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411’s WWE Table for 3: Millennium Divas Report

November 16, 2016 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.

411’s WWE Table for 3: Millennium Divas Report

-Original air date: May 18, 2016

-Another grouping of ladies as this time we get Divas that had the follow the Trish/Lita era, but came before this current crop. Representing the Millennium Divas: Candice Michelle, Molly Holly, and Michelle McCool. This is the second time Molly has appeared on Table for 3.

-McCool welcomes the other 2 ladies to Texas and Molly realizes that she does live there now. McCool mentions that her family lives her now. They all discuss meeting each other the first time.

-They jump into the Diva Search and how at SummerSlam they had a dodge ball competition between the wannabe Divas and the WWE Divas. Molly says that her team felt they were going to smash the Diva Search ladies, but instead Michelle McCool crushed their team. Molly says it was totally humiliating, and McCool says that they wanted to celebrate, but they thought maybe they did something wrong. Molly says the boys actually gave them some grief for losing to a bunch of models.

-Candice brings up having to do a backstage segment with Trish and she had to take a slap. She thought it was going to be no problem and then Trish hauled off and nailed her. She thought her face was going to fly off, and she pretended to be tough by not acting like she was hurt.

-McCool brings up working with Mae Young and getting slapped by her. She thought it was tremendous and we move on.

-They ask Molly her favorite memory and she loved the angle she did with Spike Dudley.

-The same question is asked to McCool and she loved the table match they were able to do because it was something different for them. The main concern the people in the back had was is if she and Layla were heavy enough to break the table. They told them it would be no problem and then when the time came to take the bump off the top rope the table didn’t break. Sasha can feel your pain!

-Candice talks about pitching her first idea and she wanted her finisher to be named The Orgasmic. She had to e-mail the idea to Stephanie McMahon and she soon realized it was rather silly. She came up with the name of the finisher before she even knew what the move would be, what her character would be, or anything else. Next, she found a wand at the Halloween Store and wanted to carry it around because she related it to HHH having a sledgehammer. She took grief over it at first and then realized it was over when one of the boys asked her to autograph one for his daughter.

-Molly talks about starting in WCW and working with Randy Savage. She says as a kid she hated him because she loved Steamboat. Then when she got to work with him she couldn’t believe it was happening.

-They ask McCool who she didn’t want to meet when she started and she was scared to meet Kane and Taker. They all have a laugh and she states that now she is married to one of them. She was scared of them until she found Kane laughing in catering and realized he was a sweetheart.

-They discuss the Divas now and Total Divas. Molly says she was happy to work when she did because she doesn’t know if she could keep up with the schedule the girls have today. The other girls tell Molly she could more than hang.

-Next up they talk about injuries and we cover Candice breaking her collarbone in a match. She says it was her favorite match as it was 2 of 3 falls. The fall was pretty nasty and when she had surgery she woke up and had a voice mail from Steve Austin to check in on her. She marked out over it and says they had only met a couple times, but was blown away he would call to check on her.

-Candice talks about going to a strip club to eat dinner after one of the shows. Molly says that was normal because they were always open late and had steak. She called her husband and he wanted to know why she was always in a strip club. She explained the reason and then when he went on the road with her once he was disappointed there was no strip club in the city so instead the had to eat McDonald’s.

-Molly talks about trying to find a hotel and the only room left with a honeymoon suite. She had just won the Women’s Title and had to spend the night in a room straight out of the 70s.

-McCool tells a story about being mistaken for strippers by the hotel staff after they left a show. Molly says she wanted to be a hooker for Halloween as a 18 year old kid because she thought a hooker was a punk rocker.

-Candice again as she again talks about getting McDonald’s and heading back to the hotel. She was sharing a room with Victoria and some other girls. While trying to sleep they hear the tub filling with water and then it sounds like someone is surfing. They go and check and it is Victoria splashing around in the tub with a bottle of wine.

-Candice once more as she talks about taking ambien for the first time. It didn’t put her to sleep and instead made her hyper. She was drinking wine and then spilled some on Taker. She never apologized and when she did wake up she was scared to death. He apparently had no ill feelings because he knew she wasn’t in her right mind.

-Some final small talk as they say their goodbyes and that wraps this episode.

-Not one of my favorites and one I would probably never go out of my way to watch again. Candice kind of took the lead on this one and good for these girls to be able to talk about the old days, but it just didn’t hold my interest. I found it to be the weakest of the 3 episodes involving the ladies which is kind of a shame because this era is generally glossed over since it came after Lita/Trish’s rise and the NXT ladies.

-Next time we get a reunion that reeks of awesomeness.TAb