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411’s WWE Smackdown Report 03.23.07

March 23, 2007 | Posted by Brad Borchardt

Welcome everybody to 411’s Smackdown Report this week. Guess who has lost two of his Final Four teams last night. Yeah, it was me. But hey, my pick for national champions Geaorgetown stayed alive tonight so I still have a shot for some dolla. Now onto wrestling. Nine days away from WrestleMania. Wow, time flys. Anyway, here is the usual Smackdown Wrestler of the Year Breakdown:

1. The winner of each match will receive two points unless it is by count out or DQ in which they will receive one point.
2. The winner of a title match will receive an additional point for retaining and two additional points for winning a belt.
3. The winner of the main event will get an additional point.
4. The winner of a specialty match will get an additional point.
5. In a tag team match, a wrestler on the winning team that does not pick up the win will get one point. If the match ends in a DQ or a DRAW, both members of the winning team will get one point.
6. If the match ends in a draw, all wresters involved will get half a point for participating.
7. If it is an elimination match, each elimination is worth one point.
8. If the match is for example, a Best Two Out of Three Falls Match or an Iron Man Match, each fall is worth one point.
9. Wrestlers can only get points from Friday Night Smackdown.

Here comes the Smackdown!

Show Starts

JBL and Michael Cole announce that our main event tonight is Batista and Undertaker vs. King Booker and Finally!

We kick off tonight with Mr. McMahon coming out. Oh boy. He tells us all that he had a lot of fun cutting Eugene’s hair on RAW Monday night. We then get footage of the Umaga vs. Eugene match and the post match hair cut. He goes off on a rant about shaving Donald Trump at WrestleMania and threatens to shave all the fans’ heads after they start booing. He then talks about his match with Bobby Lashley on RAW next week and guarantees that he will beat Lashley 1…2…3. He announces Lashley will have to compete tonight and he introduces his opponent….Mr. Kennedy. He then introduces Lashley’s OTHER opponent…..Randy Orton from RAW. Orton promises to not let McMahon down tonight. Kennedy takes the mic and thanks McMahon for the opportunity to beat Lashley. McMahon steals the mic and yells at both men that they couldn’t get the job done in one on one matches so he figured that they could do it as a tag team, but it will be in a Handicap Tables Match tonight!

Tonight we will see the trailer for “The Condemned”.

Up next, MNM will challenge WWE Tag Team Champions Brian Kendrick and Paul London for the belts!


Match #1: WWE Tag Team Champions Brian Kendrick and Paul London w/Ashley vs. MNM w/ WWE Women’s Champion Melina for the WWE Tag Team Championship

It’s a shame this match will not take place at WrestleMania. London and Mercury start the match. London gets the early advantage with some strikes. Kendrick and Nitro run in but Kendrick and London get the double team on Nitro. London misses a dropkick on Mercury and Nitro gets a tag. Nitro kicks him in the corner and tags Mercury where they hit a double front suplex to the tope rope on London. Merucry gets a modified bearhug until London counters into a small package for two. Tag to Kendrick and he goes crazy on both Nitro and Mercury with some kicks and flying forearms. Kendrick goes for Sliced Bread #2 on Mercury but Nitro grabbed his foot to stop it. Tag to London and he hits the missile dropkick for two. Nitro runs in and they go for the Snapshot but Kendrick takes down Nitro and London gets a sunset flip on Mercury for two. London goes to the top but Mercury stops him. Mercury goes for the Superplex but London knocks him off the top as Melina and Ashley go at it outside the ring and he hits the top rope cross body for the win!

Winners and Still WWE Tag Team Champions: Paul London and Brian Kendrick
Points: Paul London wins via pin fall and retains a title (3 Points)
Brian Kendrick win and retains a title (2 Points)

Kristal is in the back with Kane and talks about his beat down on Daivari. She asks Kane how far he is willing to go in his match with Great Khali at WrestleMania. Kane laughs, pulls out his hook, and says he will go all the way. That sounds more sick in a sexual way then in an intimidating way.


Maryse welcomes us back to SmackDown.

Here comes Chavo Guerrero to the ring! We have a cruiserweight sighting! Weeeeeee!

