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411’s WWE Straight to the Source Report: Enzo Amore – Enzo Addresses His Heat With The Boys, Takes Shots At Cass & Graves

January 9, 2018 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
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411’s WWE Straight to the Source Report: Enzo Amore

-I will admit I got to this review late, but that National Championship Game was just too good to stop watching. So what we have here is the 3rd episode of Graves’ new show and this time he interviews Enzo Amore. It seems there was a second episode that I missed and that WWE never promoted with Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss. So look for that in the coming days as well.

-The show starts with TMZ footage of Enzo giving an interview on the street as he talks about being so great he pisses excellence.

-Graves welcomes us to the show and says it may shock everyone to see who his guest is this week and that is the most controversial wrestler in the company: Enzo Amore. Enzo says he is getting paid to be here. It should be noted that Enzo is eating an apple while doing this interview.

-Graves brings up that rumors are that Enzo has a ton of heat with the boys, and Enzo says he wouldn’t know about those reports as he hasn’t googled his name in over a year. He talks about growing up in Hell’s Kitchen and his dad being a chef. Enzo started out doing dishes and then went to management before buying the business. He says if you can’t take the heat then get out of the kitchen and says Hell’s Kitchen is open 24/7.

-They start with the rumors and Graves brings up the rumor of Enzo being kicked off the bus on the International Tour. Enzo says it didn’t happen as he made the next show and there is no way they jeopardize not getting one of the biggest stars to the next show. He spits out some apple on Graves while talking which gives Corey the chance to work in a Carlito reference.

-They show TMZ footage of Enzo being asked if he is allowed back in the locker room and he tells them he has his own locker room. Back to Graves and he brings up the question about the locker room. Enzo says he works for a Fortune 500 company and they give him a room to shower and change so he doesn’t pick up MRSA from some of the wrestlers in the company.

-Enzo says it has been great to be on 205 Live as he gets to work with new people and do new things. He says the kids on 205 Live get the honor of working with a star like him. The numbers speak for themselves and he has helped Network buys since he has appeared on 205 Live.

-Enzo says that a lot of guys work to be a champion and he has only just begun. He doesn’t care about the perception of him and that any publicity is good publicity. He compares himself to Ric Flair and how they are both walking, talking hype pieces. Enzo says he has never worn the same pair of shoes twice, and he is the top man on social media for 2017. The man clearly carries himself like a star and his confidence is off the charts which is great for a douche bag heel.

-Talk shifts to Big Cass and Enzo says they don’t talk anymore. He doesn’t like seeing Cass hurt as this is the way they make money to feed their families. Enzo talks about getting his ass beat by Rusev in the hotel and they show a photo of the massive bruise on his hip. Looked nasty! He talks about all the other bumps he has taken and yet he keeps getting back on his feet.

-He approaches each day as it will be the best day of his life. He wakes up in the morning like Ricky Bobby as he pisses excellence. He goes back to being able to finish the match with Cass while his former partner wasn’t able to.

-They cut to footage of Cass in the hospital right before surgery and talking about the tweet from Enzo that killed him for the injury. He calls Enzo a little bitch and classless. Fantastic!

-Enzo says he wishes Cass nothing but the best, but he has never else to say to him.

-Graves brings up their personal problems with each other. Last year Graves sent out a tweet saying he failed as a father because his son was an Enzo fan. Enzo tweeted back that Graves failed as a wrestler when they put him in a suit and tie and told him to sit down. Enzo talks about getting a concussion in his WWE PPV debut and that he was back in the ring in 2 weeks. Graves, with his concussion history, took the shot personally and calls it a low blow. Enzo says a low blow is the way he won his first title.

-Enzo slaps the title around his waist and says that Graves never had one of these. Graves shoots back about having one in NXT and Enzo basically blows that off as being nothing important. He talks about Graves’ son doing the Enzo dance when he played baseball last year and that makes Graves a great father, but he is still a terrible commentator and wrestler. With that Enzo walks off and Graves looks at the camera and says “yeah, I think we are done here.”

-Well that was rather interesting. With Enzo you never know when the man is in character or when he is just being himself. Most times his character is being himself and that made this one hard to figure out. He obviously wasn’t going to go into details of the heat he has or doesn’t have with the rest of the boys. What we did get though is what makes Enzo so entertaining: the man can talk and the man carries himself like the biggest star in the history of the business. Enzo’s spiel and one liners made this a fun show to watch.

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