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411’s WWE Smackdown Report 12.14.12

December 14, 2012 | Posted by Ken Hill

Welcome to 411’s LIVE WWE Smackdown Report 12.14.12
Championship Roll Call:
WWE Champion: CM Punk
World Champion: Big Show
US Champion: Antonio Cesaro
IC Champion: Kofi Kingston
Unified Diva’s Champion: Eve
WWE World Tag Team Champions: Kane & Daniel Bryan

-Welcome to the LIVE…er, not so LIVE…WWE Smackdown Report! I’m “Your Kennection To All Things Wrestling” Ken Hill, sitting in on tonight’s go-home show to TLC!

-We recap the Shield’s assault on various superstars and the big brawl that broke out at the end of Raw this past Monday, along with Sheamus using Ricardo to “bypass” the no-contact clause with Big Show.

-JBL and Josh Matthewes at ringside, along with Sheamus and US Champion Antonio Cesaro on commentary for the following match.

Non-Title Match: World Champion Big Show v. R-Truth

Show with a boot and a club to the back, followed by a big chest chop, then a pair of headbutts. Another chest chop fells Truth, then Show steps on Truth. Truth with weak right hands, and Show knocks him right back down. Show props Truth on the top turnbuckle and punches him in the midsection. Show stands on Truth until the 4 count, Chop to Truth on the ring apron. Show jaw-jacks with Sheamus, and Truth gets a boot in. Show shrugs it off and bounces Truth off the ropes. Cesaro gets up for some shenanigans, but Sheamus shoves him right down and tells him to park it. Truth tries for a sleeper on Show back in the ring, but Show shrugs him off, misses the elbow. Truth tries a splash, but gets only a 2 count. Front headlock shrugged off by Show and the KO Punch gets three.

Winner: The Big Show
Rating: *1/2

-Post-match, the Big Show jaws off to Sheamus some more, and Sheamus looks to respond, but Cesaro shoves him into Show, who starts playing it off like an assault, and it seems that Show may have just gotten out of a title match from the look on both men’s faces as we go to break.

~Commercial Break~

-Back from commercial, we recap the “contact” from Sheamus to Big Show. Show in the back with Booker T. He feels Sheamus has violated the terms of their no-contact clause. Booker doesn’t agree, and just wants Show to admit he’s scared of Sheamus. Show denies it, and Booker says the match is still on.

-In the ring with Damien Sandow, who’s spent a fortnight in vain trying to find the proverbial needle in the haystack as his apprentice. However, he is elated to reintroduce us to his tag team partner and best friend, the “mustachioed” Cody Rhodes! As Rhodes comes down to the ring, we recap their victory on Raw, leading to a #1 Contender’s Tables Match with Rey and Sin Cara at TLC this Sunday.

-Amid chants of “Cody’s Mustache!” Cody feels the search for an apprentice is over as he has returned as Sandow’s equal, but before he can finish his thoughts, the Usos crash the return party for their retribution match against Rhodes Scholars.

~Commercial Break~

Rhodes Scholars v. The Usos

We enter mid-match with Cody and Jimmy Uso, who knocks down Cody with an elbow. Jimmy tags in Jey, and a double team gets two. Jimmy tags back in, but eats boots in the corner from Rhodes. Tag to Sandow, who hits the leg sweep and the Cubito Aequet for a two count. Tag to Rhodes, who puts the boots to the Uso, then cinches in a full nelson. Jimmy fights out, Cody misses the clothesline and takes a big kick to the gut. Hot tag to Jey, Sandow in. Jey with punches and uppercuts, followed by a corner splash, then a corner charge (Shades of Rikishi). He arm drags Cody in when Rhodes looks to get involved, Jimmy clotheslines Cody out, but Sandow rolls up Jey with the tights for three!

Winners: Rhodes Scholars
Rating: *3/4

-David Otunga going over the no-contact clause with Big Show in the back. Otunga says it’s pretty clear that Sheamus violated the terms, Show feels Booker’s out of line, and Otunga agrees; he says they should take it to the public. Show seems unsure about it…

~Commercial Break~

-Big Show out in the ring with Otunga. Show says the crowd shouldn’t boo; Sheamus couldn’t control his temper, and thus violates the no-contact clause. If Booker T won’t listen to him, maybe he’ll listen to legal council. Otunga talks about how Show was forced into this clause, that Booker is being biased, and that he should be reported to the WWE Board of Directors and subsequently removed from his position as GM.

