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411’s WWE Table for 3: Diva Legends Report

October 29, 2016 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.

411’s WWE Table For 3: Diva Legends Report

-Original air date: Sept 23, 2015

-This time the ladies get a turn as we get 3 former Women’s Champions in Alundra Blayze, Ivory, and Molly Holly.

-Small talk to start as they all compliment each other on how great everyone looks. Alundra mentions that Ivory looks jacked. Ivory says she knows all about Blayze, but never got to work with her. Both mention they would have loved to do so.

-Alundra tells Nora (Molly) that she always loved her style and says she was the last of that era of women’s wrestling to bring things to the WWE. Molly says she was very young and thought she knew everything because of all the moves she could do. She knows if she had the wisdom she has now then, that she would be better. She says she was too arrogant and immature, and Alundra says she was the same and that is why Sherri Martel beat her ass for years.

-Alundra tells a funny story of putting Moolah in the airplane spin and Moolah freaking out so Alundra panicked and tossed her to the mat. Moolah then proceeded to beat her ass. Nice!

-They start talking about wrestling in Japan, and Molly said she never wrestled there, but got to be a manager and was able to hit a guy with a dropkick. Alundra says that she lived in Japan for 3 years after she left the AWA. She was part of All Japan and both Ivory and Molly talk about how brutal All Japan was and Molly doesn’t think she would be able to hang there. Alundra assures her that she would have been fine.

-Alundra talks about living in a double decker bus with other women as it was the cheapest thing to do and was practical. She spent 3 years over there, and when she got to the WWE there wasn’t a lot going on with women’s wrestling. She was basically the division and they had to filter women in to face her.

-Over to Molly as she talks about getting started with backyard wrestling. She used to watch tapes of Ricky Steamboat and practiced his armdrags over and over again. She thought she was ready and realized working a match with a person was different.

-When Ivory came in it was during Sable’s era, and she was terrified they would put her in that position. All she wanted to do was wrestle and she was so happy when Molly came over as it gave her somewhere to wrestle. Ivory then starts dropping F bombs as she talks about wrestling being very similar to having sex. Tremendous!

-Ivory tells a funny story of when her and Molly would get tossed from the ring by the bigger stars, she would try to pick up guys in the front row when the camera wasn’t on her. Again, Tremendous!

-They put over Molly for being gracious in the ring and always asking the other performer what they wanted to do. Ivory is all fired up as she drops another F bomb and then complains about being called a Diva. To her a diva is a singer, and we get more cursing as she talks about it.

-They discuss Molly stepping up to be part of WrestleMania XX by offering to shave her head. They were just going to do the pillow fight on the card and that fires up both Alundra and Ivory as they go off on a tangent about those types of matches. Molly goes back to her story as she really wanted to defend her title on the show and said she would agree to have her head shaved.

-Ivory brings up how the division started right around the time she was a coach on Tough Enough, so while she loved doing that, she didn’t get to wrestle as the division was growing. She tells a story of an elimination tag all the women did and how they were teasing finishers and then decking each other to keep the fans guessing.

-They discuss being in relationships while working and Alundra talks about how hard it was to educate the men she dated on the business. Ivory goes hardcore as she talks about being with a guy who was weeping about her having to leave for 10 days, and she basically called him a pussy and told him to leave. Ivory is just killing it on this show! A lot more cursing from her as she crushes the guy and tells him it’s a job and then gets rid of him.

-Molly wants to ask Alundra about tossing the Title in the garbage on Nitro. She never had the guts to ask, and wants to know if she will talk about it. Alundra says she will answer and she respects that she had asked, but she wants to know what Molly’s perception is of the situation. Molly says the fans were upset about it, and the dressing room mostly focused on her career as most understood it was just part of the crazy business. Alundra says that she was let go by the WWE as there wasn’t really a division for her. Vince was going through adversities with the IRS and steroid trials, and she speculates that they needed to downside. She says she wasn’t released in a bad way, but she was fired. Soon Eric Bischoff called and said he wanted to bring her to WCW. He asked if she still had the title and that to bring it to Nitro where they could talk about a contract. This was only 24 hours after she was fired and she needed to make money as the bread winner. So she brought the belt and told Eric that she needed to send it back. Eric asked her to dump it in the can on TV and she agreed as long as she could get the title back as she didn’t think it would be a big deal. Her thoughts were that it would be a big angle, and that it wouldn’t be something still talked about 21 years later. Now she realizes that she started the Monday Night Wars and next thing you know ratings are reaching 6.0 and 7.0. Ivory backs up what Alundra did as she had to do what she needed to survive.

-Alundra puts over the other 2 ladies and they love her as well. Ivory talks about seeing “Lipstick and Dynamite” with the older ladies and realized it was a sister hood. Ivory wants to learn about Monster Trucks and Alundra promises to put her in a truck the next time they are together. They wrap up by congratulating Alundra for going into the Hall of Fame.

-Fun stuff here as they touched on the belt dump and just had a good time talking about their road to the WWE which we don’t hear about as much since they were in the early era of the WWE trying to reboot a women’s division. The star of this was clearly Ivory, and I find it fun that this is the episode that is going to run away with having more curse words censored.

-On the next episode it’s IC Title Time!