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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: The Vikings Raiders On Their Tag Title Shot, Lashley Promises to Put Drew McIntyre to Sleep

June 7, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Viking Raiders Raw Talk

411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 06.07.21

-Kevin Patrick welcomes us to the show and is joined by his co-host, R-Truth. Weird that they still haven’t put the 24/7 Title back on Truth and he says he going to bring up the fact that his baby is gone every week. Patrick jumps to the issues Shayna is having with Alexa and Lily.

-Next they touch on Kofi getting a win over Riddle. Truth thinks Randy may be a little upset by the loss and feels bad for Riddle, who is his dog.

-Also as expected, Lashley vs Drew for the WWE Title will be inside Hell in a Cell and it’s Drew’s last shot at Lashley and his WWE Title. Drew is also Truth’s dog.

-Guest List: The Viking Raiders, WWE Champion Lashley with MVP, and Rhea Ripley. Truth freaks out as if he knew Lashley was coming he would have said something nicer a few minutes ago.

-WWE is going back on the road and Pittsburgh is getting a show, but only a house show.

-NXT Takeover: In Your House is live this Sunday.

-The Vikings Raiders are out as our first guests and they are the new #1 contender’s for the WWE Tag Team Titles. They are a fine choice as the next challengers for AJ Styles and Omos. I still think RKBro ends Styles and Omos reign down the line, but not time for that yet. Perhaps SummerSlam. Raiders are excited to get this shot as it was earned and it has been a long road back. Earlier tonight Omos ate a turkey leg while AJ talked crap on The Viking Raiders. Truth: “He don’t have no mustard on that or anything. Ate a dry turkey leg.” National Treasure! The Raiders put over the greatness of AJ Styles and now he has a real life giant by his side. They know AJ and Omos are worried because they are playing mind games. They know the game as they have been around and they know when someone is scared. Truth talks about using electricity and mentions the mics are blue tooth because they are on a budget. Truth and the Viking Raiders all agree that you don’t with a man’s food. Truth breaks everyone as he talks about sucking the skin off a chicken nugget and that’s a good way to end this segment.

-Video package for Bianca vs Bayley.

-Hype video for SmackDown as Roman unleashed hell on Dominick. Roman is the best!

-RAW Women’s Champion, Rhea Ripley, is out as our next guest. KP knows she is frustrated and asks Rhea where she wants to start. Rhea is most upset about Charlotte. She calls Charlotte a spoiled brat and all she is trying to do is stay relevant. She knew she couldn’t trust Charlotte and she should have known better. She doesn’t blame Nikki or Asuka as they were out there to win a match and she respects both of them. As for Charlotte she knows she is trying to get under her skin, but she knows she is living rent free in Charlotte’s head. She takes the blame for not keeping her eye on Charlotte tonight. Hell in a Cell sounds like her playground! KP puts Truth on the spot and asks him to make a pick. Truth says the winner is whoever wants it the most as he loves them both. Truth then makes sure to blame KP for costing him the 24/7 Title. Rhea just takes it all in and then takes her leave.

-SummerSlam is approaching and apparently it’s going to be bigger than WrestleMania as Las Vegas Raider’s Death Star Stadium is hosting. I mean for a stadium show that isn’t Mania they better have a massive Main Event and Reigns/Cena fits that bill. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Lesnar brought back as well and I could go for Lesnar/Lashley.

-NXT on Tuesday commercial!

-WWE Champion, Bobby Lashley, and MVP are out with all their ladies. After this interview they will be heading out to pop bottles. The women want Truth to come out with them and Truth says he doesn’t go to parties. He heads right back home. MVP calls Drew a savage with no class. He wants to know how many times Drew has to find himself in the Hurt Lock before realizing he can’t beat Lashley. Lashley says Drew just likes to bark and it doesn’t accomplish anything. Truth mentions Drew is his dog and Lashley says they put dogs to sleep. Truth shoots back that not if they are on a collar and have vaccines. MVP is a pro and rolls with it as he says that Drew already has a collar called The Hurt Lock. Lashley says the Cell doesn’t matter as he will put Drew to sleep again. MVP wants the entire roster lined up as Lashley will knock them all down. Lashley says they are enjoying life now and Truth tells him to save his money. Lashley mentions that he has an endless supply of money. MVP brings up the ring on Kevin’s hand and he agrees his wife wouldn’t like him going out with MVP, Lashley, and the women. They all have a laugh as Kevin looks flustered. That’s also how we wrap up this episode of RAW Talk.

-This was a solid show that hyped the 3 major championship feuds. Truth was all over the place and everyone did well in rolling along with him. It’s still no Talking Smack, but it was enjoyable this week. Thanks for reading!

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