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411’s WWE Sunday Night Heat Report 11.23.03

November 23, 2003 | Posted by Alex Obal

411’s WWE Sunday Night Heat Report 11.23.03
Taped from Beaumont, TX
Exclusive 411 Report by Alex Obal

Show starts with the Steve Austin recap from RAW set to his speech from Survivor Series.

Hosts are Coach and Al. Coach is still wearing the padding around his neck from a 3D and a few stunners.

Match #1: The Hurricane & Rosey vs. Jeremy Lopez & Michael Koch

Hurricane and Lopez start. Lockup, wristlock by Lopez, Hurricane somersaults and kips up and reverses, but Lopez reverses with an armdrag to an armbar. Hurricane to his feet, hammerlock by Lopez, reversed by Hurricane and he hits a snapmare. Hurricane into the ropes and he hits a shoulderblock, but he goes for a superhero pose and gets kicked by Lopez. Lopez mocks him and goes into the ropes… but walks into a kick to the gut by Hurricane. Hurricane hits his straitjacket Edge-O-Matic for 2. Tag Koch. Hurricane ducks a clothesline and gets 2 rights on Koch. Blind tag by Rosey, kick to the head by Hurricane, clothesline by Rosey. Rosey gets some lefts in the corner, two-handed choke, big chop. And another chop. Whip by Rosey, reversed by Koch. Koch gets a right. And another. Two-handed choke in the corner by Koch on Rosey. Whip by Koch but Koch misses an avalanche, and Rosey regains control. Koch reverses a whip but Rosey comes back with a shoulderblock. Tag Hurricane and he goes to the second rope. Rosey holds Koch in position and Hurricane hits a second-rope legdrop. Hurricane ducks a cheapshot clothesline fom Lopez and dumps him. Hurricane ducks a clothesline from Koch and slugs it out with him, but Koch tosses him out of the ring. Dropkick by Lopez on Hurricane. Lopez puts Hurricane back in the ring. Koch with a shot to the back. Tag Lopez. Snapmare by Lopez and a seated dropkick to the back of the head. Stomping from Lopez. Lopez goes to a seated rear chinlock, but Hurricane escapes and reverses to a cover for 2. Hurricane walks into a kick, but Lopez charges into an elbow. Big powerslam by Lopez and Koch tags back in. Stalling vertical suplex by Koch, but he misses an elbow. Rosey wants the tag and gets it. Clothesline for Koch. Rosey hiptosses Lopez in. Clothesline for Koch. Whip for Lopez and Rosey hits him with a sort of sidewalk slam. Koch gets some rights, but Rosey blocks a whip and hits a Samoan drop. Rosey adds a superhero pose to his revolving legdrop, but it only gets 2. Lopez charges Rosey but gets caught and driven into Koch like a battering ram. Shining Wizard from Hurricane on Koch, and Rosey hits the big moonsault from the second rope for the win!!

Winners: The Hurricane & Rosey via pinfall (6:14)

Crowd EXPLODED for that finish. It was cool to see Jeremy Lopez on Heat too.

Sponsors: Stacker 2’s YJ Stinger, WWE Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain, and True Crime: Streets of LA.

Match #2: John Heidenreich vs. Jared Steele

Wrestlemania XX T-shirt is out. Lockup, Heidenrich sends Steele into the ropes, go-behind by Steele, to a headlock, to a hammerlock, Heidenreich seems unafffected, hamemerlock by Heidenreich, blow to the back, and a stomp. Whip by Heidenreich, Steele ducks a clothesline, dropkick to the knee but he walks into a boot. Heidenreich backs Steele into the corner and goes to the shoulder thrusts. Sidewalk slam by Heidenrich with authority. Cover for 2. Bearhug by Heidenreich. Steele gets on the ground and goes into the ropes, but walks into a spinebuster for 2. Back to the bearhug. Steele uses some forearms to the face, then bites Heidenreich to escape… but Heidenreich blocks and drives him into the corner. Big bodyslam by Heidenreich. Into the ropes, but he misses a running elbowdrop. Hey, Rosey did all 3 of those spots! Running elbowdrop misses again. Steele is running away. Snow points out the inexperience of Heidenreich. Steele hides in the corner and dodges an avalanche. Running forearms by Steele, but Heidenreich blocks a third with a slam (not sure if it was supposed to be his uranage thingy) for the win.

