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411’s WWE Survivor Series Report 11.23.14

November 24, 2014 | Posted by Larry Csonka

411’s WWE Survivor Series 11.23.14

Pre-Show Stuff

* Scott Slimmer is traveling, so you get me tonight.

* I will be doing my regular show review with full opinions and star ratings after the show.

* Match times are not exact.

* Usual hype stuff going on for the pre-show.

* Fandango w/Rosa defeated Justin Gabriel @ 3:00. Fandango had new gear, music and entrance along with having Rosa with him. All that time off and it felt the same.

* Miz does his pre-match self-hype in the locker room, and does the old mirror gag with Sandow. He discusses that tonight is important for the Miz brand to win the tag team titled, because it could lead to more movie roles and such.

* Bad News Barrett arrived! He’s back after five months, and discusses how important tonight is with the main event and its stipulations. But he’s got some bad news… The Authority are petty and vindictive, and the Authority will make Cena’s life so bad if they win that he’d wish he was fired. As for the Authority? He has more bad news. The WWE will not be lost without them, and would thrive under a new era, the era of Bad News Barrett.

* Highlights of the AJ Lee feud with Nikki Bella and playing dress up.

* Byron Saxton interviews AJ. She mocks the Bella family drama, and says she’ll manage to retain her title, because that’s what she’s serious about.

* The panel discusses the PPV having a history for delivering history making surprises. Hmmmm…

* We get a preview video for tonight’s main event.

* Renee and the panel discuss the main event. Booker does a great job of saying so many words without any of them actually meaning something. Thankfully Heyman manages to sell the importance of the match, noting that nothing will be the same after the match. Either the Authority becomes dictators or they are out of power. The man knows his job and does it well.

* Cesaro’s music hits and he cuts a promo about being from Sweden and staying neutral. He gives his history lesson, and notes that tonight is a huge battle for the WWE, and that he does what is best for business and supports he Authority. He starts to say “Long Live The Authority” if five different languages. Swagger and Zeb came out. They had some back and forth, and Zeb said that Swagger was going to get the job done here tonight.

Pre-Show Match: Cesaro vs. Jack Swagger : Swagger grabs Cesaro, amateur takedown and rolls into a pinning combo for 2. Some groundwork follow, to the ropes now and v with rights and then the gut wrench suplex follow. Double stomp by Cesaro, but Swagger grabs the ankle lock right away. Cesaro fights, and kicks Swagger to the floor. Swagger back in, charges Cesaro and ends up posting himself. Cesaro connects with the German suplex. He lays the boots to Swagger and then works a grounded headlock. Swagger to his feet, elbows to escape but Cesaro hits a German. Rolls and Swagger with elbows, but then runs into the overhead belly to belly and Cesaro covers for 2. Cross face shots by Cesaro, and back to the grounded headlock. Swagger again fights to his feet, lands rights to escape and gets sent to the corner. Back elbow to Cesaro, German suplex by Swagger connects. Chop block by Swagger, big slam follows and then goes for the Vader corner splash, Cesaro counters, Swagger with the ankle lock. Cesaro escapes and gets a German, hits another and Swagger then counters the third into another rankle lock and Cesaro taps.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jack Swagger @ 6:00 via submission

* Vince McMahon arrives in a limo as the pre-show ends.