-Booker out now, and says Otunga’s Harvard degree doesn’t mean much here. He and Otunga go back and forth on whether Sheamus truly violated the contract, and Show demands one good reason why the match shouldn’t be cancelled. Before Booker can answer, Sheamus out and marches down to the ring, chair in hand. Sheamus on the mic, and says the reason is that if the match is cancelled, nothing stops Sheamus from wailing on Show right now. Show looks nervous as hell, and slowly utters that the contract is valid and the match is on before slinking from the ring. Otunga looks on in disbelief, and then looks at the mat as Sheamus Brogue Kicks the Harvard Law grad…and the coffee mug goes a-flying!

-We recap Maddox’s squash at the hands of Randy Orton, in what was apparently “an injustice” as The Shield shows up and beats down the Viper. We then see Matt Striker in the back, preparing to interview Orton…NEXT!

Commercial break

-Back from the break, and we see the Shield in the midst of a beat-down of Orton, who’s already been put through a table!

Kaitlyn v. Aksana

Aksana with the World’s Looonnnnngest Headlock on Kaitlyn, then some clubbing blows for a two count. Back to the headlock, and Aksana is seriously wrenching that thing. Sidewalk slam by Kaitlyn, but Aksana STILL has it locked it. This match has been one long rest hold, and the crowd knows it. Kaitlyn FINALLY counters out, Aksana floats out of the powerslam, but gets a pair of clotheslines, and Kaitlyn polishes her off with a gutbuster for three.

Winner: Kaitlyn
Rating: DUD

-Outside of the trainer’s room with Matt Striker, who informs us that Randy Orton’s suffered a separated shoulder and a possible concussion at the hands of The Shield, and will keep us informed as time goes on.

-Must-see is the place to be, as MizTV is up next, with guest stars Team Hell No!

~Commercial Break~

-Miz welcomes us to MizTV. He’s not one to shy away from controversy, and brings up The Shield, who have wrecked havoc through the WWE. However, three men are up to the task to stop them, and two of them are his special guests, the Tag Team Champions TEAM HELL NO!

-Miz asks how Daniel how it felt to be beat down. Daniel says he and Kane have talked about their feelings in anger management for months, and the time for talk is over. When The Shield tries to put them through tables, he will say NO! NO! NO! Kane says the biggest mistake The Shield made was attacking them, as Kane and Bryan are now on the same page, and Bryan’s found his inner monster. They will use tables…YES!…they will use ladders…YES!…they will use chairs…YES!…and they will enjoy every second of it.

-The Shield crash the Titantron, mocking Team Hell No’s empty threats and says Bryan can’t hide behind Kane, and Kane’s gone from a monster to a victim thanks to the Shield. Kane asks why wait until Sunday, and Roman Reigns says they finally agree on something before walking away from the camera. The tag champs look wary as The Shield show up in the luxury box. They begin to make their way down until…”FEED! ME! MORE!” Ryback out now to even things up, and the Shield retreat back up the steps, the numbers advantage no longer theirs.

~Commercial Break~

Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel, Great Khali & Hornswoggle v. The Colons & The Primetime Players

Khali and Titus start off, Khali with a chop, then a chest chop in the corner, and Young gets one as well. Swoggle in, hits a chest chop of his own, then a dropkick on Titus! Titus knocks him down, Young in, jaw jacks to Swoggle, who stops a whip and tags in Tyson, who springboards off with a dropkick on Young for two. Tyson, however, knocked down and Primo tags in. Some boots to Kidd, Epico in with some boots, then Primo back in. He distracts the ref, and Rosa slaps Kidd, after which Natalya pulls her down by her hair. Meanwhile, Primo and Kidd exchange roll-ups, with Kidd getting the better of it for three!

Winners: Great Khali, Hornswoggle, Justin Gabriel, & Tyson Kidd
Rating: DUD

-Post-match, a beat-down by the Colons and the Players goes awry as Gabriel and Kidd take out the Colons and Khali chops Young. Titus catches Swoggle, only to get kicked down by the two high-flyers, who then suicide dive onto the Colons for good measure! All the faces back in, and celebrate with the Khali Shuffle. Riveting!

-We find out Sheamus faces off with Antonio Cesaro in the main event tonight!

