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411’s WWE Smackdown Report 11.05.15

November 5, 2015 | Posted by Larry Csonka

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Welcome to 411’s WWE Smackdown Report 11.05.15

*Alberto Del Rio and Zeb Colter make their way out to kick off the show. Zeb is in a bad mood tonight, and says that the fans are wondering how he and Del Rio have become united. Mex-America has united them, it is more than a joining of two great cultures and countries, it is a state of mind. Cast aside your differences, because hate is not allowed in Mex-America. Zeb sees a lot of haters in the crowd tonight. Del Rio then says if they want to become one nation, they don’t need borders in their lives. Zeb says the fans hate someone deep down in their heart, and if you deny that, you’re lying to yourself.

Non-Title Match: US Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Neville: These guys faced on Raw two weeks ago during the mini-tournament on Raw, a match that Del Rio won. Del Rio is aggressive early, laying in rights and kicks to Neville. To the corner and Neville fires back with rights and then chops. Del Rio with the snap mare and kick to the back, the cover gets 2. Mounted rights by Del Rio in the corner, he shoots Neville off the ropes and a boot by Neville connects. A head scissors follows and then a standing shooting star press by Neville gets 2. Del Rio counters a clothesline and gets the back stabber, and we head to a commercial.

Back from the break and Del Rio is in control, working a neck crank on Neville. Head butts by Del Rio, off the ropes and Neville counters with an elbow and then hits a sidekick and another. Running boot follows, and then Del Rio powders to the floor. Neville up top and hits the big moonsault onto Del Rio. Both men are down. They make it back into the ring, but Del Rio misses the enziguri and Neville gets a RANA and cover for 2. Neville heads up top, leaps over Del Rio and then connects with a kick. Del Rio then crotches him into the tree of WHOA, hits the double stomp off the top and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: US Champion Alberto Del Rio @ 8:16 via pin
Rating: **½ – (This was a pretty good match to kick off the show, deigned to keep Del Rio’s momentum going. On a side note, this Del Rio/Colter pairing has done nothing for me and I am already tired of it.)

* Post match Del Rio returns to the ring and attacks Neville with the superkick. He then locks in the cross arm breaker and won’t let go. Jack Swagger then hits the ring to make the save. They have a stand off, and Del Rio bails.

The Usos (Jimmy & Jey) vs. The Ascension (Konnor & Viktor): The Usos are back, making their return on Raw to be a part of Team Reigns. Jimmy and Viktor to begin, some basic back and forth and then Jimmy is dumped to the floor. He gets worked over and then tossed back in, and Viktor covers for 2. Konnor tags in and slams Jimmy to the mat, and the cover gets 2. Side headlock by Konnor, Jimmy to his feet but then gets slammed back down. Jimmy again fights to his feet. Knees by Konnor, but he then runs into a boot as he charges in. Jimmy then hits an enziguri, and both men are down. Tags to Jey and Viktor, Jey runs wild with clotheslines and rights. Samoan drop follows, and he then hits the Samoan clambake; the cover gets 2 as Konnor makes the save. Jimmy back in, superkick to Konnor and then a double superkick to both Konnor and Viktor. Jey up top, splash connects and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: The Usos @ 4:19 via pin
Rating: ** – (This was a solid, but forgettable match; the Usos won as they should have.)

* We get a Wyatt Family video package; Bray ate some souls and now has all the magics.

Survivor Series Rules Match: Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Braun Strowman and Erick Rowan vs. Sin Cara, Kalisto, Darren Young and Titus O’Neil: Rowan and Young to begin, Rowan immediately slams Young down and lays the boots to him. Tag to Harper, Young battles back and tags in O’Neil. Suplex by O’Neil, off the ropes and the leg drop follows. Young tags back in as they work over Harper in the corner. Young gets distracted by Strowman, and eats a kick from Harper. Wyatt tags in and he beats down Young, and then tags Rowan back in. Rowan grounds Young with a side headlock, Young tries to fight up but eats a spin kick. Harper tags in and continues the beat down on Young. Tag back to Rowan, he drops the elbow and then connects with clubbing blows. Wyatt back in now, he slams Young to the corner but then eats a boot as he charges in. Wyatt then hit the clothesline and tagged in Strowman. Young stuns him on the ropes, heads up top, but Strowman gives him a big cuddle hug as Young was on the apron. Strowman broke and Young fell to the floor, and was counted out. O’Neil checks on Young and Strowman attacks him and slams him to the barricade as we headed to a commercial…

