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411’s WWE Superstars Report 10.08.09

October 8, 2009 | Posted by Rob McNew


-Hosted by Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler, Jim Ross, Todd Grisham, Josh Mathews, & Matt Striker

Ted Dibiase vs. Evan Bourne
Before the match Ted decides he needs to dedicate the match to Cody who was savagely attacked on Sunday, and asks for the crowd to join him in a moment of silence. Dibiase attacks Bourne immediately stomping him down in the corner, as he is very aggressive at the outset. Bourne ducks a clothesline off the ropes, but eats a back elbow. Bourne comes back to go for a crucifix, but Dibiase drops down with him and covers for a two. Bourne comes back with a series of kicks sending Dibiase to the floor, and then heads to the top rope delivering a crossbody. Bourne fires Dibiase back inside, but Ted rolls right back outside. Bourne goes for a hurracanrana off the apron but Dibiase catches him and fires him into the railing as we head to break. Back from commercial Dibiase has Bourne caught in a side headlock, but Bourne escapes with a spin kick. Dibiase goes right back on offense with a series of right hands, and then delivers a kick to the face. Dibiase chokes out Bourne with his boot, and then whips him hard into the buckle. Dibiase delivers a series of elbow drops, and then hits a high standing dropkick. Bourne hits the ropes, but runs into a HUGE clothesline from Dibiase causing him to turn 360 degrees. Dibiase covers but only is able to get two so he goes to a rear chinlock. Bourne comes off the second rope with a knee, and then delivers a hurracanrana. Bourne hits a low dropkick, and follows up with a running clothesline. Bourne hits an enzaguri, but misses a spin kick and that opening allows Dibiase to hit Dream Street for the win at 10:32. Good little match as Bourne is tremendous at making a guy look good.
Winner: Ted Dibiase (Pinfall-Dream Street **1/2)

Sheamus vs. Shelton Benjamin
Shelton comes in with his shoulder taped up as a result of the attack at the hands of Sheamus a week or so ago. Sheamus takes control grabbing a wrist lock on the injured arm, but Benjamin reverses sending Sheamus to the corner and following with an elbow. Shelton goes outside after Sheamus, but gets his injured shoulder pulled into the ringpost by Sheamus. Back inside Sheamus fires the injured shoulder into the ringpost again two more times, and then covers for a two count. Sheamus grabs an arm wringer, and then locks in an armbar. Benjamin tries to go for a t-bone suplex, but he can’t complete it due to the injury and Sheamus drops down. Sheamus rips off the bandage, and wraps Shelton’s arm around the second rope, and then drops it across the top rope. Sheamus continues the assault on the injury before locking in a Fujiwara armbar. Shelton is able to get to the rope to break the hold so Sheamus goes back to work stomping on the injured shoulder, but he refuses to break off the ropes at five and that draws the DQ at 4:14. Afterward Sheamus takes out Shelton with a jumping big boot. This was more angle than match as the entire point was to drive home Sheamus going after the injury.
Winner: Shelton Benjamin (Disqualification-5 Count Rope Break *)

-Josh Mathews catches up with The Hart Dynasty. Natalya says they are nothing like Cryme Tyme. She says this family is defined by their heart not their blood. Basic jist of the promo their family lineage is better than coming from the street. Nice job establishing the gimmick here.

Cryme Tyme (w. Eve Torres) vs. The Hart Dynasty (w. Natalya)
JTG starts off with Kidd. Kidd takes him over with a headlock, but JTG comes out with a headscissor. JTG hits a pair of armdrags, and then tags in Shad. Tyson bails to his corner tagging in Smith to allow the big men to go at it. They trade blows with Shad getting the better of it early, but his attempt at a charge hits the knees of Smith. Smith drives Shad’s face into the top buckle, and then stomps down Shad before tagging Kidd back inside. Tyson ducks a clothesline, but Shad ends up tossing him to the floor anyway. Shad dives off the apron onto the Harts taking both out with a clothesline as we head to break. Back from break with JTG in control hitting a face buster on Kidd for a two count. Kidd pushes JTG to the corner, and is able to tag in Smith who stomps down JTG in the corner. JTG is back with a dropkick to the back, but after ending up on the apron with the ref tied up with Smith its Kidd with a dropkick sending JTG to the floor. Smith goes outside and drives him into the ring apron, and now back inside he slams JTG into the corner again sending him to the floor. Smith fires JTG into the ring and drives his knee into the back before grabbing a reverse chinlock. Smith hits a belly to belly suplex, and then drives an elbow into the back of the neck. JTG comes back with a back drop, and then finally makes the hot tag to Shad. Shad comes in with clotheslines for Kidd, and a big shoulderblock. Shad knocks Smith off the apron, and then slams Kidd face first to the mat for a two count. Kidd goes for a crucifex, and in comes Smith with a big boot to complete it for him. Smith sets up for the Hart Attack, but JTG trips up Kidd on the clothesline attempt. Smith decides to go for the sharpshooter, but Shad blocks it sending Smith to the ropes. Eve trips up Smith, and that distraction allows Shad to hit Thugnificent for the pin at 12:29. Great little tag team main event by two teams that have great chemistry together. They should, they wrestle seemingly every week.
Winners; Cryme Tyme (Shad pins Smith-Thugnificent ***)


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