~Commercial Break~

Non-Title Match: IC Champion Kofi Kingston v. Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio with a boot, then a headlock. Kofi counters into a wrist lock, and Del Rio finds the ropes. Kofi blocks a kick, and Del Rio shoves him to the corner. Kofi with the waistlock, but Del Rio counters into the headlock. Shoulder block by Del Rio, Kofi floats over twice, hits the dropkick, and gets a two count. Kofi with an arm wringer on Del Rio, who rolls through and kicks the left arm of Kofi, wrenching it in the ropes. Del Rio misses the corner charge, and Kofi with punches. He goes up top for some more punches, then an uppercut for two. Headlock by Kofi, but Del Rio counters and delivers a boot to the head. Kofi reverses a whip with a springboard off the ropes, knocking down Del Rio. Kofi clotheslines him over the ropes, then a cross body over the ropes to Del Rio. Kofi is rolling as we go to break…

Back from break, Del Rio with a snap suplex for two. Del Rio cinches in a chinlock, but Kofi fights out with a sunset flip for two. Del Rio comes back with an uppercut for two, then a boot to the midsection of Kofi. Del Rio mocks Kofi, and misses another corner charge. Kofi with strikes, but Del Rio reverse a hard whip and hits a kick to Kofi’s temple. Run-up enziguri gets a CLOSE near fall. Magnum driver by Del Rio gets another near fall. Kofi comes back, counters a backbreaker, but misses the dropkick, and Del Rio hits a high back suplex for another near fall. Suplex by Del Rio, countered into a roll-up by Kofi, who gets three!

Winner: Kofi Kingston
Rating: ***

-Post-match, Wade Barrett attempts to blindside Kofi, but the IC Champ sees him coming, ducks, and hits Trouble in Paradise, leaving Barrett laying as Kofi celebrates on stage.

-Coming up next, we recap the face-off between Ziggler and Cena for their upcoming MITB ladder match.

~Commercial Break~

-A Shocking Resignation…A Scandal Unleashed…A Forbidden Attraction. Dolph’s diatribe against AJ, his assault on an injured Cena, Vickie being “conVinced” to make a MITB Ladder match, AJ’s implosion, Cena’s vow to win MITB, and Dolph’s vow to finally beat John Cena.

-We recap Sheamus’s “contact” with Big Show, his threat to lay into Show with a chair if it is cancelled, and Show rescinding his accusations.

-A rather tan William Regal and Sheamus backstage. Regal voice his concern over Sheamus nearly losing his title shot and advise him to keep his cool for two more days, as well as looking out for Antonio Cesaro tonight. Sheamus assures the only one who should be worried is Show, as Sheamus lays into him with chair shot after chair shot. Regal and Sheamus shake hands as the Celtic Warrior goes into action…NEXT!

~Commercial Break~

Non-Title Match: US Champion Antonio Cesaro v. Sheamus

I loved the last match between these two on Raw, and this one should be just as good and physical.

Lock-up goes from corner to corner, and Cesaro with the deep headlock. Cesaro with a shoulder block off the ropes. Sheamus responds in kind. Cesaro with some forearms and stiff shots, but Sheamus reverses, hits a shoulder to the midsection, then a flying shoulder block for two. Arm bar by Sheamus, but Cesaro pushes him to the rope. Float over countered by Sheamus into a Dave Finlay Roll for two. Sheamus with a knee lift to counter the back body drop. Sheamus misses a rush, and gets a knee to the face. Cesaro lays the boots to Sheamus, then cinches in a necktie sleeper, which he keeps in for a few minutes. Sheamus counters out, but Cesaro with a knee on the corner charge, then a sharp European Uppercut for two. Dead-lift gut-wrench suplex gets another two count. Cesaro with boots, but Sheamus fights back with punches. The two exchange uppercuts and punches, but Sheamus fires up with some Irish Hammers. Sheamus floats over on a corner charge, and hits a Battering Ram from the top. Sheamus with the Ten Shots to Cesaro and a suplex. Show’s out on the stage with a beaten-down Regal. Sheamus charges up the ramp. Regal tells him to back off, and Show drills Regal in the back with a chair. Regal collapses into Sheamus, who’s counted out.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro
Rating: **3/4

-Sheamus looks on at Big Show, absolutely ticked, as Show just gives a “U mad, bro?” shrug as we fade to black.

-End show

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