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411’s WWE Smackdown Report 06.20.08

June 20, 2008 | Posted by Larry Csonka

WWE Smackdown: 6.20.08

  • Personal note: I have realized the one shitty thing about being a parent, and that is 90% of the time you will get whatever illness the child is suffering from. I feel horrible right now, but no one else is available to do this so I will do my best. Thanks for understanding.

    MVP is here to talk about the draft. Everyone is eligible to be drafted; anything and everything can happen. As he thinks about this, he is cool going to whatever show will use him properly because he is the most talented athlete. A change may do him good, because he doesn’t feel like his talents are being properly utilized by the management of this show. It could be because they don’t know what they are doing, or are distracted because they are getting married. Maybe he would be the one to outshine LA FAMILIA if given the right chance.

    Vickie is out and is not happy. She is offended that he would run down her family and also upset that his is campaigning to go to another show. MVP apologizes, and reminds her that he took care of CM Punk last week like she asked. Vickie says sure he won, but barely. His agent was supposed to call her, but when he called she wasn’t available to take his call. He doesn’t want to leave Smackdown, he is the face of the brand, but she makes him feel like he isn’t wanted, and if that is the case, he doesn’t want to stay. Vickie doesn’t have the time to deal with him in public like this, and he may not feel challenged but she will change that. Tonight she orders him to battle the ECW Champion Kane.

    -Matt Hardy walks.

    NON-TITLE MATCH: Bam Neeley w/Chavo Guerrero vs. Matt Hardy ©

    Lock up and Neeley tosses Matt to the corner. They lock up again, side headlock by Matt, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Neeley take shim down. Neeley misses an elbow drop, enziguri by Matt and rights follow. Off the ropes, Neeley catches Matt and drops him throat first on the top rope; Neeley covers for 2. Neeley works a neck vice, Matt gets to his feet and escapes but eats a clothesline and is back down. Neeley covers again for 2. Back to the neck vice goes Neeley, Matt again works to escape, does, off the ropes, side effect blocked by Neeley and he gets a back elbow to Matt. A big boot by Neeley (Big Man Starter Kit Maneuver #1) and he remains in control. Matt with some rights, but a clothesline levels him again. Neeley to the chinlock now, also working the body scissors. Matt gets to a knee and then gets a jawbreaker. TOF countered, Neeley misses a corner charge and Matt with boots to the face. 2nd rope bulldog by Matt connects for 2. Neck breaker by Matt, to the top rope, Chavo tries to distract him, he does and Neeley tosses Matt off of the top. The ref now tells Chavo to leave. Matt then gets the twist of fate out of nowhere and wins.

    Winner: Matt Hardy @ 6:40 via pin

    -Chavo is pissed with Bam for losing, but is more pissed at referee Charles Robinson. Edge says Vickie will take care of Robinson. Edge also says he will take care of Matt Hardy next week for him. Edge says Chavo is very important to him, and then says he wants a favor from Chavo, to take care of Batista tonight. Edge says to trust him, Chavo doesn’t seem to be buying it.

    Layla vs. Michelle McCool

    A boot by Layla, clubbing shots to the back as well. McCool to the apron and Layla tosses her to the floor as McCool tries to climb back in. Layla slams McCool to the apron, slides her back in and covers for 2. Layla works the chinlock, and then slams McCool down. A leg drop by Layla gets 2. Back to the chinlock goes Layla, McCool fights to her feet as Natalya comes out to the ramp to watch the bout. Layla and McCool trade shots, and then McCool gets a roll up for 2. Dropkick by McCool, a clothesline and then another dropkick follows. Belly to belly suplex by McCool gets 2. Layla gets a knee to the gut, and forearm strikes follow. To the corner, Layla to the 2nd rope, tossed off and McCool gets the heel hook and that is all.

    Winner: Michelle McCool @ 4:15 via pin

    -Vickie and the wedding planner (who Edge will end up nailing) talk as Edge comes in. Edge tells Vickie about Charles Robinson, and he then enters the room. Vickie is NOT pleased as she has seen some bias in his work. At WM and at Judgment Day he tried to help the Undertaker, and that is unacceptable. She knows he is a single father and needs this job but he needs to feel how this all feels from a WWE superstar’s perspective. He will wrestle tonight.

    Vladimir Kozlov vs. Jamie Noble

    Poor, poor Jamie Noble. Noble tries a single leg, and gets thrown down. A go behind and Kozlov slams Noble down. Lock up, side headlock by Noble, off the ropes and leveled by Kozlov. Hip toss by Kozlov, forearm strikes follow. Noble battles back, gets a missile dropkick but only gets a cover for 1. Noble works a guillotine choke, but Kozlov stands up with Noble and slams him to the corner. Overhead toss by Kozlov, slams Noble to the corner and delivers shoulder blocks and uppercuts. Noble manages a knee, flies in on Kozlov but Kozlov just head butts him as he flies in and that is all.