Winner: John Heidenreich via pinfall (3:06)

Promo for tomorrow’s HHH/Goldberg match.

Lugz Boot of the Week: Molly CHEATS TO WIN against Lita at Survivor Series.

Recap of Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel from Monday, Bischoff/Molly vs. Lita/Hardy, and Christian getting Lita rehired.

We get a look at WWE.com’s homepage, circa Monday, and a photo recap of Shane vs. Kane. Coach thinks it was brutal.

Match #3: Maven vs. Masada

Hammerlock and wristlock by Maven, to a front facelock, reversed by Masada, drop toe hold by Maven, to a headlock, Masada to his feet, uses lefts to get out, sends Maven into the ropes but Maven comes back with a shoulderblock. Maven runs the ropes and jumps over Masada, watches Masada taunt him, then grabs a headlock. But Masada takes down Maven, then misses an elbowdrop. Headlock by Maven, Masada sends him into the ropes, Masada leapfrogs but gets kicked in the gut, another headlock by Maven, Masada backs him into the corner, and gets punches as the Maven chants start. Maven is inspired and reverses. Punches and a snapmare by Maven, but Masada kicks him and clotheslines him. Cover gets 1. Rights by Maven but Masada hits a neckbreaker. But Maven sneaks in with a clothesline and some stmops and punches. Whip by Maven but Masada slows his momentum and Maven dropkicks air. Masada sneaks in with a chinlock. Crowd is into it. Maven to his feet, elbows out, into the ropes goes Maven and he does a sunset flip for 2. Clothesline by Masada puts Maven down again. Snapmare by Masada, and back to the chinlock. Maven gets to his feet . Whip by Maven but he lowers his head, and Masada kicks him. Masada into the ropes and he hits a big clothesline. Double-KO and the ref gets to four before Masada gets a punch. Maven retreats to the corner. Masada walks into some kicks and punches. Whip by Maven and he gets a big back body drop. Maven into the ropes, and he hits a clothesline. Whip by Maven into the corner and he hits a leg lariat. Maven goes to the second rope for the flying DDT, and it hits. That’s it.

Winner: Maven via pinfall (4:34)

Recap of Goldberg vs. HHH, Randy Orton and DAVE from RAW.

Ad for Raw Roulette tomorrow night. There’s footage from an Inferno match in there.

Terminator 3 Rise of the Machines WWE Rewind: Rob Van Dam beats Ric Flair via DQ.

Recap of Jericho and Trish from RAW.

Match #4: Gail Kim vs. Trish Stratus

Gail attacks before the bell and goes to a chokehold using Trish’s cape. Snapmare and back to the choking. Gail chokes Trish in the corner. More choking. Coach notes that Gail is being very, very aggressive. Trish reverses a whip and goes to a Thesz press and rights. Dropkick by Trish for 2. Chops against the ropes by Trish. Pose and more chops. Whip by Trish is reversed but she gets a clothesline for 2. Trish uses the Matrix counter to duck a clothesline, but Gail uses a sitdown splash to knock Trish down. And a big sidewalk slam for another 2-count. Punches to the back by Gail. Bow-and-arrow submission by Gail, but Trish reverses to a cover for 2. But Gail gets a clothesline and dumps Trish. Gail goes outside and drives Trish into the outside of the ring. Gail goes for a springboard something, but sort of slips. [She gets on the top rope, then loses her balance and falls awkwardly on her shoulder.] Cover by Trish gets 2. Backbreaker by Trish as the camera focuses on her. Gail goes up to the second rope slowly, but Trish comes with the Stratusphere handstand rana. Punches from Trish, but Gail uses a kneelift. Gail charges into a spinebuster by Trish, which gets 2. Headbutt sends Trish off to the ropes, but Trish kicks Gail and hits Stratusfaction for the win.

Winner: Trish Stratus via pinfall (4:13)

And that’s it for another episode of Heat. Next week, HEAT AWARDS!!


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