* Vince McMahon makes his way to the ring to kick off the show. Vince welcomes everyone to the show, and says that tonight’s show will be epic and guarantees that you will never forget this show. He calls out Stephanie and Triple H. We get family hug time and Stephanie thanks the crowd for the warm welcome. She loves her father and appreciates the opportunity that they have tonight. They have learned a lot and will make him proud. Triple H then kisses Vince’s ass a bit, noting that he’s why we are all here. Vince says this is a bunch of crap, and calls out John Cena. Vince says that Cena knows the stakes; if Team Cena loses his team gets fired, but if the Authority loses, then they will not be in power any longer. Cena asks the Authority if they lose will they walk out on their own. Triple H says that Cena will be responsible for four men with families losing their jobs tonight. Triple H says that Cena is out for himself, and when Team Cena loses, his teammates will beg the Authority to keep their jobs. But they will be fired, and then forgotten. Triple H says that Cena’s teammates have everything to lose. Stephanie adds on that the fans will drop someone as soon as they can, if someone is gone they will forget. But if by some miracle they lose, they will still be calling the shots from global headquarters in Connecticut. Vince says that’s not what he had in mind, if Team Cena wins, Triple H and Steph will have their desk jobs, but they will have n influence over the careers of the WWE superstars. Vince says that he has so much confidence in them, that the only one man can bring them back into power. Steph starts to kiss his ass again and says Vince will do what’s best for business. Vince has so much confidence that if they lose, the only man that can allow them back in power will be John Cena. This pleases Cena. Vince then says not to let him down tonight. Steph tells Cena to stop smiling and says she loves this because it gives them more incentive to put Team Cena down. She says adversity makes her stronger. Cena says they will lose tonight, and after they do and they will be out of power. And their chances of coming back to work, “there is no chance in hell”.

* The Spanish announce table is here, wonder who gets to go through that tonight?

WWE Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Title Match: Goldust & Stardust © vs. Usos vs. Los Matadores w/El Torito vs. Miz and Mizdow: Stardust has dropped the blue from his gear and replaced it with red. The first pin or submission wins the match and the titles. Stardust and a Matadore to begin. Go behind by the Matadore, into a side headlock and then off the ropes and Stardust with a boot to the gut. Sweep of the leg by the Matadore and a cover for 2. Roll up by the Matadore gets 2. They say Fernando, but they always change the names when calling their matches. Miz tags himself in and gets a roll up on the Matadore for 2. The other Matadore tags in, Miz down and a slingshot senton on Miz gets 2. Chops to Miz, off the ropes and to the corner. Miz to the apron lands a right and heads up top. The Matadore slams Miz off the rope and then Sandow slams himself into the ring. Miz works the arm and teases a tag to Sandow, but that leads to a tag to Jimmy Uso. He works the arm, tag to Jey and chops by the Matadore. They trade shots center ring, headlock by Jey, off the ropes and Stardust pulls down the ropes and Jey falls to the floor. He lays the boots to Jey and slams him to the apron and roll shim back in. Goldust tags in now and works over Jey. He grounds Jey with a headlock, Jey to his feet and elbows out. Goldust takes him back to his corner and tags in Stardust. The crowd chants for Sandow as Stardust connects with a suplex and covers for 2. Stardust refuses to tag in Sandow, boot and an uppercut by Stardust follows. Miz tags himself in and lays the boots to Stardust. Jey counters a suplex, tag in by a Matadore and he cleans house. Backstabber to Miz and a cover for 2 as Jimmy makes the save. Goldust with a cheap shot to the Matadore, Miz in control and to the corner. He lays the boots to the Matadore and celebrates. Corner clothesline connects as the crowd chants for Sandow again. He tags in and then Goldust blind tags himself in. The Matadore rolls him up for 2. A series of counters between Goldust and the Matadore follow, and Goldust slams him to the corner and tags in Stardust. Stardust chokes out the Matadore, hits a snap mare and works a modified full nelson. The Matadore escapes and then Stardust connects with a clothesline. Tag to Goldust, he slams the Matadore down and covers for 2. Goldust tosses him to the floor and follows to continue the attack. Back in and Goldust covers for 2. Rights by Goldust, to the corner and a back elbow connects and Goldust covers for 2. Double team German by the champions but Miz stops the pinning attempt. Rights by Stardust follow, to the apron and he tosses the other Matadore to the corner. Stardust and the Matadore do tombstone reversals, ending in a head scissors by the Matadore. Tags to Jimmy and Goldust. Jimmy runs wild for a bit, kicks and rights to Goldust and then knocks Miz to the floor. Goldust down in the corner, Samoan clambake follows and then one from Jey as well. Superkicks follow and they clear the ring. They go for dives but get cut off. Snap slam by Goldust follows and he covers for 2. Goldust and Jey in the ring, boot by Jey and Goldust to the floor. Tag to Jimmy and the Usos hit stereo dives. Falling star by Stardust onto the Usos. Torito gets tossed to the floor and then a Matadore dives out and wipes everyone out. The other Matadore heads up top, Goldust cuts him off all the way up. We get a tower of doom with the champs and the Matadores. Top rope splash by an Usos, Miz in and tosses out the Uso but Sandow tags in and steals the pin!

