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411’s WWE Raw Talk Report: Xavier Woods on Importance of King of the Ring, Ali Challenges Mansoor

October 12, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 10.11.21

-We start with the close of RAW as Drew and Big E had a HOSS fight at the end of their tag match against The Usos. Drew ended up with a nice knot on his head with a cut. Drew stands tall after a Claymore.

-Jackie Redmond welcomes us to WWE Global HQ and she is joined by Matt Camp. They briefly discuss Crown Jewel with Big E vs Drew, and then move our to the King and Queen Tournaments as they show up the brackets as they set before tonight’s show.

-RAW Talk Headlines: Bianca and Sasha too on Becky and Charlotte and everyone hates everyone so it made for an interesting tag match. We also saw the split of Ali and Mansoor as they lost to The Hurt Business and then Ali beat the crap out of Mansoor backstage. That is likely going to be a Crown Jewel Match to get Mansoor on the show. I mean, Mansoor needs to show a backbone after being called a loser and worthless and that is what Ali is trying to teach him.

-Kevin Patrick is with Mustafa Ali and he wants to know why people are judging him on the action and not the intent. He is trying to safe Mansoor from the mistakes he made, but Mansoor wouldn’t listen. He will learn and Ali challenges him to a match at Crown Jewel. Yep!

-Jackie and Matt discuss! Doudrop and New Day still to come!

-Crown Jewel: Brock vs Roman commercial!

-Back with Queen’s Crown discussion as Doudrop knocked off Nattie to advance to the semis. Again, Shayna needs to run through the field in this one.

-Sarah Schreiber is backstage with Doudrop and she says there is nobody like her in this tournament. She is doing this for all the kids that are a little bit different. She is fighting for them to show them they are winners too. She has been preparing her whole life for Shayna as she has been battling people like Shayna. She thinks Shayna is scared and when she beats her they will all be dancing.

-Next we see the close of Shayna’s win over Dana Brooke. Our semis are set with Zelina vs. Carmella and Doudrop vs Shayna. Again, Shayna is the obvious choice.

-They move to The King of The Ring and what it mean’s to Xavier Woods. He has been talking about being King of years and has stated this is why he is a WWE Superstar. New Day is next!

-Lashley vs Goldberg II at Crown Jewel!

-Back with the close of the Charlotte/Becky vs. Sasha/Bianca tag match and no winner as everyone hates everyone so they all fight. Becky stands tall!

-Camp and Jackie discuss before getting to King of The Ring. We see Woods get the win over Ricochet in a fun match. Woods winning with Macho Man elbow was fun and Camp is all over that mentioning Savage is a former King of The Ring winner.

-No Woods vs Kofi though as Jinder gets the win to move to the semis. This has to be Balor vs Woods in the finals unless they think Jinder beating Woods will give him HEAT!

-Kofi and Woods are backstage talking about cookies and clothes hanging in the lockers. Kevin Patrick interrupts and points out Kofi lost and then congratulates Woods. Kofi and Woods are taken aback by KP’s rudeness as Woods mentions he used to be cool when he hosted RAW Talk. Kofi says he is doing great as this means everything to Woods. He didn’t win tonight as people forget Jinder is a former WWE Champion. Woods talks about reading about Kings as a kid and he has learned Kings have Champions fight for them. So in his mind that Crown means more than a leather belt with gold. They toss KP out of the room with the clothes that were hanging up.

-Jackie and Camp discuss before wrapping things up for this week.

-New Day were fun, but not much else as this was your standard RAW Talk. Jackie is getting more comfortable with this new role and it is nice to have some stability as far as hosts for this show and Talking Smack. Thanks for reading!

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