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411’s WWE SmackDown LowDown Report: 10.01.22 – Imperium Talks Donnybrook Match, and Drew McIntyre Warns Karrion Kross

October 2, 2022 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
The Smackdown Lowdown Image Credit: WWE

-I just watched Pitt lose to one of the worst teams in College Football. Not in a good mood at the moment. Let’s get to it for WWE SmackDown LowDown!

-Jackie Redmond welcomes us to the show and is joined by Matt Camp. Paul Rosenberg will be joining WWE SmackDown LowDown later.

-Headlines: Owens, Gargano, and Drew knocked off Theory/Alpha Academy, Liv and Ronda squared off, and Sami Zayn is on Cloud 9.

-To the video for the great segment with Imperium destroying Sheamus. This feud has been great and as much as I want to see GUNTHER hold the IC title forever, I could see them pulling the trigger on Friday and giving Sheamus the win.

-Imperium is backstage and GUNTHER tells us Sheamus got what he deserved. He calls Sheamus low class for bringing a weapon to a fight, to a sport that involves men. They train their whole lives to be wrestlers and it is a disgrace they are being forced into a non-wrestling match. They will do what they have to at Extreme Rules and will restore the honor to their beloved sport. To them the mat is sacred. How can you not love this group?

-Rosenberg joins the show and talks about how motivated Sheamus is to finally get the IC Title and now he also has anger after what happened tonight. Camp notes Sheamus faced Imperium knowing he was alone and what was going to happen. They discuss the Donnybrook Match at Extreme Rules and Rosenberg has no clue what to expect. He is happy that the entire show has matches with stipulations. Camp points out that Drew and Sheamus had the first Donnybrook match, but this time there are six men involved. Camp gives the advantage to The Brawling Brutes. Rosenberg brings up that Imperium is a different kind of animal.

-Peacock commercials!

-Paul Heyman Extreme Rules commercial!

-To the video as Ronda Rousey taps out Natalya. She then brawls with Liv, who brought a baseball bat to the ring. Good brawl!

-Jackie and Camp discuss!

-To the video where Solo and Sami knock off Ricochet and Madcap Moss. I am digging the aggression from Solo as it makes him stand out from The Usos and gives his character an edge.

-Solo and Sami are backstage and we are told Solo goes one on one next week with Ricochet. Sami starts talking but Jey Uso shows up and won’t take his eyes off the honorary Uce. Sami says next week Solo will handle Bloodline business and body Ricochet. Jey says they are good and walks away. Sami asks Solo if Jey was like that growing up and if he was, he understands why Solo is the way he is.

-Rosenberg is back and he says he trusts Sami as far as he can throw him. He thinks people need to focus on the relationship between Sami and Solo and how dangerous of a team they can be. Camp brings up that Solo fights like he is feeling the pressure of living up to his name and that makes him dangerous. He expects another win for Solo next week against Ricochet.

-Jackie lets us know that Roman and Logan Paul will both be at SmackDown next week (Season Premier). Rosenberg puts over how great Logan was at Mania, but he is going up many different levels to face Roman. He wonders how Logan makes the step up to this level of competition.

-Peacock commercials!

-RAW season premiere this Monday (against my Niners trying to save their season against The Rams).

-To the video where Drew pins Theory to get the win for his team and then whips Theory to send a message to Karrion Kross.

-Drew McIntyre is backstage and says if he was sending a message to Kross he would have whipped Theory more. This was a lesson for Theory because he is young and does dumb things. As for Kross, he will beat on him and the only countdown he will be begging for is 3…2…1.

-Jackie and Camp discuss Drew/Kross. Each man can use this way to get back to the top.

-They spend the final few moments going over the passing of Antonio Inoki and what he meant to wrestling. Very classy!

-Thanks for reading and Rest in Peace Mr. Inoki!