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411’s WWE Sunday Night Heat Report 08.04.02

August 4, 2002 | Posted by Brad Jennette

411’s Sunday Night Heat Report – 08.04.02
Taped From – Greensboro, NC
Report by Brad Jennette exclusively for 411wrestling.com

WWE Opening Video.

Sunday Night Heat opening video

Opening Match: Matt Hardy v. Steven Richards
Oh lord, Matt Hardy cuts a promo. Hardy mumbles about how he doesn’t except
failure and that he’s Matt Hardy 1.0. I guess that’s better than regular
Matt Hardy. Matt goes for Richards before he can get to the ring. The slug
it out on the outside with Matt getting the advantage. Hardy whips Steven
into the barricade. Back in the ring, Hardy whips Richards into the corner.
Matt climbs up and hits 10 punches. Hardy whips Steven into the ropes and
hits a back elbow for 2. Matt takes off the shirt and 13 year old girls
scream. He doesn’t throw it out in the crowd, instead he chokes Richards
with it. That’s not a very face like thing to do. Steven recovers and throws
Matt over the top rope but Matt lands on the apron. Steven hits Hardy in the
stomach and whips him into the steel post, back first. Back in the ring
Steven lays the boots to Hardy’s back. Richards hits a snap suplex for 2.
Richards whips Hardy into the corner and hits a few spears onto the lower
back. Steven hits a belly to back suplex and then a snap mare. Steven locks
in a full nelson clutch. Hardy is able to escape with elbows to the face.
Hardy then hits a belly to back with an elbow drop at the end for good
measure. Both men get up but Richards goes back down after a big neckbreaker
from Matt. Matt picks Steven back up and pounds away and hits a discus
punch. Matt tries a whip but Richards reverses it into his own whip into the
ropes. Steven gets his with the running neckbreaker for his troubles. It
only gets 2. Matt whips Steven into the ropes and charges but he’s hit with
a back elbow. Richards then charges and he’s hit with a hiptoss inverted
midair to a neckbreaker. Matt tries the Side Effect but it’s blocked and
Steven goes for his version on the Twist of Fate. Hardy blocks that and hits
the Side Effect but it only gets 2. Matt with a boot and then he tries the
Twist of Fate but Richards blocks it and throws him over the top rope onto
the apron. Hardy hits a sunset flip but Richards sits on his chest and grabs
the ropes just like last week’s finish. Matt is smarter this time and he
rolls it into his own pinning combination for 2. Back up Matt hits a scoop
slam and goes up top. The yodeling legdrop hits but it only gets 2. Matt
lifts up Steven and tires the Twist of Fate again, it is blocked again. This
time Steven hits a bulldog that gets 2. Richards puts Hardy on the top rope
and follows him up. Steven goes for a top rope bulldog but Hardy blocks it
and hits the Twist of Fate from the tope rope for the 1-2-3! It’s too bad
these guys are stuck on Heat because they have put on three good matches in
a row.
Winner: Matt Hardy

Terri is backstage with William Regal who is in the main event against
Goldust tonight. Regal is afraid of giving Goldust the thrashing of his life
because he thinks Goldust might enjoy it. Regal says he is going to make
Goldust cry tears bigger than October Cabbages. Regal ends it by saying he
has the power of the punch on his side.

Commercial Break.

Replay of Bischoff announcing the Un-Americans as his newest signings.

Commercial Break.

WWE Slam of the Week: Y2J laying Ric Flair out with a chair and then
proclaiming Raw is Jericho!

Raven’s music hits and he joins the booth for color commentary. He says
since he’s stuck on Heat he will do whatever the hell he wants on his
personal playground. Tonight he’s gonna commentate. Next week he might have
a match…..