    Winner: Vladimir Kozlov @ 3:50 via pin

    NON-TITLE MATCH: MVP vs. Kane ©

    MVP talks shit and Kane jacks his jaw with an uppercut. Kane gets control, takes MVP to the mat with a side headlock. To their feet, and to the corner they go. A whip and a miss by Kane, and MVP lays the boots to him and chokes him out. MVP with a charging boot to the head and a cover for 2. Kane tries to comeback, but misses the leg drop. Kick to the back by MVP gets a close cover for 2. MVP with the mount and works the ground and pound, sends Kane to the corner and gets the Kawada kick and cover for 2. MVP works a wacky version of a cross arm breaker, but Kane rolls MVP up for 2. Forearms by MVP, side headlock by Kane gets a belly to back suplex to break that up. Kane fires up, a slam and a basement dropkick gets 2. Off the ropes and a big boot by Kane, to the corner and a clothesline by Kane. Back elbow by MVP, but he then runs into the side slam for 2. Kane goes up top…clothesline connects. GOOZLE, but MVP gets the ropes for the break. Kane clotheslines MVP to the floor, MVP favors the arm as the ref counts and then backs off and takes the count out loss.

    Winner: Kane @ 6:55 via pin

    -Mark Henry comes out now as Kane beats down MVP and attacks Kane. Henry gets the World’s Strongest Slam on Kane and stands tall.

    -Charles Robinson prepares for his match, and Chavo wishes him good luck.

    -We get a Make-A-Wish video package.

    Charles Robinson vs. The Great Khali

    Robinson tries to run, but the RMY is there to stop him and toss him back in. Khali kills him with a clothesline, one-foot cover and then picks him up. Head butt to Robinson by Khali. Covers with a foot and picks him up again, JUDO CHOP. Khali vice grip applied and that is all.

    Winner: The Great Khali @ 1:30 via submission

    -They bring out some medical attention for Robinson. He’ll do the stretcher job.

    Jesse and Festus vs. Deuce and Domino

    Deuce and Domino argue on the way to the ring, that doesn’t bode well. Festus attacks Deuce and Domino at the bell, they argue and go to the floor and brawl. Deuce slams Domino to the announce table, tosses him in the ring and Festus gets a sack of shit slam. Big right follows, seated splash connects. Flapjack by Festus and that is all.

    Winners: Jesse and Festus @ 1:50 via pin

    -After the match Deuce comes back into the ring and the cracks Domino in the mouth with the charging kick. Deuce throws the leather jackets onto Domino and leaves.

    -We see highlights from ECW, where Finlay whooped the Miz’s ass.

    -Miz and Morrison walk.

    -Morrison joins the commentary team.

    Finlay w/Hornswoggle vs. The Miz w/John Morrison

    Lock up, Finlay gets Miz down and delivers some elbows. A side headlock and takedown by Finlay. Miz to his feet, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Finlay drops him. Finlay stomps on his hands, uppercuts by Finlay and then a short-armed clothesline by Finlay gets 2. Off the ropes now, boot by Miz and the corner clothesline follows. Finlay to the floor, pulls Miz out but Finlay gets slammed to the barrier. Back into the ring they go and a cover for 2 by Miz. Miz works the neck vice, Hornswoggle appears and then disappears as Morrison yells at him. Miz works the cravate, but Finlay slams him to the corner to break it. A clothesline by Finlay, another and a third. A slam and seated splash by Finlay gets 2. Morrison grabs Hornswoggle from under the ring, which distracts Finlay and Miz gets control. Hornswoggle hits Morrison with the SHACKALACKI, that distracts Miz and allows Finlay to get the Celtic Cross for the win.

    Winner: Finlay @ 4:50 via pin

    -We get highlights from Raw.

    -Batista makes his way to the ring.

    -Vickie is out and says Charles Robinson was to be the referee tonight, but is in no condition to perform. She has assigned a special referee. Excuse me. EXCUSE ME! If Batista touches this special referee, he will lose his title shot at the Night of Champions PPV. It is Edge.

    Chavo Guerrero w/Bam Neeley vs. Batista w/Special Guest Referee Edge

    Edge lays down the law to Batista and then Chavo. Here we go. Batista bumps into Edge, who got into the way on purpose, and that allows Chavo to get a headlock. Batista takes him down. Batista takes Chavo to the corner, back elbows and then off the ropes with a charging back elbow. Wristlock by Batista, to the corner and Edge lays the count on Batista. Neeley distracts Batista, Chavo gets mounted right and then gets tossed off. Stalling suplex by Batista into a jackhammer, and Edge is slow to count and when he does counts very slowly. Edge trips up Batista, Chavo attacks him and lays the rights to Batista. He chokes him out now, Edge backs off Chavo only for Neeley to choke out Batista. They trade rights, to the corner and a boot and cross body by Chavo, caught but Edge pulls Chavo onto Batista and quick counts for 2. Uppercuts by Chavo and a cover and fast count for 2. Chavo gets a half nelson and chinlock combo, then into the headlock. Batista fights back with elbow shots, off the ropes and a dropkick by Chavo gets 2. Batista back with a backdrop, corner clothesline follows. Another. Powerslam by Batista, rope shake and Neeley pulls him to the floor and Edge counts him out super fast. Hahaha.

    Winner: Chavo @ 5:40 via Count Out

    -Batista is pissed, takes out Chavo and goes after Edge. The RMY is out, Neeley as well and they beat down Batista. Double Implant DDT by the RMY, frog splash by Chavo and then they hold up Batista, which allows Edge to spear him. Vickie claps from the ramp as LA FAMILIA stands tall.

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