Back from the break and Rowan is beating down O’Neil. Wyatt tags in, hits a DDT and covers for 2. Harper back in and he delivers rights and then chops. Really slow beat down here, as Wyatt enters and looks to beat down O’Neil more. O’Neil manages a clothesline, and both men are down. Tag to Cara, he flies in with a RANA and then a dropkick to Rowan. Cara runs wild, springboard moonsault to Harper and then a dive onto Rowan. Cara dropkicks Wyatt, but then Harper with a roll up for 2. Tornado DDT follows and Cara covers again for 2 as Rowan makes the save. Kalisto in to help, but Harper annihilates Cara with a clothesline for the elimination. Kalisto hits meteora on Harper, lays in kicks and tries to run wild, but Harper turns him inside out with a release German suplex. Rowan in and hits the pump handle back breaker on Kalisto, and then the skull crusher is applied. Kalisto escapes, and then manages a DDT counter. Rowan counters a RANA, but Kalisto then sends him to the floor. Strowman pulls O’Neil to the floor as Wyatt had the official distracted. Strowman slams O’Neil to the barricade as Kalisto fights for his life and starts to run wild on Harper. He then tosses Wyatt to the floor, and looks for the tag but O’Neil is still down. Kalisto looks for a dive, cut off by Rowan who the hits a full nelson slam for the elimination. O’Neil is now alone. He faces off with all four Wyatts, and then Rowan attacks. O’Neil fights back with boots, Harper tags in and shoulder blocks from O’Neil follow. The big slam follows, and then a pair of corner splashes. The power slam connects for 2. Clash of the Titus connects, but Wyatt and Rowan rush in to make the save. Strowman then tags in, yells at O’Neil, and then O’Neil tries to fight him off. Strowman hits a big clothesline and then hugs O’Neil a bit, Wyatt tags in as O’Neil is down. Sister Abigail finishes it.

OFFICIAL RESULT: The Wyatts @ 16:40 via pin (All Wyatts Survived)
Rating: **½ – (Outside of the Kalisto segment and some fire from Titus, this was a very average match. It was slow at times as well, but they accomplished their goal, which was to set the Wyatts as an unstoppable team heading into Survivor Series. The one complaint was that they made a big deal out of the Dragons winning a four-way tag last week and then essentially made them fodder for the Wyatts.)

* Renee interviewed Dean Ambrose. Ambrose explained that he woke up early at 11, he meditated and spoke with the spirit of John Denver who played a new song for him. As he rambled on, Owens appeared and asked him what in the hell he was talking about. Owens said Ambrose was annoying Renee, and had a match with the greatest IC Champion of all time. Ambrose reminded Owens that he pinned him on Raw, and Owens played it off because it was a multi-man tag. Owens left, and Ambrose said that John Denver warned him about Owens.

The Ryback vs. King Barrett: Lock up to begin, they work to the ropes and Barrett then shoves him to the floor. As Ryback tries to get back in the ring, Barrett kicks him back to the floor. Barrett follows and posts Ryback two times and takes control. Back in the ring Barrett hits a big boot and covers for 2. Ryback then starts to comeback with shoulder blocks, but runs into the winds of change, and Barrett covers for 2. Barrett works the chinlock, but Ryback powers him up into shellshock and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: The Ryback @ 2:20 via pin
Rating: NR – (That was oddly structured and came off poorly. It felt as if they clipped the Ryback’s comeback and went from the heat to the finish.)

* We get highlights from last week’s Smackdown, where Paige defeated Natalya and then Team BAD beat her down.

