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411’s WWE Table for 3 Report: Future Empowered (Trish, Lita, Bliss)

July 10, 2018 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
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411’s WWE Table for 3 Report: Future Empowered

-I was just thinking that it has been a bit since I reviewed anything from the Network and I debated going back to pick up where I left off with SummerSlam (last one I did was 94) or doing some of the documentaries.  Before I could make a decision, a new episode of Table for 3 dropped tonight so I can knock this one out as I continue to figure out what I want to get into next.

-Also of note is that Extreme Rules is in Pittsburgh on Sunday and I may be making the drive north to catch the show.  This will be my 5th PPV in Pittsburgh and 8th overall counting the 3 Manias.  For whatever reason, the WWE enjoys giving Pittsburgh Iron Man matches as this one with Dolph and Rollins will be the 4th one in The Burgh (Benoit/HHH, Cena/Orton, and Sasha/Charlotte).

-Back to the matter at hand as this new episode of Table for 3 features: Trish Stratus, Lita, and Alexa Bliss.  The small talk starts and focuses on hair ties and scrunchies.

-Lita brings up that the last time they were all in the same room was The Royal Rumble.  Alexa was ringside since she was one of the Women’s Champions, so she was bummed about not being in the match.  She brings up getting cold chills during entrances of Lita and Trish.  When Trish was eliminated she crawled by Alexa and they had a private moment that they wished someone would have picked up on as Trish was focusing her eyes on Alexa’s championship belt.

-Lita mentions she had a private moment with Charles Robinson after she was hit hard by a running forearm in the corner from Sane.  He asked her if she was okay and she said I guess as she was tossed to the floor.  Her reaction was what would expect for someone getting crushed in the throat.

“I had a private moment with Charles Robinson after I had ninety pounds of Japanese Pirate who just came at me, gave me the most devastating blow I’ve had.”

-Alexa brings up that the Women’s Revolution started before the 4 Horsewomen and started with the bra and panties matches and the 15 second matches.  Without all those matches and all the women before then there isn’t the revolution that happened.  Alexa pushed for a women’s battle royal at Mania and then just like The Rumble, couldn’t be in it due to being the champion.

-They show highlights of Lita and Trish in the Rumble and Alexa talks about how cool it was to sit back, watch and be a kid again.  Trish talks about meeting all the girls and all she knew was the character each played so it was great getting to know all of them.

-They go back to talking about clothing and how people assume they have a stylist always there, but instead they usually wear whatever they have left that is clean.

-Trish brings up the match with Lita that was the Main Event of RAW and asks if Alexa knows where the match took place.  Lita does and says she knows it was Charlotte and points out that Charlotte Flair was sitting in the front row (they show footage of the match and highlight Charlotte in the crowd).  If it wasn’t for that, then Lita says she wouldn’t have remembered.  They tie that back into how this match was so important that they didn’t have time to think about what they wanted to wear so they just went with what they had been wearing during the previous 4 day house show run.

-Trish asks Alexa if she has ever had any wardrobe malfunctions and she says that her gear is built to keep that from happening as part of the top is just for show and won’t unfasten.  She does bring up an episode of SmackDown where she sported a Freddy Kruger inspired look (fantastic by the way) and her top strap came untied.  She was taped in so nothing would pop out, but her hair got tangled in the strap and it was stuck there until she got to the back.

-Lita brings up being on tour in India and doing some TV to hype some shows.  Before the interview she went to a bathroom and what she thought would flush, instead set off the bidet.  This caused her to get splashed on her shirt and leave a distinct pattern just as she had to go out on TV.  Man, would have been a great question for her to bring up the Live Sex Celebration where we did get to see more than the WWE wanted.

-Alexa says that work and the WWE is her happy place.  Her stress comes when gets to go home, and Trish says that is the reason why she picked up yoga.  She goes into detail about how yoga is able to get her to turn everything off and gives her mind a chance to rest.

-Lita brings up Larry Steve and we find out that he is the love of Alexa’s live.  Larry Steve is her pig and yes, they do have photos of the little one.  He is now a growing pig and they talk about how people think they can keep them tiny, but they do grow and Larry is up to 35 lbs.  He has steps to get him up and down from the furniture.  He also likes getting baths and he has to be trained as apparently the little guy is deaf.  We find out that Larry is obsessed with food and Alexa calls him the diva of the house.  He does sleep in their bed and we get video of him interacting with a dog in the house.

-When she got Larry, it made her decide to go vegetarian.  They were filming Total Divas and Nia tried to feed Larry bacon (they show the footage).  That horrifies Trish and from that moment Alexa decided she could no longer eat meat. I remember South Park creators feeding a pig bacon during bits on one of the early season DVD releases.  Just wrong!

-Now Trish gets to talk about her kids and how she precuts all her food and does it for her kids as well.  The ladies talk about lipstick for a bit and then talk about Alexa and Trish competing in fitness contests.  Before Trish could get heavy into the competition phase, she got the call to do Muscle and Fitness as a model.

-Alexa talks about doing the bodybuilding contests and her manager told her the WWE was having auditions. So she sent in what she calls a horrible audition tape and Lita bets it gets shown and she is correct.  The video is about what you would expect and Alexa was definitely in bodybuilder mode at this point.  She used the name Baby Swagg as her character and she was amazed she got a call back.  She went to LA and thought she was screwed when she walked in and saw all these 6’0” models.

-Lita goes through her start as she did martial arts training and then went to Mexico to learn things.  She then decided to sit outside ECW shows and that got her a break as Dreamer had her do a 5 minute match and then helped get her on the roster.  We get ECW footage from 1999 as Lita makes her debut as Miss Congeniality.

-Alexa says that she never knew there were independent promotions and thought everyone in the WWE was there just signed by the WWE only.  She loves hearing everyone’s path of getting there and thinks it is great that there are a lot of paths to get to the WWE now.  Lita goes back to Alexa in NXT and how she was the forgotten one behind the 4 Horsewomen, but yet she is where she is now.

-They make small talk to end things as they have a contest to see who can keep their lipstick on while eating and it seems that Trish wins.

-This was an episode and it was fine.  Nothing spectacular, but the videos from Alexa and Trish’s ECW debut were fun.  It was nice seeing the two legends defer to Alexa and give her the lead to get her stories over and that makes sense as Lita and Trish know each other so well, and they wanted to hear all about Bliss.  Not the best episode, but a decent way to spend 23 minutes.