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411’s WWE Smackdown Report 01.30.03

January 30, 2003 | Posted by Brad Jennette

Note: Brendan Johnston will return next week.

411’s WWE Smackdown Report 1.30.03
Live from Green Bay.
Announcers are Cole and Tazz.
Report done *EXCLUSIVELY* for 411 by Brad Jennette

Rey Mysterio vs. A-Train
Rey is out first and he attacks A-Train on the outside with a baseball
slide. Rey gets back in the ring but A-Train chokes him down. Rey escapes
and tries a crossbodyblock but A-Train catches him and powerslams him.
A-Train starts punching and kicking so Rey rolls out of the ring. A-Train
also rolls out and tries to run Rey down. That obviously isn’t the smart
thing as Rey gets a senton back in the ring. Rey with a seated dropkick when
A-Train sits up. It only gets 2. Rey is back up but it sent right down by
A-Train for 2. A-Train slingshots Rey into the bottom rope and slaps on a
full nelson. I like it better when Angle does it with the added body
scissors. A-Train picks Rey back up but Rey counter with a jawbreaker that
is way better then Jeff Hardy’s. Rey goes off the ropes and tries a rollup
but A-Train kickes out. Rey gets up and starts punching A-Train in the head.
That doesn’t work so Rey grabs A-Train’s head and hits a jumping DDT. Rey
sets up and dropkicks A-Train into the ropes. Rey hits the 6-1-9 but it
doesn’t effect A-Train. A-Train hits a bicycle kick which knocks Rey goofy.
A-Train hits the Train Wreck backbreaker for the 1-2-3. Why Vince Why?!
Winner: A-Train

Eddie Guerrero vs. John Cena
Eddie and Chavo come out with CHEAT TO WIN~! shirts! Hell yes! It’s a family
traditon! Cena comes out with his new flunkie Redd Dog and delivers another
golden rap. Eddie starts off quickly with right hands and dumps Cena to the
floor. Chavo lands a few cheap shots and rolls Cena back in. Los Guererros
are totally 100 % rudo. Eddie tries for a cover but it only gets 2. Eddie
picks Cena back in and hits a back suplex. Eddie starts dropping the boots
on Cena and then the forearm shivers. According to Tazz “shivers” means
forearms in Spanish. Eddie whips Cena into the corner and charges but Cena
moves. Cena takes over with some token offence. Cena dumps Eddie and the ref
actually stops Cena from going out. Of course Redd Dog gets in some shots.
Eddie gets sent back into the ring and Cena covers and gets 2. Didn’t they
just do that same spot a few minutes back with Chavo attacking and Eddie
covering? Anywho, Cena whips Eddie into the corner and starts stomping a
mudhole in him. He decides not to not walk it dry. Cena picks Eddie up and
hits a standing suplex for 2. Cena picks Eddie back up and hits a short
vertical suplex for 2. Cena pulls a Scott Steiner and does another vertical
suplex but it only gets 2. Cena hits a delayed sidewalk slam for 2. Cena
slaps on a chinlock, but Eddie counters out of it and slugs Cena goofy.
Eddie hits a rudo dropkick and kicks Cena in the ribs that would make Farooq
lacerating Ahmed Johnson’s kidneys jealous. Eddie goes off the ropes but Red
Dog trips him and Cena gets a back bodydrop. Cena goes up to the top rope
but Chavo pushes him down. Eddie runs right up and hits the Frog Splash for
the 1-2-3. This was a pretty good match. Cena can definatly hold his own
against the Guererros/Benoits and Angles of the world.
Winner: Eddie Guererro

Paul Heyman is backstage and he seeing some dude in a pink shirt with a
flower on it. The guy’s name is Brian Kendrick. Heyman offers him a deal of
a lifetime for tonight.

Stephanie is backstage on the telephone. Apparently she doesn’t have a cell
phone and needs one….or something like that. Vince hangs the phone up for
her and they discuss Hogan. Nothing really important here.

Shannon Moore vs. Billy Kidman
Matt Fact: Shannon is starting to learn a little bit about Mattitude and
Matt was the longest person from Smackdown in the Rumble. Moore jumps Kidman
and tries a whip but Kidman counters with a headscissors. Moore bails and
Kidman follows him but Moore slams Kidman into the black barricade. Moore
rolls him back in and covers but it only gets 2. Why do the expect that to
be a finish? Moore whips Kidman into one corner….then another for 2.
Shannon slaps on the chinlock early in the match. Kidman fights his way to
his feet but Moore sends him right back down with a belly to back that gets
2. Moore slaps the chinlock on again and slides backwards so his knees are
adding pressure to the back. Kidman escapes again, pushes off and hits a
dropkick. Kidman sends Moore off the ropes and hits a back elbow smash then
a lariat. Kidman hits a pussy backbreaker for 2. Moore gets whipped into the
ropes but comes back with a high leg for 2. Kidman comes back gets a
spinebuster for 2. Moore counters a another whip with his spinning
neckbreaker finisher for 2. I guess that wasn’t his finisher after all.
Kidman comes back again (this is actually a good match) and climbs to the
top rope. Moore shows some more heart by punching Kidman on the top. Moore
climbs and goes for a superplex but Kidman knocks him off and hits shooting
star press for the 1-2-3. Matt come right in the ring, sends Moore to the
back and pounds on Kidman. Twist of Fate that shit down Matt! Johnny Ace is
seriously a douche for not wanting to push this guy. Kidman vs. Version 1
should be awesome anyway.
Winner: Kidman

