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411’s WWE Superstars Report 10.18.12

October 20, 2012 | Posted by Marc Elusive

Commentators: Scott Stanford & Josh Matthews

Championship’s roll call: WWE Champion: CM Punk… World Champion: Sheamus… Intercontinental Champion: Kofi Kingston… United States Champion: Antonio Cesaro… Tag Team Champions: Team Hell No… NXT Champion: Seth Rollins… Diva’s Champion: Eve Torres

Michael McGillicutty vs. Tensai:   This is the second time McGillicutty has been promoted as a babyface. Too bad he’s jobbing. I still think Michael should honor his father with a Perfect Singlet. Granted, it would be hard for him to eclipse his father but it would still be a nice tribute and would differentiate himself from the rest of the generic NXT guys. McGillicutty is a bit apprehensive locking up with the large man standing across the ring from him. He tries a standing side headlock but Tensai powers him into the corner. He mauls McGillicutty in the corner and tosses him around the ring. Michael gets mad and punches back to a decent effect; he tries a float-over in the corner off a reversed whip, but unfortunately he’s caught. He slips free however and runs the ropes but he’s nailed with a shoulderblock. He begins to drop elbows and beats him in the corner. We get an extended view of the crowd so something may have been botched there. Back to the action with Tensai hitting a short clothesline and clamping on a neck crank. Fans are silent since they really don’t care about Tensai and McGillicutty has been a heel for so long, and with no babyface turn moment, have no reason to cheer for him. Tensai hammer-tosses him into the corner and drops an elbow to the back. Fans (I think) are chanting for McGillicutty so maybe Tensai has some heel heat after all. McGillicutty responds with a running dropkick to the knee. He then hits a standing one knocking Tensai to the floor; he tries to reenter but McGillicutty keeps him there with a running knee. We return from break with Tensai nailing the vertical butterfly suplex. Well that advantage did not last long. He works a face rake and chokes him under the ropes. He nails a slingshot hangman under the ropes after that he whips McGillicutty into the bottom buckle face first; he drops a bunch of elbows and follows with another neck crank. Thrilling. It goes on for a while until McGillicutty begins to mount a comeback. Michael charges and gets caught in a bearhug. He quickly channels 1986 and rings his bell to escape. Tensai charges in the corner a few times and meets a reverse elbow there; McGillicutty charges… and meets an uppercut. The sentons splash misses and McGillicutty capitalizes with a Hennig Snap and follows with a running low clothesline. He takes FOREVER getting to the top but still manages a flying crossbody block… for a REALLY close two. I actually thought that may have been it. McGillicutty tries for the Perfect-plex (first time in WWE) but it’s reversed into the Baldo Bomb. The Perfect=plex attempt went over both commentators’ heads. Shame, shame. The running senton squashes McGillicutty for three. 1.5/10 Well there’s ten minutes of my life I’ll never get back. Really boring squash match for Tensai; the most interesting points of the match were McGillicutty’s top-rope crossbody and Perfect-plex attempt. Boring.

Here is your winner… Tensai @ about 10:30 (broadcast) via senton splash pinfall.

The Raw Rebound is “the decision” and Mr. McMahon making it for CM Punk. For the full review of that show click here. Ryback was chosen BTW.

Kaitlyn vs. Beth Phoenix:   Beth receives a babyface reaction here; Kaitlyn has the ankle taped. The WWE crack camera crew does a spectacular job of zooming in on Kaitlyn’s ass every time she crouches down. Beth works a waistlock but Kaitlyn power elbows free. Beth tosses Kaitlyn to the floor and celebrates (to a face pop); Kaitlyn charges back in and spear takes-down Beth (to a bigger face pop). Phoenix retreats to the floor but Kaitlyn comes out after her… and eats a clothesline. Beth heads onto the ropes to celebrate as we head to break. Beth is looking a little bustier tonight, wonder if she got a boob job? We return from break with Kaitlyn trapped in a chinlock; she tries to power free but Beth pounds her back down. They run the ropes and Kaitlyn scores with a high crossbody, for two. Phoenix kicks her down and stomps her in the ropes. The commentators pay zero attention to the in-ring action instead discussing the whole “who shot JR?” angle involving all of the divas. Beth lassos her in a Tree of Woe and lifts her up and lets her go slamming the back of her head on the bottom buckle. Well that was mean. Beth gets two and slaps her abdominals. Beth then goes to a kneeling abs stretch. Kaitlyn rams Beth into the corner but walks into a boot; Phoenix misses an elbow and Kaitlyn scores with a low dropkick for a nearfall. Kaitlyn heads to the apron where she gets a slide-under cradle for two. Is this over yet? Kaitlyn hits a hew uppercuts and a lunging head-butt. Phoenix goes back to the chinlock. Beth is better than this in the ring; I’m guessing the quality and skill level of the opponent may have something to do with it. Kaitlyn winds up on the apron and hobbles to the top. Why would you go up top with a bad ankle? Beth catches up to her and presses her off but Kaitlyn lands on her feet and hits a REALLY SLOW headlock into a sunset flip using a rope springboard. 1/10 Here’s ten MORE minutes of my life I’ll never get back. The one point for the match was for the pretty clever finish; the thought was there but the execution was kind poor.

Here is your winner… Kaitlyn @ about 10:50 via springboard sunset flip pinfall.

The rest of the show is Raw Rebound II, devoted to the entire closing segment where Mr. McMahon is about to choose CM Punk’s opponent for HIAC but John Cena defers to Ryback before he can announce it. So it’s Ryback versus Punk setting off a rather interesting, paint-into-the-corner Cell scenario with Ryback’s undefeated dominance and Punk’s consecutive day streak with the WWE title.

OVERALL 1.5/10 There’s TWENTY minutes of my life I’ll never get back (I fast-forwarded through the Raw segments since I saw them already). Weird show with all heels wrestling (well Kaitlyn is a babyface in WWE but a heel in NXT). Painfully boring with a tedious Tensai squash and a meager divas match, but rarely are they good anyway unless it’s on NXT. Boring show. Not worth your time. I’m not usually this negative but this was terrible.

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