Match #2: WWE Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero vs. Jimmy Wang Yang (non-title match)

Yang out grapples Chavo to begin the match but Chavo fights back with some uppercuts and an irish whip into the corner. Yang fight back with a chop and a tope rope kick. Chavo goes for the hip toss but yang counters with a heel kick. Yang hits a running kick flip and a dropkick and Chavo goes to the outside. Yang nails a baseball slide and brings Chavo back in the ring. Yang goes for the top rope cross body but Chavo hits the dropkick. Chavo hits a back suplex and lays down a kick and an uppercut for two. Chavo locks in a shoulder lock and then a dropkick for two. Chavo nails a snap mare and then he drives the knee into Yang and pulls the arms. Chavo hits a clothesline now for a two. Chavo hangs Yang out to dry on the ropes with a front suplex and then goes back to work on the shoulder. Yang hits an arm drag and then a jawbreaker to gain momentum. Head scissors take down by Yang! Yang goes for the kick but Chavo moves and hits the Three Amigos but on the third suplex Yang counters, goes to the top, and hits the Moonsault for the win. A note to Michal Cole, you say Chavo Guerrero doing the Three Amigos is disrespectful. How can you say that? I do not care if Chavo is a heel, he is Eddie’s nephew. I don’t know why Rey Mysterio and Chris Benoit can do it but Chavo can’t.

Winner: Jimmy Yang Wang via pin fall
Points: Jimmy Yang Wang wins via pin fall (2 Points)

We gets a video package in tribute of Arnold Skaaland.


We come back with the trailer for “The Condemned”. Looks pretty good. I’ll see it.

MVP comes out and says he has found another great wrestler to face, The Lithenstein Heavyweight Champion, Cedrick Von Haussen

Match #3: MVP vs. The Lithenstein Heavyweight Champion, Cedrick Von Haussen (non title match)

MVP nails the clothesline and shimmy elbow. Big boot in the corner by MVP, a couple of knees, and The Playmaker (Overdrive) by MVP for the win. He gets on the mic and says he will win his first WrestleMania match and his first championship. He says the truth hurts, not as much as the STFU from Monday though. Ouch. MVP says Benoit will go down in history as the first man that lost a title to MVP and tells Benoit it will be a legacy for Benoit to been seen for years as the man that starts the rise of MVP.

Winner: MVP via pin fall
Points: MVP wins via pin fall (2 Points)

In the back, Randy Orton and Mr. Kennedy are testing a table. The Handicap Table Match is Next!


Match #4: ECW Champion Bobby Lashley vs. Mr. Kennedy and Randy Orton in a Handicap Table Match

Lashley dominates early on. He hits suplex on Kennedy but Orton jumps him from behind. Lashley throws Orton out of the ring and continues to dominate Kennedy. Back drop to Kennedy and a clothesline from behind. Kennedy fights back with some rights hands and knees. Lashley slips outside and clotheslines Orton. Lashley throws Kennedy into the corner and Orton comes in but he gets a belly to back suplex. Lashley goes to spear Orton but Kennedy drags his body and Lashley eats turnbuckle. Orton works on the shoulder and holds him while Kennedy gives a big kick. Both men stomp down on Lashley until Orton gets a table. Orton lays Lashley on the table and Kennedy goes to the top rope but Lashley pushes Orton away and goes to throw Kennedy off, but Orton attacks from behind. Kennedy gets another table and lays it in the corner. Lashley fights back against both men and runs from turnbuckle to turnbuckle delivering shoulder thrusts and splashes. Kennedy and Orton get the upper hand again but Lashley picked up Kennedy and drove him though a table. Powerslam to Orton through the table for the win!

Winner: Bobby Lashley
Points: Bobby Lashley wins a gimmick match with first and final eliminations (4 points)


We get highlights of last week’s main event of King Booker and Undertaker. Batista is in the back with Kristal and he calls Undertaker throwing Finlay a cheap shot. He says that tonight they will get along though……during the match.

Chris Benoit comes out for action as we go to commercial.


Match #5: WWE United States Champion Chris Benoit vs. Gregory Helms (non title match)

We come in with the match in progress as both men are locked up. Helms gets the early advantage in the corner with a few right hands but Benoit comes back with some awesome chops. Benoit hits a snap suplex for a one count. Benoit hammers down on Helms in the corner and then delivers a scoop slam/headbut combo. Helms drags Benoit’s head against the ropes but Benoit delivers a suplex. Helms tosses Benoit to the outside and launches himself out of the ring on top on Benoit. Both men back in the ring catapults Benoit between the lower and middle ropes. Helms locks in a head lock/body scissors combination but Benoit gets out. Helms works on Benoit on the ropes but Benoit gets Helms in the corner until a rake to the eyes by Helms. Neckbreaker by Helms for two. Benoit goes for a German Suplex but Helms fights out of it and Benoit hits the Northern Lights Suplex. Three German Suplex combo by Benoit and he goes to the top rope and hits the flying headbut. Benoit locks in the Crossface for the win!

