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411’s WWE Superstars Report 11.15.12

November 17, 2012 | Posted by Marc Elusive

Commentators: Matt Striker & Scott Stanford

Championship’s roll call: WWE Champion: CM Punk… World Champion: Big Show… Intercontinental Champion: Kofi Kingston… United States Champion: Antonio Cesaro… Tag Team Champions: Team Hell No… NXT Champion: Seth Rollins… Diva’s Champion: Eve Torres

The Usos vs. 3MB:   I love a good old fashioned tag team match! Mahal has shaves his head completely. I’m not sure where Drew McIntyre has been, if he’s hurt, taking time off, or whatever; the commentators explain that he’s “searching for venues for 3MB to play.” Jimmy starts with Jinder Mahal; he nails the maharaja with a shoulderblock and short clothesline. Slater tags in as Matt Striker empties all of his lead singer references for him including David Allan Coe, Getty Lee, and “the guy from UB40.” Heath punches away but Uso reverses and pounds in the corner; he tags his brother for a leaping clothesline. Slater tries a half-assed tag so Jey gives him a little love tap kick and then slams him. He misses the second-rope head-butt allowing the tag to Mahal. Jinder tries to work some O but gets uppercut in the mouth. He hits a flying head-butt and gets two. Mahal runs away and around the ring, getting the blind tag on the way in, and Slater nails a top-rope axe handle… nope, the Uso Brother saw it coming and nails him in the Dibiase spot. Jinder gets low bridged to the floor, which allows Slater to clothesline Jey right behind him; Slater distracts the referee as Mahal tosses Jey into the steps. Striker dusts off a Gorilla Monsoon complaint about two referees needed for tag matches. Just had a flashback to watching PPVs in my basement back in the late 80’s with that one. Mahal air sitars on the apron as Slater tosses Jey into the ring barricade, throat-first. Heath works the leg and he and Mahal bust out the ol’ wishbone leg spot. Jinder drops some rope-assisted knees and Slater comes in with a running seated elbow; he goes into chinlock as Scott Stanford mentions that 3MB are upset about not being included in the traditional Survivor Series tag match. Jey begins to fight back but Slater grounds him with Miller’s Crossing for another two. Back from commercial, Mahal is maintaining a standing headlock until Jey frees himself with a back suplex. Jimmy gets the tag and runs over Slater with clotheslines and a Bubba Bomb; the Samoan Avalanche follows into the press-Samoan drop, for two. Jimmy props Slater on the top but Mahal slips in as they look as if they were looking for a Doomsday Device but Jimmy slips free and tosses Jinder to the floor and catches Slater in midair with a powerslam. Jinder breaks up the lateral press and then low bridges a charging Jey to the floor; but he turns right into a superkick. Slater seizes the opportunity and drops Jimmy with the Smash Hit for three. 6/10 Good tag team match as the teams are beginning to trade wins and losses, which I feel is good for parody in the division; then let one team get hot, go on a run of winning tag matches, then put them in the ring with Team Hell No. I think the WWE has enough legit tag teams to have a traditional ten-team Survivor Series tag match at the PPV: The Usos, Tyson Kidd/Justin Gabriel, Team Hell No, Rey Mysterio/Sin Cara, and “Team CoBro” versus The 3MB, Team Rhodes Scholars, The Primetime Players, Hunico/Camacho, and Los Conquistadores.

Here are your winners… The 3MB @ about 11:00 (broadcast) via Smash Hit pinfall.

Raw highlights follow including “The AJ Lee Scandal” and also clips from Super SmackDown with Randy Orton versus Alberto Del Rio in a falls count anywhere match. My Raw review is available to read by clicking here.

The Great Khali vs. JTG:   He’s baaaaaack… Gee I wonder how this is going to go. Khali starts off by tossing JTG around and hits a reverse elbow. He hits a HUGE chop in the corner and JTG sells it like he was shot in the chest; Khali follows up with a huge chop to the back. JTG submarines the knee out with a shoulderblock and pounds away. He celebrates a little and then runs right into another chop. Khali begins a “comeback” with clotheslines and the Head Chop follows to end the misery. 1.5/10 Terrible match; all it was, was all chops, clotheslines, Head Chop and dancing. Personally, I think Khali would be better suited in comedy/semi-serious a tag team with someone to play off of, and to get someone else in there to help carry him. Plus, the tag division is getting good, so it’s not like a demerit to be in a tag team anymore.

Here is your winner… The Great Khali @ about 3:20 via Head Chop pinfall.

The show concludes with the end of the very good CM Punk/John Cena main event from Raw; again you can check out www.marcelusive.net for that review.

OVERALL 4.5/10 One good tag match and a Khali main event (that went as well as you’d figure). The highlights from Raw and SmackDown were useful to me last weekend, being without power for two weeks, this week it was back to fast forwarding them to get to the in-ring matches. WWE Main Event has whittled down the amount of matches they air on this show, which is puzzling since the lower 25% of the roster, like JTG or Michael McGillicutty, is rarely on television to begin with and could use the exposure, even if it is on WWE Superstars on YouTube/Dailymotion.

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