrestling (duh) and my wife is cool with it, but she makes me change the channel anytime The Fiend appears. I guess that’s the smart thing to do.

-Our first guest is Elias and it seems he has the #1 spot on the iTunes Soundtrack chart. It seems it moved up during the show and made the climb all the way to #1. Charly and Truth are honored to be sitting next to the #1 artist. Truth says he has a cousin, Pretty Ricky, who sings and Truth wants Elias to help him. Elias is all for it as he wants to bring people up to his level. Truth asks how many people are walking with Elias and he says there isn’t a total number count, but he is #1 so it has to be a lot. The night wasn’t perfect for Elias though as he lost to Keith Lee in a Survivor Series qualification match. Elias calls Lee a cheater, but concedes it may have just been a Jeff Hardy thing. He is still annoyed that Hardy tried to kill him with a car, so he will continue to be #1 at kicking Hardy’s ass. He agrees with Charly that there is still unfinished business. He shows off the wounds on his back from the guitar shot earlier in the night. Charly asks how many guitars are they going to break and Elias mentions Fender sponsors him for a reason. Elias then gets a chance to plug how to get his album on iTunes. The album is Universal Truth for anyone out there who want to give it a listen. Props to Elias on the accomplishment.

-Next out is Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose and Truth gets them confused with Carmella. Charly congratulates the two of team on being on Team RAW for Survivor Series. Dana mentions they haven’t lost since coming together on RAW. They throw around team names like Buff Blondes and Sexy Muscle Friends (as Asuka dubbed them). Charly asks how they feel about Lana joining the team and Mandy says that Lana earned it. Her concern is getting the team on the same page as poor Lana ate another table spot even after her victory. Dana puts over the team and says this is their time to shine. Truth just wants to know how many more times does Lana have to go through a table. We would all like to know Truth! Dana mentions Nia has always had issues with the other ladies, but knows they have the team to win at Survivor Series. Charly asks if they can work with Nia and Shayna knowing they want their tag titles. Dana says they have short and long term goals and the task at hand is to win at Survivor Series. After that they will focus on the Tag Titles.

-Sheamus is out last and I will say he and Riddle had a pretty strong match and I would be down with a rematch on PPV. Sheamus says he felt like he was hit by a car a few times tonight and his spot was well earned. Sheamus likes that AJ and Keith Lee will be in there as buffers for him. He is going to be the Sole Survivor at Survivor Series. This is a stepping stone to get back to being his goal to being the most decorated star in WWE history. Sheamus had no doubt he would win, but the world just saw how tough Matt Riddle is. He loves being the fight out of everyone else and he got that out of Riddle tonight. No matter if he wins or loses he is about the war and battle and he got that tonight with Riddle.

-Charly wraps things up and we are out for another week.

-Kind of a blah show this week as even Truth was reigned in a bit. There was nothing really noteworthy other than some build towards Survivor Series. I would say Elias was the highlight of this episode as he seemed genuinely blown away by the #1 spot his album has achieved. Outside of that it was just a show with some people talking about Survivor Series. Thanks for reading!

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