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411’s WWE Smackdown Report 11.16.12

November 16, 2012 | Posted by Ken Hill

Welcome to 411’s LIVE WWE Smackdown Report 11.16.12
Championship Roll Call:
WWE Champion: CM Punk
World Champion: Big Show
US Champion: Antonio Cesaro
IC Champion: Kofi Kingston
Unified Diva’s Champion: Eve
WWE World Tag Team Champions: Kane & Daniel Bryan

– At the top of the hour, we see Sheamus eagerly waiting for Big Show in the parking lot,anticipating vengeance for the giant world champ’s assault on William Regal from this past Monday.

– We’re LIVE (Well…not really) from Cleveland, OH, Miz Country, as Tony Chimel introduces the man himself, THE MIZ, for MIZ TV,and the crowd popping big time for the hometown boy as he comes down, suit and all. Miz soaks it in as he starts talking about how he went from Team Ziggler to Team Foley, but he doesn’t plan on being subservient to Dolph or his guest Mick Foley.

– Foley down to join Miz. He doesn’t waste any time with the cheap pops or promoting his holiday book (“A Most Miz-erable Christmas”), but he gets a little more serious as he expresses concern about the Miz that will show up at Survivor Series, the Miz that main-evented Wrestlemania and beat John Cena, or the Miz that takes time off and sits in makeup chairs. Miz says he should be the last one to be doubted, considering you have dysfunctional Tag Team Champions, a Viper who admits he doesn’t get along with others, and a cheap shot artist of a IC Champion. Foley introduces all of Team Foley to the ring to open up the lines of communication. Daniel Bryan starts off saying that Kane apologizes for considering Bryan the weak link,but Kane cuts him off,saying he’d actually like to thank Miz for being a good tag partner and not make him carry the team. Kofi tries to calm them down, but Miz scoffs at the notion of him being the voice of reason considering he chaep-shotted Miz when he wanted to shake hands. Kofi threatens to kick him again. Foley wonders if Orton of all people will have to be the voice of reason. Randy admits he and Mick have a sordid past,but certainly get along better than he does with anyone else on the team, particularly Miz as he knocks over the Survivor Series poster with Miz on it to “Ooohs” from the crowd.

– Team Ziggler (Minus Rhodes) makes their way out to the stage. Dolph considers Team Foley the definition of dysfunction,unlike his team, who are all athletes in their prime. Del Rio’s off to the side chatting with Roderiguez, and Dolph’s wondering what the problem is. Del Rio questions Ziggler’s status as leader and thinks he should lead. They continue to argue, as Mick intercedes. He mentions he used to make some pretty good matches in his heyday, and Booker T’s given him the chance to do so again. He proposes a tag match between Ziggler & Del Rio against Miz & Randy Orton. Ziggler downplays it, saying Miz could never cut it, and replaced him with someone better, Wade Barrett, who says he’s the winner to Miz’s quitter. Foley then decides to test Barrett’s mettle with a match against Kane,which Bryan vehemently opposes. Sandow shuts him down and verbally runs down Team Foley, until Kofi stops him, saying that if Sandow questions his ability to fly, he has no problem proving it to Sandow tonight.Foley agrees and makes the match and it…is…NEXT!

Non-Title Match: IC Champion Kofi Kingston v. Damien Sandow

Kofi and Damien lock up, Sandow with the headlock, then a shoulder block. Kingston leapfrogs over Sandow a coupleof times, then catches him with a back elbow and Sandow retreats to the floor. Sandow back in and a Kofi fires off a series of armdrags to Sandow into an armbar. Headbutt by Sandow and a hiptoss blocked by Kingston. Kofi takes Sandow over with an armdrag. Sandow retreats outside and Kingston follows as Damien lures Kingston back in and Sandow with the upper hand now. Dropkick by Kingston. Kofi delivers a series of kicks to Sandow. Shoulder tackle to Kingston,but Kofi fires back and tosses Sandow to the outside. Suicide dive onto Sandow as we go to break…

Back from commercial, Kingston is in control, stomping away on Sandow. Damien comes back with another shoulder tackle and a running neckbreaker. Russian legsweep and the Elbow Of Disdain gets two. Kofi fights back with clotheslines and a dropkick. Kofi off the ropes and sets up for the Boom Drop. Trouble In Paradise, but Sandow backs off. Elbow to Kingston. Clothesline ducked by Kofi, springboard crossbody off the top rope for a near fall. Sandow with a jawbreaker and Kingston with a backdrop. Sandow kicks Kofi’s knee from under him and rolls Kofi up with a handful of tights and the three count.