OFFICIAL RESULT: AND NEW CHAMPIONS Miz and Sandow @ 16:00 via pin

* Miz takes both titles and celebrates as Sandow mimics the celebration. The crowd hates Miz and keeps cheering for Sandow.

* On December 1st, there will be a live Steve Austin podcast with Vince McMahon after Raw that night.

* Adam Rose is with the Bunny, and they are playing with WWE Toys. This is how they will settle their issues. Rose says he found the Bunny at kids birthday parties, so without him he is nothing. The Bunny wins the toy wrestling match and Titus and Slater arrive and make fun of Rose. Rose says that the Bunny and his follows worship him, and Slater mocks him for the Bunny upstaging him. Rose challenges them to a tag team match tonight.

Survivor Series Match: Alicia Fox, Natalya, Naomi, and Emma vs. Paige, Cameron, Summer Rae, and Layla: Paige and Natalya to begin. Lock up and a snap mare by Paige. She works a head scissors, and Natalya escapes. Head scissors by Natalya, and Paige escapes. Knees by Natalya, butterfly suplex follows and Paige rolls to the floor. Basement dropkick by Natalya and then tosses Paige back in. Paige tries to escape, and gets the ropes. She follows with a forearm, tag to Layla. She misses a leg drop and tags in Emma. Neck snap follows and Emma covers for 2. Roll up follows for 1. Small package by Emma gets 2. Layla then gets a roll up, but countered by Emma for 2. Sidekick by Layla gets 2. Tag back to Paige, she works over Emma and yells a bit. Clubbing shots by Paige, chokes he rout in the ropes and Layla then kicks her in the face. Knee by Paige follow, and Emma fires back with forearms. Paige with a boot, heads up top and grabs Emma by the hair and pulls her up with her. Emma battles back, superplex follows and both are down. Tag to Cameron and she works over Emma. Cameron slaps Emma and then mocks her as she tries to make the tag. Suplex by Cameron follows as the crowd chants for Sandow. Cameron hits a leg drop and covers for 2. Emma fights back, looks for the tag but then gets a backslide for 2. Tag to Naomi, she head sup top and hits a high cross. She then delivers forearms, but Cameron back with a boot. Off the ropes and Naomi with a wheelbarrow stunner for 2 as Layla makes the save. It beaks down, Natalya levels Paige with a clothesline and then Cameron hits what was supposed to be a bulldog. Naomi rolls up Cameron to eliminate her. Summer in now with Naomi, forearms by Naomi, snap mare and then kicks Summer in the face and covers for 2. Summer counters a slam and lays the boots to Naomi. Summer tosses Naomi to the corner, sending Natalya to the floor. Summer tosses her back in, Fox in now and hits dropkicks to Summer. She then slams her into Layla and pulls Paige into the ring and beats her down. Fox cross bodies all of them and sends them to the floor. She heads up top but the heels run. Summer back in and she tags in Layla because she’s scared. Fox slams Layla to the corner; northern lights suplex follows for 2. Layla comes back with a kick and springboard dropkick, but Fox then hits a back breaker and eliminates Layla. Paige in now, works over Fox a bit but Summer tags in and Fox slams her to her corner. Natalya in and they hit the double Russian leg sweep. Snap mare by Natalya, run up the back and then the dropkick follows. Discus clothesline follows, Paige kicks Natalya from the apron and tags in. Paige chokes out Natalya in the ropes, knees by Summer and Natalya knocks her to the floor. Paige tosses Summer back into the ring and yells at her. Emma tags in and gets clotheslines to Summer. To the corner, and Emma gets the tarantula. Emma with a forearm to Paige, and hits the Emma sandwich in the corner. Emma locks in the reverse Indian deathlock and Summer taps. Paige is left alone. Paige tries to escape; Emma stops her, but Paige levels hr with a kick as then gets back in the ring and takes over. Emma manages to fight back, tags in Natalya and Paige counters a slam and levels hr with a kick. Natalya with a cool release German and Natalya tags in Naomi. Naomi tries the split legged moonsault, but eats the knees from Natalya. Fox then slaps Paige, and Naomi hits the rear view and a head scissors driver to score the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Alicia Fox, Natalya, Naomi, and Emma (all survive) @ 15:00 via pin

