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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: Apollo Wants US Title Back, Street Profits On Clash of Champions Match, More

September 21, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 09.21.20

-The Retribution story has finally started to move along as they are now members of the WWE Roster and 3 of them have actual names and unique looks. It’s a start and we will see where it goes. RAW Talk is here and I am sure they will cover that angle and more. Let’s get to it!

-Charly Caruso welcomes us to the show and she is joined by her co-host R-Truth. Collectively they are known as CHARTRUTH! They cover the 24/7 shenanigans at the beach as Truth came face to face with Sharknado and apparently Tozawa was devoured by the shark. Truth gets in a great line as he mentions Tozawa jumped the shark. I see what he did there!

-Charly brings up that every championship must be defended on Sunday and that gives Truth cause for concern. He brings up that Little Jimmy may have a dentist appointment and Charly points out dentists aren’t open on Sunday. Little Jimmy has a special dentist apparently.

-They flashback to the moments ago as everyone fought everyone as it was WWE vs Retribution. Well, except for Randy Orton who used the moment to lay out Drew McIntyre. Perfectly in character for Orton. They hype the WWE Title Match on Sunday as it is now an ambulance match. Charly wants a prediction and Truth picks Drew.

-The Riott Squad is here as our first guests. Liv is angry as Nia and Shayna tried to bully them when all they were doing is scouting while at the announce table. Ruby isn’t surprised by their actions and she is heated that they were going to put her best friend through a table. I like seeing a little bit of fire and anger here. Ruby promises the only legacy Shayna/Nia will leave behind is being the shortest reigning Tag Champs of all time. Liv brings up that they beat The IIconics who are best friends, so 2 people that aren’t friends on Instagram won’t be a problem. Truth loves seeing the fire from them and accidentally calls them Fire and Desire. “Oh that was a team? I thought it was a song.” Again, Truth is a National Treasure.

-The Street Profits are next as they dance to the set and Truth dances with them. This should be fun! They will be defending the Tag Titles on Sunday against Andrade and Garza which we’ve seen countless times. They compare Andrade and Angel to Kawhi and Paul George as they are going to fail. They are a brotherhood while Angel and Andrade pretend to be family. Charly jumps on their reference as she calls them Lebron and AD and they are all for that as big time players make big time plays. Truth gets fired up by them and asks for some water. They let him know it’s not water, but it’s happiness. They take their leave but not before letting us know they want the smoke!

-Apollo Crews is our final guest and he tells Truth he saw him at the beach today and neither of them knew Little Jimmy could surf the way he does. I love that people just go with whatever Truth says and rolls with it. Apollo talks about Cedric turning on him and that he is past the betrayal and just wants to hurt him now. He feels like a disappointed parent as he can’t comprehend why it happened, but it is what it is. He is moving forward to Sunday where he can win the US Title for a second time. Charly brings up that he is likely to take on the entire Hurt Business. Apollo has some things to think about and come up with a game plan for Sunday. That US Title means a better life for his family and it feels good to walk around with a title. He won’t divulge if he will have any allies in his corner, but he does have some friends and specifically Ricochet. He doesn’t have to worry about him turning his back on him as that is his brother. He thinks Cedric loves getting his ass kicked as The Hurt Business did it first and now he and Ricochet are going to do it. Truth pays Apollo a ton of respect and Apollo is blown away by it and talks about how much it means to hear that from Truth. Apollo came off great here!

-Just a middling show with Apollo shining the brightest. It focused some attention on the tag and midcard matches heading into the PPV and that’s not a bad decision. Thanks for reading!

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