Winner: Damien Sandow

– We go backstage, where Sheamus is still awaiting Big Show’s arrival.

– Recap of Monday Night Raw, including Vickie’s new evidence against AJ and Cena.

Six-Diva Tag Match: Divas Champion Eve Torres & Aksana & Alicia Fox v. Layla & Kaitlyn & Natalya

Lock up by Aksana and Natalya. Aksana with a kick and locks in a wristlock. Natalya rolls through and makes the tag to Layla. Double clothesline by Layla and Natalya to Aksana. Dropkick by Layla. Alicia Fox makes the blind tag and hair whips Layla, pulling her down. Suplex and a slam by Fox to Layla for two. Tag to Eve and the rolling senton onto Layla gets a two count. Snapmare by Eve followed by a kick to Layla’s face. Fox back in with a punch and Layla fights back. She makes the tag to Kaitlyn, who hits a series of clotheslines to Alicia. Flapjack by Kaitlyn and shoulderblock. Aksana breaks up the pin up,but gets taken out by Natalya. Kaitlyn dropkicks Fox, who bumps into Eve. Inverted DDT on Fox by Kaitlyn, who makes cover for the three count.

Winners: Layla, Kaitlyn, & Natalya

– We see Sheamus still waiting for Big Show,and Booker T comes out, who tells him Sheamus has put him in an awkward position, as Big Show may not even show up tonight. Sheamus has no problem moving, but asks that Big Show have guts to meet him in the ring. Booker asks him to wait just 48 more hours, otherwise there will be consequences for his actions. Sheamus menacingly agrees.

Randy Orton & The Miz v. Dolph Ziggler & Alberto Del Rio

Miz and Ziggler lockup and Dolph starts with a standing wristlock into a hammerlock, floating into a headlock on Miz. Ziggler with the shoulderblock. Miz counters into a flapjack on Dolph, but gets tossed to the outside on the follow up. Del Rio knocks Orton off the apron and into the barrier as we go to commercial…

Back from the break as Ziggler has a chinlock on Orton. Headbutt by Orton breaks it up, but Ziggler comes back with a kneelift to Orton and Ziggler hits his series of elbow drops. Tag to Del Rio and a kick to Orton. Orton fights out of the corner and beats Del Rio down. Ziggler blind tags in with stomps on Orton. Ziggler off the ropes and Orton drops Ziggler on his face. Miz comes in with the hot tag, unloading on Ziggler. Miz with the corner clothesline and top-rope axehandle. Miz hits a sharp boot to Ziggler’s face. Miz goes up to the second rope, but the referee has his back turned and Del Rio with a cheap shot to Miz. Big kick by Del Rio and Del Rio works on Miz’s arm. Miz with body shots,but Del Rio fires back with a series of headbutts. Miz backdrops Del Rio to the floor. Del Rio back in and Orton makes the hot tag, firing up with a series of clotheslines on Alberto. Powerslam to Del Rio. Powerslam to Ziggler. Orton hits the hangman’s DDT on Del Rio,but Miz tags himself in as Orton pumps up the crowd, and hits the SCF on Del Rio, covering him for the three count.

Winner: The Miz & Randy Orton

– Orton is none too pleased with Miz’s actions, and cuts loose with an RKO to his partner before posing on the ropes.