* Post match, Tyson Kidd tries to steal the spotlight from Natalya and celebrates as if he won something. Heyman is the only one that gets it as he actually sells the main event, again.

* They go to the Network panel to kill some time.

Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt: The bell rings and they start brawling right away. Ambrose slams Wyatt to the corner, follows with rights, but Wyatt fires back and grinds Ambrose’s face off of the top rope. Ambrose now fires back with rights and kicks, but an uppercut by Wyatt cuts that off. Off the ropes and a cross body and rights by Ambrose follow, and Wyatt rolls to the floor. A right by Wyatt, tries to toss Ambrose back in but he comes right back and takes out Wyatt with a clothesline. Flying forearm off of the apron by Ambrose connects, tosses Wyatt back in and hits a sliding clothesline and then an elbow drop. Off the ropes and Wyatt back with a back spinning elbow, and the cover gets 2. To the corner they go, rights by Wyatt but as he tries to charge at Ambrose, Ambrose cuts him off with a clothesline. Wyatt to the floor, slingshot plancha by Ambrose but Wyatt levels him with the uppercut. Wyatt slams Ambrose to the steps and then stomps on his hand. Back into the ring they go, and Wyatt lays the boots to Ambrose. A snap suplex and running backsplash connect for Wyatt and he covers for 2. Wyatt works a full nelson, but Ambrose then tries to break his fingers to escape. Ambrose tries a cross body off the ropes and Wyatt stands there and plays Vader as Ambrose bounces off of him. Wyatt tosses him to the floor. Wyatt follows, charges and they clothesline each other at the same time and both men are down. The ref counts, they get to their feet and are back in by 9. Rights and head butts by Ambrose now, corner forearm follow and then hits a bulldog. Ambrose mocks the spider walk of Wyatt, looks for the underhook DDT by Wyatt cuts him off. Wyatt almost gets Sister Abigail, Ambrose escapes and then traps Wyatt in the ropes and hits a shotgun dropkick. Ambrose to the second rope and hits the leg drop to Wyatt, who was hanging in the ropes. Ambrose now heads up top, but Wyatt hits an uppercut and follows him up top. Clubbing shots by Wyatt, looks for the superplex but Ambrose fights it off. Head butts by Ambrose follow, a right and Wyatt gets sent to the mat. Ambrose off, caught, but escapes and looks for the jawbreaker lariat but runs into a uranage by Wyatt, which gets 2. Wyatt heads to the second rope now, but misses the backsplash as Ambrose rolls out of the way. Crucifix by Ambrose gets 2. Jawbreaker lariat by Ambrose, who then heads up top and connects with a flying elbow to a standing Wyatt and covers for 2. Ambrose to the corner, mounted rights but Wyatt tries a powerbomb, escapes and Wyatt absolutely decapitates him with a sick clothesline. Wyatt to the floor, slams Ambrose onto the steps, and then rolls Ambrose back into the ring and covers, but only gets 2. Wyatt now gets a mic and bring sit into the ring and asks why Ambrose is doing this. He says it didn’t have to be like this, and says they could have ruled the world together. No one could touch them, they are special, but Wyatt says Ambrose chose his path and he’s sorry. Wyatt now gets a chair and tosses it into the ring. He has another, Ambrose grabs it and they have a stand off. The ref warns Ambrose not to use it, Wyatt poses on his knees to sacrifice himself to Ambrose, Wyatt tries to talk again so Ambrose hits him for the DQ.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Bray Wyatt @ 15:00 via DQ

