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411’s WWE Smackdown Report 07.28.05

July 28, 2005 | Posted by Ashish

411’s WWE Smackdown Report 07.28.05
Report By Ashish for 411

– Teddy Long kicked things off by briefly recapping the highlights of the Great American Bash PPV. Long was ready to announce the Summerslam main event and said it would be a “one on one match” which brought out JBL. JBL said he beat Batista at the Bash but didn’t get the belt because Batista got himself DQed on purpose. He demanded that he be in the Summerslam main event. Teddy Long said that JBL would get his shot at the World Title someday, but now Summerslam. He announced the Undertaker as the #1 contender. JBL quickly added that he had a stipulation in his contract guaranteeing him another World Title shot. Wrestlers have great lawyers. This led to a bunch of legal mumbo-jumbo with JBL threatening a lawsuit and Long backing off. Long finally decided to have a JBL vs. Undertaker match tonight with the winner facing Batista at Summerslam. No court of law needed.

– Torrie Wilson vs. Melina later tonight. Yippee.

Christian & Orlando Jordan vs. Booker T & Chris Benoit
Back and forth match that saw Chris Benoit lock the Crippler Crossface on Jordan only to have it broken up by Christian. Christian then took it to Benoit before a hot tag to Booker T. Benoit eventually got tagged back in, locked the Crippler Crossface on Jordan, and got him to tap. Christian had the chance to break up the hold but opted not to.
Winners: Chris Benoit & Booker T

– Heidenreich and Animal were shown backstage together. Heidenreich told Animal that he felt bad because he could never replace Hawk. Animal said that nobody would ever replace Hawk, but that it was time for a “new beginning.” He told Heidenreich to shave his head, with Heidenreich started to do.

– Highlights were shown of the Eddie Guerrero/Rey Mysterio Great American Bash match.

Animal & Heidenreich vs. Chris Hammrick & Chuck Sealy
Heidenreich came out with a mohawk similar to Animal’s cut. The new Road Warriors won with the Doomsday Device.
Winners: Animal & Heidenreich

– MNM was shown backstage. They vowed to win back the WWE Tag Team Titles. Melina said that first they need to put a positive spin on things and to do that, she has hired a publicist and they will be on the cover of Smackdown Magazine. She also said she has hired a “fixer,” Jillian. Jillian told Mercury and Nitro that they couldn’t be at ringside for Melina’s match against Torrie Wilson, but that she would be. She had a big growth on her face which Mercury and Nitro made faces at.

– Rey Mysterio was shown backstage with Dominic who asked what the big secret was. Rey said he will tell him when he is older. Yeah, that’ll comfort him.

– Rey Mysterio came out with Dominic. Michael Cole made his usual idiotic comments, saying that for the first time in years, Rey looked “alive.” Eddie Guerrero came out and said that he never loses and revealed the big secret – that Rey isn’t Dominic’s real dad. Shocking. Dominic asked Rey if it was true and Rey, being the man he is, broke down and started crying. Dominic ran away in the crowd. Eddie then told everyone that Dominic was one of his kids that he gave to Rey because Rey couldn’t get his wife pregnant. Eddie promised to reveal more next week.

– Cole and Tazz were disgusted by Eddie’s actions. Disgusted!

Torrie Wilson vs. Melina
Melina was in control for most of the match and got the win by putting her feet on the ropes. Your usual cat fight. The announcers focused mostly on Jillian’s facial growth.
Winner: Melina

– The Mexicools were mistaken backstage for concession stand workers. The hilarity.

JBL vs. The Undertaker
The announcers made mention of the Undertaker “destroying” Muhammad Hassan, Daivari, and their “sympathizers.” ‘Taker dominated the match early but JBL got back into it with help from Orlando Jordan as well as a well planted low blow. The ref was knocked out when ‘Taker kicked JBL into him. Jordan ran into the ring with a chair but ended up getting the worst of it. ‘Taker went for the Last Ride on JBL but ended up getting planted with the chair. The ref came to and counted a near three count but ‘Taker got out of it. Jordan got involved again, knocking the ref out. After a few moments, ‘Taker hit JBL with a Tombstone. This brought out Randy Orton who hit ‘Taker with an RKO. Orton draped JBL over ‘Taker. The ref came to and counted the three count.
Winner: JBL


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