NO CHANCE THAT’S WHAT YA GOT! Vince comes out and tells us Hogan is old,
washed up, and a dead body on life support. He created Hulkamania and makes
No Way Out’s possible main event, Hogan v. Rock. Vince walks away but stops
at the ramp and intros Rock LIVE via satallite. Rock makes some heelish
comments but still gets some face pops. I hope to God that they allow Rock
to go full fledged heel at NWO and be a big prick again. Basically Rock
talks shit about Hogan and thats it. He is also bald.

Rikishi vs. Bill DeMott
This is the rubber match. Both men have 1 win and 1 loss. They pound on each
other to start and DeMott gets the advantage and whips Rikishi into the
corner. DeMott splashes him in the corner and keeps pounding. DeMott slaps
on an abdominal stretch. Good God this sucks. Rikishi tries a suplex but
DeMott blocks it with a headbutt. DeMott goes up for the moonsault but
Rikishi takes him down with an electric chair. Both men are down. Rikishi
recovers first and hits a samoan drop. Rikishi hits the fat man superkick
but doesn’t go for the Stinkface. He tries for a DDT and DeMott counters
into a pinning combonation with the feet on the ropes for the 1-2-3. This
was as lousy as usual. Taker comes out on the bike and DeMott runs away.
Winner: Bill DeMott

Back from commercial, Undertaker is sitting on the ring steps waiting for
the Big Show. Heyman comes out instead to answer the challenge. Brian
Kendrick comes out on a children’s bike wearing a messanger boys outfit. He
delivers a singing telegram from Big Show but gets Last Ridden. Taker then
takes his tip money back.

Kurt Angle pumps up Team Angle in the back with a speech that would make
Vince Lombardi proud.

Sean O’ Haire wants us to indulge our vices. Have a drink AND a smoke.

#1 Contender match: Team Angle vs. Chris Benoit & Edge
Benoit and Haas start off and Benoit beats the crap out of him with the
chops. Benoit makes the mistake of getting too close to the corner and
Benjamin gets a cheap shot that allows Team Angle to take control. Benjamin
gets tagged in and he gets a gutbuster for 2. Benjamin whips Benoit into the
ropes and hits a back elbow for 2. Benjamin starts to work the arm but
Benoit throws him into the buckle and hot tags Edge. Edge hits a backdrop on
Benjamin and then a backdrop on Haas. Edge hits the Edge-O-Matic on Haas and
then spears Angle off the apron. benjamin then lariats Edge over the top but
Benoit sneaks behind and hits a german suplex on Benjamin. Benoit goes
totally crazy and hits suicida on Haas on the outside. Are you kidding me?
Edge climbs up to the top rope and missle dropkicks Benjamin for 2. We take
the last break of the show after that.

We come back with Benoit stomping the crap out of Benjamin in the corner.
The faces make a few tags and work over Benjamin’s arm and shoulder. Edge
grabs a cross-armlock and suplexes Haas when he runs in for 2. Benoit tags
back in and he continues working the arm for Benjamin. Benoit gets a
northern lights suplex for 2. Edge tags back in and he stays on the arm.
Haas charges in the ring and sends Edge into the corner. Edge takes him back
down and grabs an armbar. Benoit tags back in again but he misses a blind
charge. He proves to just be bluffing because Hass falls victum to the
Crossface. Haas scrambles and makes the ropes. Edge comes back in, but walks
into an overhead suplex. Haas gets a stepover toehold and the heels keep
Edge in the corner. Benjamin tags in and he gets a Nagata figure four
leglock. Edge fights and makes the ropes. Haas tags back in and works the
knee some more. Shelton tags back in and slingshots a la Eddie G onto the
knee. Benjamin goes to a regular old figure-four, but Benoit dropkicks him
in the head to break that up. Haas sneaks in with his own dropkick. This is
so back and forth it isnt funny. Edge counters the leg assault with an
enzuigiri on Haas but the try on Benjamin is ducked. Edge does use this
chance to make the scolding tag to Benoit. Benoit goes suplex crazy. Benoit
covers after the last one for 2. Angle trips up Benoit and and Haas sets up
the leapfrog double-choke but it only gets 2. Benjamin accidently superkicks
Haas out of the ring. Benoit kills Benjamin with 3 germans. Benoit gets a
flying headbutt but Benjamin kicks out! Haas gets dumped again (HARD) and
Benoit gets the crossface on Benjamin, but Haas breaks it up. Edge spears
him, but Angle uses the belt to give Benjamin the pin on Benoit. THIS WAS
Winners: Team Angle

End of Show


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