* Post match Ambrose hits the dirty deeds onto the chair. Ambrose then gets a table from under the ring, slides it in the ring and sets it up. Ambrose lays out Wyatt on the table, heads up top and hits the elbow drop, putting Wyatt through the table. Ambrose then gets another table, and slams it onto Wyatt. He then tosses in a shit load of chairs and tosses then into the ring on top of Wyatt. Ambrose looked to leave, but then pulled out a ladder. He slid it into the ring and set it up. Ambrose climbed the ladder and posed as his music played.

* Team Authority is backstage together. Triple H says everything in on the line tonight, and they have invested everything into this. When they win, the people that benefit the most from this will be Team Authority. More title matches, more money, more fame, everything that they have worked for has built to this moment. Steph loses it a bit yelling that they cannot lose. Triple H cuts her off and says that this is a defining moment for them all, a moment in history. Where will they stand when it happens? Triple H says this is the greatest team ever assembled. He has every confidence that they will win, but if they do not win, they won’t be fired. But they will wish that they were, because who ever takes over will make their lives hell, If you’re a champion, you won’t be for long. If you aren’t a champion, they you never will be. Tonight they fight with no remorse, with everything they have and have worked for; they fight tonight as if their life is on the line because it is. They all start chanting, “Fight, Fight, Fight!”

Titus O’Neil and Heath Slater vs. Adam Rose and The Bunny: Bunny and Slater to begin. Rose then tags himself in and makes the Bunny head to the apron. Leaping kick by Slater and he covers Rose and gets 2. Slater lays the boots to Rose and then connects with rights. Tag to O’Neil, side back breaker follows and then another and then tosses Rose to the mat. O’Neil beats down Rose in his corner; Rose manages to battle back and crawls for the tag. He gets it, Bunny in with a kick to Slater. Flapjack follows, and then the Bunny steps on Slater in the corner. Bunny dances, takes O’Neil to the floor and then avoids a splash in the corner by Slater. Second rope dropkick follows and that gets the pin.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Adam Rose and The Bunny @ 2:30 via pin

* Rose is pissed because he wanted into the match. Bunny does the trust fall and the Express celebrates with him and carries him to the back, leaving Rose alone in the ring.

* Roman Reigns is here, live via satellite, and they put over his performance at last year’s PPV. Reigns say she loves the Survivor Series PPV, and his recovery is going well and he is getting better every day. If he was there, he would make “cock this fist and make it rain in this bitch”. JBL says he is not here, and Rollins is here. He asks how he feels about that and Reigns says that is a stupid question. This time next month he will be back and he doesn’t care who is n power. Believe that.

* Ziggler, Ryback, Show and Rowan meet in the locker room and say that this is all about their careers. Cena arrives and says he will do everything he can to make sure that they don’t lose. Ziggler and Show say they know what they signed up for and will do anything to win. Ryback says it’s feeding time, and the big guy is hungry. Rowan then stops his rubix cube work and says, “win”.

WWE Divas Title Match: AJ Lee © vs. Nikki Bella w/Brie: Brie stands on the apron holding the title, and then kisses AJ to distract her. Nikki destroys AJ with the forearm, and then hits the rack attack and that is all.


* Brie smiled as Nikki won.

* They announce that Bray Wyatt will face Dean Ambrose in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match at the TLC PPV.

* Triple H and Steph came out pre-match and stood around and clapped for their guys as they made their entrance.

* Noble and mercury are out with Rollins.

* Main event time; if Team Authority loses, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon will lose their control over WWE. If Team Cena loses, everyone but Cena on that team is fired.