– Back from the commercial break, Sheamus comes out to the ring dressed in street clothes and says Show crossed the line. He was happy about their match at HIAC. They pushed each other to the limit, they beat the crap of each other and they had the fight of a life. Show, however, took it too far by attacking Sheamus and William Regal in such a cowardly act. It just showed that Big Show is a bully and nothing but a big coward. Sheamus is tired of talking and running around. Even though they have a match this Sunday, Sheamus doesn’t feel like waiting. The time for talking is over. It’s time to fight. Big Show’s music hits and out comes the World Champion and Show says Sheamus just doesn’t get it. He keeps running his mouth and look what happened. It got his friend William Regal KO’d and Show says Sheamus is right. Show is scared of Sheamus, but not of what Sheamus might do to Show. Rather, he’s scared of what he might do to Sheamus and Show says instead of standing there all angry, Sheamus should just thank Show. Sheamusdisagrees, charging up the ramp. Booker, however, stops him and says this isn’t Raw, this is Smackdown, Booker’s show. In two days, he gets Big Show, but for tonight Sheamus has to leave the building. Booker is not asking, he’s telling Sheamus as the GM of Smackdown to leave and Sheamus grudgingly obliges.

– Back from commercial, we have Show thanking Booker T and says Booker gets him, that they go back 15 years and Booker realizes there’s nothing bigger than the Show. Booker tells him to cut the act. He’s glad Show appreciates the way Booker handled his business, but tonight there’s going to be a match and Show is in it. Show asks who his opponent is and Booker says he’ll find out when he gets to the ring. It’s not against Sheamus, but he tells him to remember that no one’s bigger than the Show.

Wade Barrett v. Kane

Barrett unloads on Kane with kicks and punches. Barrett with a sidewalk slam and Kane counters with a big boot to the face. Clothesline over the top rope to Barrett. Kane up to the top rope, and hits the flying clothesline. Team Ziggler runs down and attacks Kane and out comes Bryan to help and Team Foley runs out and things are breaking down big time with a Survivor Series preview as a brawl breaks out. Orton hits a couple of RKO’s and Miz walks out and looks at Team Foley standing in the ring, as both are unsure of the other’s loyalties.

Winner: No Contest

– We see the Raw recap highlighting the Triple Threat Match taking place Sunday at Survivor Series featuring John Cena vs CM Punk vs Ryback. Methinks Punk be in big trouble come Sunday, so says the “Big Hungry”: FEED. ME. PUNK! Well said, Ryback, well said.

Non-Title Match: US Champion Antonio Cesaro v. Sin Cara

Cesaro and Cara lock up, and Cesaro takes Cara down. Cara with an arm drag, then a kick. Cara with the huge armdrag off the top rope,but Cesaro soon counters with a big backbreaker. Gutwrenchsuplex by Cesaro and an uppercut to the back of Cara’s. Cara bounces off the ropes and takes Cesaro down with another arm drag. Flying headscissors by Cara. Hurricanrana by Cara. Cesaro counters with the mid-air uppercut,which floors Sin Cara. Cesaro hits The Neutralizer and that’s all she wrote.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro

– R-Truth on the mic now and decides to borrow a quote from Hacksaw “Jimmy” Duggan, leading a USA chant that incites Cesaro and he exits the ring in disgust.

– Back from commercial, Big Show makes his way to the ring for his mystery opponent, who turns out to be bigger than the Show as it’s the Punjabi Playboy/Nightmare/Jobber, the Great Khali.

Non-Title Match: World Champion The Big Show v. The Great Khali

Show and Khali lock up, and Khali pushes Show into the corner. Show with some body shots and a headbutt. Show goes for his chest slap, but Khali reverses and hits his own slap, then another, which staggers Show. Khali with a Nash elbow to the side of the head and a forearm to the back. Headbutt by Khali. Show with body shots and a spear to Khali for a near fall. Show signals for the chokeslam, but Khali blocks it and hits his big chop. Khali signals for the Punjabi Plunge, but Show counters and hits the KO Punch, jacking Khali’s monster jaw and makes the cover on Khali for the three count.

Winner: The Big Show

– Sheamus’ music hits, Show looks around in a panic, but his own music hits as Show exits and walks up the ramp.

– Show is in the parking lot and walks to his bus, scaring off Matt Striker, and out comes Sheamus, who launches an attack on Big Show and a brawl has broken out. Sheamus gets tossed onto the hood of a car by the World Champion, as the windshield cracks under Sheamus. He’s not out of it, as he jumps on top of Show, slamming his head into the windshield and bashes him against the hood of another car as officials and securities attempt to pull him off, leaving Show unconscious.

– End Show

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