Winner: Chris Benoit via submission
Points: Chris Benoit wins via submission (2 Poitns)

We now get a highlight package of the newest Hall of Fame inductees, Afa and Sika, the Wild Samoans. JBL leaves ringside to the back after the package.


Teddy Long gives Kristal a rose in the back and is interrupted by JBL. JBL wants to interview Batista and Undertaker in the same ring at the same time next week on Smackdown. Long approves the dreaded MAIN EVENT INTERVIEW for next week.

Batista is on his way to the ring but King Booker and Finlay attack him in the back.


Match #6: King Booker and Finlay vs. Undertaker in a Handicap Match

Booker starts it off and works on Taker in the corner along with Finlay. Undertaker fight back and nails both men with strikes. ARM DRAG Old School by Undertaker to Booker and regular Old School to Finlay. Taker throws Finaly into the steel steps outside.


We’re back with King Booker delivering a clothesline to Taker. Booker hits a side kick and tags in Finlay. Finlay beats down Taker and tags Booker. Booker works on Taker in the corner and then delivers some knees and another side kick for two. Tag to Finlay and they double team Taker. Finlay drives Taker into the corner and then gets a half Boston crab. Taker fights out and gets some rights hands on both men but Finlay takes him down for a forearm smash. Tag to Booker and he goes for the Scissors Kick but Taker counter! Chokeslam attempt but Booker rakes the eyes and a forearm smash for two. Booker locks in the headlock until Taker this the backdrop. Taker goes 2003 MODE and hits the Triangle Choke until Finlay broke it up. Tag to Finlay and he works on Taker until Taker unloads on Finlay and nails a big DDT. Booker runs in and Taker takes both men down! Taker goes for the double chokeslam but Finley hits him with the shilieleah for the DQ. They beat down Taker until Batista runs out and takes out both Booker and Finlay. Taker goes for the Last Ride on Finlay and Batista goes for the Batista Bomb on Booker but as Finlay was up, Batista launches Booker into Taker and all three men are down as Batista leaves.

Winner: Undertaker via disqualification
Points: Undertaker wins main event by DQ (2 Points)

After Thoughts: I liked tonight’s show. No blow away stuff but nothing really bad either and the show seems to be moving just fine even with the lack of build up with MVP and Benoit along with no Tag Team or Cruiserweight title match at WrestleMania. In the 2007 Smackdown Wrestler of the Year Competition, Undertaker takes the undisputed #1 spot after a win in the main event over King Booker and Finlay. This caused Finlay to drop down to #3 as Chris Benoit was able to pull out the #2 spot with a win over Helms.

1. Undertaker (14 Points)

2. Chris Benoit (13.5 Points)

3. Finlay (12 Points)

4. Mr. Kennedy (11 Points)

5. Batista (10 Points)
5. King Booker (10 Points)

7. MVP (9.5 Points)

8. Bobby Lashley (ECW) (9 Points)
8. Matt Hardy (9 Points)

10. Deuce (8 Points)

11. Miz (7.5 Points)

12. Brian Kendrick (7 Points)
12. Paul London (7 Points)

14. Domino (6 Points)
14. Joey Mercury (6 Points)

16. Kane (5.5 Points)

17. Jimmy Wang Yang (5 Points)

18. Ashley (4 Points)

18. Hornswoggle (3 Points)
18. Jimmy Wang Yang (5 Points)
18. Tatanka (3 Points)

22. Daivari (2.5 Points)

23. Boogeyman (2 Points)
23. Chavo Guerrero (2 Points)
23. John Cena (RAW) (2 Points)
23. Johnny Nitro (RAW) (2 Points)
23. Melina (RAW) (2 Points)

28. Scotty 2 Hotty (1.5 Points)

29. Dave Taylor (1 Point)
29. Shannon Moore (1 Point)
29. Shawn Michaels (RAW) (1 Point
29. Vito (1 Point)
29. William Regal (1 Point)

34. Gregory Helms (.5 Point)

Have a great week and I hope your tournament brackets look better than mine.


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