Survivor Series Match: Team Cena (John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, Big Show, Erick Rowan and Ryback) vs. Team Authority (Seth Rollins, Kane, Mark Henry, Rusev and Luke Harper): Show and Henry to begin. Triple H gives Henry a pep talk and slaps him to get his motivation up. Henry talks shit to Show, and then runs into the KO punch and Henry is eliminated. Triple H and Steph are shocked. Refs run out to help roll Henry out of the ring. Harper now circles the ring, but that is only to distract Show and Rollins attacks. Rollins leaps off the top and eats a body shot and rolls to the floor. Rollins then tags in Kane. Boots and rights by Show to Kane. He works over Kane in the corner with body shots and tags in Cena. Rights by Cena, to the corner and then hits a clothesline and dropkick. Kane tags in Harper, and then Rowan tags himself in. Rollins then tags himself in, and Rowan attacks with boots and rights. He slams Rollins to the corner, slam to Rollins follows. Tag to Ryback and he slams Rollins down, and then slams him to the corner and then again to the opposite corner. Press slam by Ryback but Rollins slides off, but eats a big back body drop. Harper tagged in and a stalling suplex by Ryback follows. Kane tags in and rights by Kane follow. Thesz press by Ryback and he slams Kane’s head to the ramp and hits a running splash for 2. Kane tags in Rusev. They have the big man stand off and start CLUBBERIN! Rusev takes control and works knees. He then runs into the spinebuster, and Ryback sets and looks for the meat hook. He levels Rusev with it, and looks for shell shock, but Rusev escapes and now everyone is in. We have the big brawl and most spill to the floor. Curb stomp by Rollins on Ryback, allowing Rusev to hit the leaping superkick and Ryback is gone.

We’re four on four now, Show is in with Rusev. Rusev works over Show, but then runs into a big boot. Show calls for the chokeslam, but Rusev escapes and tags in Harper. Show sends him to the corner repeatedly, but then Harper connects with a dropkick. Tag to Rollins, and he lays in the boots to Show. Tag to Kane, more kicks to Show follow and then the basement dropkick and a cover gets 2. Gator roll by Harper, and into the side headlock. Show to his feet, hits the belly to back suplex and both men are down. Tag to Ziggler now and he is in with clotheslines to Harper. Neck breaker follows and then the elbow drop connects. He takes out Rollins but the runs into the black hole slam but Ziggler kicks out at 2. Tag to Rollins, who beats down Ziggler in the corner. Tag to Rusev now and he continues the attack on Ziggler. After a series of boots, Kane tags in and more boots to Ziggler. To the corner, Ziggler eats a corner splash and then the side slam and Kane covers for 2. Chinlock by Kane to ground Ziggler now, Ziggler escapes but eats a boot and Kane covers for 2. Tag back to Harper now, Harper with a suplex try, Ziggler escapes and then gets dropped with a right and the cover gets 2. Rusev tags in and just beats down Ziggler. He slaps Ziggler around a bit, Ziggler back with rights and off the ropes but runs into Rusev who brutalizes him with knees and then hits the sack of shit slam and covers for 2. Tag back to Rollins, rights follow and Ziggler is down again. To the corner they go, Ziggler tries to battle back but eats a flatliner into the buckles. Rollins covers for 2. Rusev tags in now and works a half nelson to ground Ziggler. Jawbreaker by Ziggler to escape, tries for a tag, Rusev catches him but Ziggler gets the DDT and covers for 2 as Harper makes the save. Cena in, AA to Harper. Chokeslam by Kane, Chokeslam by Show onto Kane. Flying knee by Rollins to Show. Rowan in and eats a kick. But Rowan then tosses him to the floor onto the pile of people. Leaping kick by Rusev, Rusev then counters the fameasser into a powerbomb on Ziggler, which sent him to the floor onto the pile of men. Rusev takes apart the Spanish announce table and lays him out on it. He gets on the other table and runs for a splash by Ziggler moved and Rusev splashed the table apart. The ref counts, and Ziggler crawls to the ring and makes it in but Rusev is counted out.