* Renee is with Team BAD. They said that they snatched Natalya, since she’s always looking for attention. Natalya reportedly challenged the leader of Team BAD, and they said they know exactly what she’s trying to do. They know who their leader is, and Sasha says damn right and leaves. Tamina creeps on Renee.

* Sasha and Naomi teased entering the ring, but Tamina was the one who accepted the match.

Natalya vs. Tamina w/Sasha and Paige: Natalya attacked right away, grabbed a side headlock and Tamina shoved her away. Kick to the head by Tamina and then worked the arm. Natalya escapes, but Tamina drops her with a head butt. Slam by Tamina, off the ropes and a knee drop follows but she then misses a leg drop. Basement dropkick by Natalya, and the cover gets 2. Natalya gets distracted and walks into a superkick. Tamina then chokes out Natalya in the ropes and Naomi scores with a cheap shot on Natalya. Tamina covers for 2. Tamina gets the WWE mandated chinlock, Natalya works to her feet and elbows out. Tamina connects with a clothesline, and slams Natalya to the corner. Natalya sent to the corner, but fires back with a clothesline. She looks for the sharp shooter, but gets distracted again and Tamina hits the Samoan drop. She heads up top, eats boots on the splash attempt and Natalya rolls her up for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Natalya @ 3:59 via pin
Rating: * – (The story was fine, with Team BAD playing the numbers game and Natalya playing underdog, but the match was completely flat. Also the finish looked like shit, from Tamina falling straight down off the top on the “splash try” and the sloppy roll up. Also, it’s Tamina, Natalya can’t use an actual finish on her?)

* We get highlights from Raw, focusing on Rollins and Reigns. Poor Seth, get well soon man. As someone who has blown out their knee two times, I always hate to see it happen to someone else.

Non-Title Match: IC Champion Kevin Owens vs. Dean Ambrose: They worked basic stuff early, with Owens talking trash when he has an advantage, but begging for the ref when Ambrose would go on offense. Lock up, they trade side headlocks as Owens tells Ambrose his headlock is better. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Owens. Ambrose with arm drags, and Owens bails to the floor. We head to a commercial.

Back from the break and Ambrose with another arm drag, and then works the arm. Owens works to his feet and connects with forearm and chops. He yells at Ambrose, who fires back with some chops. Off the ropes and a cross body and rights by Ambrose. He then clotheslines Owens to the floor, and follow him out. Ambrose slams Owens to the barricade, and then slides him back in the ring. Ambrose up top and Owens cuts him off, and he then stuns Ambrose off the ropes. Back to the floor and Owens slams Ambrose to the barricade a few times to get some payback. Back in the ring and Owens gets the running senton, and covers for 2. Owens lock sin the chinlock and talks trash to Ambrose. Ambrose works to his feet, but Owens then hits a gutbuster and covers for 2. Owens now heads up top and tells Lawler to watch this, but Ambrose cuts him off and climbs. Ambrose with rights and then hits the superplex. Ambrose runs wild a bit and hits the tornado DDT, and that gets 2. Ambrose up top now, and connects with the elbow drop to a standing Owens, and that gets 2. Owens then counters dirty deeds, and then Owens hits a catatonic variation for 2. Owens is frustrated now, sets Ambrose up top and talks shit and then slaps him. Ambrose head butts him and Ambrose then hits a missile dropkick. Rights and chops by Ambrose now, off the ropes and Owens hits the hot shot. Ambrose is able to counter the pop up powerbomb, and connects with a jawbreaker lariat. He boots Owens and looks for dirty deeds, but Owens claims Ambrose kicked him in the balls and the ref rings the bell.

OFFICIAL RESULT: IC Champion Kevin Owens @ 13:30 via DQ
Rating: *** – (That was a fun match, one that makes me want to see more from these two. The finish was also creative, as opposed to Owens’ usual walk off. )

* Post match Ambrose hits a big dive onto Owens and then another. They brawl at ringside and Owens bails through the crowd. This feud must continue!

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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