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411’s WWE Sunday Night Heat Report 11.24.02

November 24, 2002 | Posted by Dan Wojcik

411’s WWE Sunday Night Heat Report 11.24.02
By Chris Pankonin

-Opening Attitude/Entertainment video

-Opening Heat Video

-We have the usual pyro as Coach and Lita welcome us to Sunday Night Heat!

The Hurricane vs. Justin Credible
Hurricane offers Justin Credible a hurri-handshake to start off the match,
but Credible refuses with a cheap shot to the face. Hurricane takes control
early hitting a swinging headscissors and follows that up with a swinging
neckbreaker. Hurricane covers but only manages a two count. Hurricane taunts
Credible, using Credibles own arm raise to the delight of the crowd.
Credible manages brief comeback, tossing Hurricane into the ropes and
follows that by taunting using Hurricane’s signature pose! After seeing
this, Hurricane gets back into the advantage and eventually hits the
Blockbuster off the top rope to take full control and goes for the cover and
gets a two count. Finish comes as Hurricane attempts the chokeslam and
Credible blocks it, however Hurricane manages to power into the vertebreaker
to get the pinfall win.

Winner: The Hurricane

-Elimination Chamber Highlight Video

-Raven chews out Aaron Stevens backstage with his usual big words that
basically mean that nobody likes him, manages to utter something about his
masterpiece and

-Triple H Anthology Ad


-JVC Blast of the Night is Batista squashing Kane Monday night on Raw.

Aaron Stevens vs. Raven
After a quick start by Stevens, Raven takes total control about a minute
into the match. Raven hits a middle rope knee smash, and as Stevens mounts a
mini-comback Raven hits him with the boot as he charges into the corner.
Raven hits the Raven Effect for the pinfall victory in a very short match.

Winner: Raven

-After the match, Raven snaps two of Stevens’s fingers..ouch!

-Tough Enough 3 recap, the man with the lisp and tennis elbow Nick gets the
old cut this week.

-Raw Retro: Foley winning his first World title.


-Raw Recap: The Dudley Reunion match against 3 Minute Warning.

-Molly vs. Jackie is the main event tonight.

-Raw Ad for HBK vs. RVD


D’Lo Brown vs. Johnny Stamboli
The wheel of face and heel lands on heel this week for Stamboli, who plays
the role of the bad guy this week. D’Lo works over Stamboli with a variety
of armdrags and then goes to work on Stamboli’s left arm. D’Lo is in firm
control for the first half of the match, before Stamboli mounts a comeback
with a spinning back breaker. Stamboli puts D’Lo in a unique submission move
above the head, followed by Stamboli dropping to his knees and puts all the
pressure on D’Lo’s back, pretty cool move. D’Lo recovers and hits the Shaky
Shaky Knee Drop! D’Lo goes to the cover and gets only two. Stamboli recovers
quickly and hits a modified version of the fuhgeddaboudit! Stamboli gets the
pin and the victory!

Winner: Johnny Stamboli

-Raw Preview: Rob Van Dam vs. Shawn Michaels.

-Lugz Boot of the Week: Trish Stratus vs. Victoria from Survivor Series

Main Event: Molly Holly vs. Jacqueline
Molly starts off strong with an armdrag and a quick cover for only a one
count. Jackie gets on the offensive quickly with a variety of kicks,
followed by a rollup and only a two count. Molly grabs hold of Jackie’s left
leg and continues to work it over for the duration of the match. Spots on
the leg include repeated slams into the turnbuckle pole and a variety of leg
locks. Jackie manages a small comeback with a sunset flip and a near fall,
as well as a wicked middle rope bulldog. It is not enough though, as Molly
manages to get a quick rollup for the pin!

Winner: Molly Holly

-Molly celebrates, as we..

-End Show


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