We’re four to three for Team Cena now. Kane in with Ziggler, chokeslam countered and a tag to Cena. Shoulder blocks follow. Proto bomb connects, and then the five knuckle shuffle. AA to Kane but Rollins is in. CURB STOMP to Cena! Cena manages to tag in Rowan and Harper is also in, and CLUBBERIN! Rowan tosses Harper to the corner, corner splash follows and then head butts. He takes Kane to the floor, and Harper looks for sleeper, Rowan escapes and then hits a spin kick on Harper. Kane in, chokeslam countered and then Rollins in with the flying knee to Rowan. Clothesline by Harper and Rowan is gone. It’s three to three now.

They go to stand off and Show KOs Cena, and Rollins pins him. Show walks over to Triple H and they shake hands. Show now walks out and will now be counted out. Ziggler is the only man left for Team Cena and he’s down on the floor. Triple H and Steph celebrate as Kane picks up Ziggler and tosses him into the barricade. Cena walks away a sad panda. Kane tosses Ziggler back in and Triple H talks trash to him. Kane lays the boots to him, and covers for 2. Tag to Harper, he beats down Ziggler a bit and then tags in Rollins. Rollins makes sure to show Ziggler that he has no one to tag works him over and then tags in Kane. Kane takes Ziggler up top, Ziggler tosses him off and hits a high cross and gets 2. Superkick follows, zigzag and Ziggler pins Kane!

Harper in with the big boot to level Ziggler. To the floor and Harper hits the suicide dive on Ziggler. Tosses him back into the ring and sets, superkick to Ziggler follows and Harper covers for a close 2. Harper looks for a powerbomb, it connects but Ziggler kicks out at 2. Harper yells at the ref and is pissed. Ziggler then gets a flash roll up and Harper is gone!

We’re down to Ziggler and Rollins. Rollins in, lays the boots to Ziggler and tosses him to the floor. Rollins tosses him to the barricade, and then does it again. Rollins picks up Ziggler, rolls him back into the ring and then Ziggler gets a roll up for a close 2. DDT by Ziggler sticks Rollins, and covers again for a close 2. Rollins gets the running buckle bomb on Ziggler, and covers for 2. Ziggler is still alive. Rollins with mounted rights now, then heads up top but Ziggler runs up top with him and gets tossed back to the mat. Rollins misses a super curb stomp, fameasser by Ziggler! 1…2…NO! Triple H yells at Mercury and Noble, zigzag countered and Ziggler fights off the stooges ZIGZAG on Rollins and Triple H pulls out the ref and beats him down. The stooges hit the ring and beat down Ziggler. Ziggler fights then off and tosses Noble into Mercury, who flies into Stephanie who falls off the apron onto Triple H. SUPERKICKS by Ziggler but Rollins hits the buckle bomb. Misses the curb stoma, zigzag again! New ref has to run out and Triple H attacks him to stop the count. Triple H then beats down Ziggler, and looks for the pedigree. He hits the pedigree and now grabs Rollins and places him on top of Ziggler. He calls out a new ref, good old Scott Armstrong, but then…

Black and white video, crow sounds…

 photo Sting_zpsf9815f6d.png

Sting is here and makes his way to the ring. He takes out Armstrong, and heads into the ring to go face to face with Triple H. They circle as the crowd chants this is awesome. Triple H tries to attack but Sting takes him down and hits the scorpion death drop. He then lays Ziggler on top of Rollins and leaves. Ref in, 1…2…3.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Team Cena (Ziggler is the sole survivor) @ 42:00 via pin

* Team Cena keeps their jobs, Triple H and Steph lose their power in WWE.

* Cena comes out to hug it out with Ziggler.

* Triple H and Steph meet in the ring and realize that they have lost. YES chants from the crowd as Steph looks like she may cry. The crowd then sings, “hey hey, goodbye” as Steph screams that this is not over. The crowd then chants, “you got fired”.

* End scene.

* Thanks for reading.

* I’ll be posting a Tirade on the show within the next our or so.

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