Shelton Benjamin v. Justin Credible
Justin Credible for the 2nd straight week AND a rookie debut. Whoo dilly,
I’m lucky tonight. Benjamin looks jacked, probably about 235-240 and nimble.
They lockup and Benjamin lands an amateur takedown. Benjamin tries a few
rolling pin attempts that get 2 counts. Benjamin with a fireman’s carry into
an armbar. Credible pounds his way out and tries a whip. Benjamin reverses
it and lands a nice dropkick. Is it just me or do all of the rookies have
nice dropkicks? Benjamin lands a hiptoss, whips Credible into the corner and
hits a monkey flip then goes back to the armbar. For some reason the camera
cuts to the announcers table where Raven is bashing D-Lo about cheating on
his CPA exams. Cutting back to the ring, Benjamin hits a Russian legsweep
for 2. Benjamin whips Justin into the ropes and hits a shoulder block for 2.
Benjamin with another whip but he ducks his head down too early and Credible
hits a running, spinning DDT. Credible slams Benjamin’s head into the
turnbuckle a few times then starts laying in the boots and chops. Credible
hits a sit out powerbomb for 2. Credible slows the match down with a front
headlock. Benjamin escapes by spearing Credible into the corner. He tries
another spear but Credible puts his knee up and Benjamin eats knee. Credible
whips Benjamin into the ropes but Shelton slides through Credible’s legs and
pounds away. Shelton with a whip and a nice gorilla press slam. Benjamin
with a northern lights suplex that gets 2. Benjamin tries a whip but its
reversed by Credible and Shelton almost hits the referee. He stops himself
just in time but when he turns around Credible knocks his silly with a
superkick. It only gets 2. Credible goes for another superkick but Shelton
catches his foot and spins him around. Benjamin tries his own kick but
Justin catches his foot and spins him around. While Benjamin is spinning he
hits a sweet looking Spinwheel kick for the 1-2-3!
Winner: Shelton Benjamin

Commercial Break.

Johnny Stamboli v. Spike Dudley
Johnny is wearing a pimp like fur coat. Spike comes down with taped ribs
which we all know is a bad idea. Stamboli pounds on the ribs before Spike
even gets through the ropes. Stamboli whips Spike into the ropes and then
just throws him into the air. Spike lands hard on the mat. Stamboli pounds
away and whips Spike into the ropes again. He tries to throw Spike up again
but Spike hits a dropkick in the air. Spike gets whipped into the ropes but
he hits spear and tries a quick rollup for 2. Spike tries a whip but it’s
reversed and Stamboli hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for 2. Stamboli lifts
Spike in a vertical suplex but drops him onto the top rope. Stamboli pulls
Spike off and tries it again but Spike flips out of it and hits a bulldog.
Spike goes for the acid drop but Stamboli hits a spear into the corner and
then starts pounding away. Stamboli goes for another spear but Spike moves
and starts pounding away. Spike tries another whip into the corner but it is
reversed and Stamboli whips Spike into the corner. Spike hits the corner
hard and falls to the mat. Stamboli then puts an abdominal stretch on Spike,
complete with grabbing the ropes for more leverage. Spike is able to hiptoss
out of it and then hit a running forearm. Spike tries a crossbody block but
Stamboli catches him and puts him on the tope rope. Stamboli goes up top and
but Spike pounds him off. Spike then hits the double stomp from the top.
Spike goes for the Acid Drop but it is reversed to the Fugettabout It for
the 1-2-3!
Winner: Johnny Stamboli

Raven continues to bash D-Lo about cheating on his Accountant exams until
D-Lo punches him over the announcers table and onto the floor. I smell a
match next week….

Commercial Break.

Moments Ago: Replay of D-Lo knocking Raven off the announcer table.

Replay of the HHH/HBK situation from Raw last Monday. It’s in black and
white so the blood on HBK and the car can’t be seen.

WWE Snap of the Night: Chris Benoit winning the IC title from RVD. JR cried
cheating but I saw no cheating. Awesome match last Monday.

Main Event: Goldust v. William Regal
They lockup and Goldust backs Regal into the corner where Regal quivers into
a ball and shouts “break!”. Goldust gets a headlock and Regal whips him into
the ropes. Goldust hits a shoulderblock but Regal comes back with an armlock
takedown into an armbar. Goldust reverses it and flips Regal to the mat.
They lockup again and Regal whips Goldust into the ropes and tries a
crossbody block but Regal uses Goldust’s own momentum to straddle him on the
top rope. Regal hits a forearm smash to Goldust’s face. Regal lays the boots
to Goldust and then hits a knee to the gut. Regal goes off the ropes and
hits a high knee for 2. They exchange blows and Goldust gets a clothesline.
Another clothesline gets 2. Goldust goes for the Curtain Call but Regal
punches out of it. Regal goes for the brass knux in the tights but before he
gets them out Goldust rolls him up for the 1-2-3! Regal takes exception to
losing and hits Goldust with the knux to get his heat back.
Winner: Goldust

Coach hypes Raw in Baltimore tommorow….Who took out HBK?

End of Show.


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