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411’s WWE Table for 3 Report: Impactful Reunion (AJ Styles, Jeff Jarrett, Sting)

December 10, 2019 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE Table For 3

411’s WWE Table for 3: Impactful Reunion Report

-Original Air Date: 12/09/19
-Run Time: 21:21

-Tonight we get back on the Table for 3 train and I am rather excited for this one as we get an entire episode dedicated to TNA. The table this time features Sting, AJ Styles, and Jeff Jarrett. This one should be fantastic as the WWE is working again with TNA to get some footage for this episode.

-Jarrett takes the lead and says who would have thought they would be here talking about their past on WrestleMania weekend. Jarrett tells the story about Warrior and Sting driving to his dad’s house on Thanksgiving Day. They were the Freedom Fighters and Sting talks about how huge Jarrett’s house was. Sting tells a story about how green he and Warrior were so Watts fired them, but found a place for them as Bill Watts liked big guys. So Sting laughs about Jarrett hiring them and then firing them, but being nice about it.

-AJ says the same guy hired him and he has done alright for himself. Jarrett wants to know if AJ knew Sting when he was in WCW, but before AJ wants to get there he has a great story. He brings up that he worked as an extra in WCW and on this night was an ambulance driver that Jeff beat up. Sure enough we have the footage and it is from the nWo 2K days (Black and Silver) and while EMTs are checking on Bret, Jarett and the rest of the nWo beat up the two EMTs and sure enough, AJ is one of them. That is fantastic! Jarrett doesn’t remember that at all and can’t believe he is just hearing this now. Styles talks about growing up in Georgia and he was a WCW guy. He celebrated when Sting beat Hogan for the Title and then had a 5 month run in WCW before it was bought out by the WWE.

-Jarrett asks Sting his thoughts when WCW was shutdown. He says it was surreal as they were second class and then became the talk of the world and saw it all come crumbling down. Jarrett didn’t know what he wanted to do and it hit him that there can’t be a number one without a number two, so he took the chance on starting a company. Sting says it was just in his blood. AJ says he went to Nashville and did what he thought was an Indy show. Jeff’s dad was there and talked to him and he ended up on the shows in Australia. AJ heard a new company was starting, but you always heard that news, so you didn’t really believe in it.

-Jeff says bringing in Sting was a lot of hard work. It was a group effort with The Carters and his dad. AJ didn’t know why Sting was there because he was Sting and just seemed surreal he would be there. AJ gushing like a fan as he said “you’re Sting” is awesome.

-They talk about the X Division and how AJ was the face of it. They joke that the X Division wasn’t really wrestling. AJ says he would be amazed to watch it back now as he agrees it isn’t wrestling. Jarrett says his dad and Vince Russo hated the X Division, but he knew it set them apart from anything else. Everyone was telling him the those guys needed to slow down and Jeff said no as that is why he hired them. They splice in TNA footage of AJ doing crazy things in the X-Division.

-AJ brings up the move to Orlando and being on Fox Sports Night at 4 PM. The Carters then started talking to Spike TV as they still wanted wrestling. They included Sting in the sizzle reel even though he hadn’t been there in nearly a year. Spike was a big deal as the WWE was just there and for AJ it showed they were building something.

-They talk about the first big star to come from the WWE and AJ mentions Christian, but Jarrett says he thinks Team 3D came first. AJ agrees, but says Christian was more of a surprise and that made way for Kurt Angle. That was the move that blew AJ away and he knew they were heading in the right direction.

-Jarrett brings up that the most PPV buys in the company (not the highest grossing) was him and Sting in a title vs career match (Bound for Glory 2006). Is that right? I could have sworn it was one of the Angle/Joe shows. Sting says he did not know that. Sting says he forgot his paint that match and they had to borrow paint from a little kid. That was the first time he ever forgot his paint. AJ says he always wanted to paint his face, but now can’t imagine doing that every night. Sting says there is good and bad and talks about all the merchandise and marketing. When he came to the WWE he was told he had the number 1 selling shirt for kids and he knows it was because of the painted face.

-Jarrett wants to know AJ’s favorite memory from the Asylum Years. He talks about a ladder match with Jerry Lynn and Low Ki and how much it hurt. Jarrett brings up the Triple Threat with AJ, Joe, and Daniels (Unbreakable) and it was Jeff’s call to put them on last as he knew nobody could top them. He puts over Joe and how they kept him undefeated until Angle arrived.

-Sting loved working with Abyss and with Jeff. He loved the empty arena match with Angle and Jeff says it is still the highest rated quarter hour they ever did. Sting brings up the Main Event Mafia and how people still bring that up to him. Oh man, this will be the greatest thing in the history of the WWE Network if we can get some Steiner Math. The most fun he had was changing his character and doing a play on The Joker. They show him tormenting Bischoff in his office with a bird flying around. He said it was a risk for him and that in the US people either loved it or hated it. In England everyone loved it. He wishes they had a better budget and more coverage as some of the best stuff he did wasn’t even seen because of the one camera set up they had.

-Jarrett talks about how different they were with the X Division and their women led by Kong and Gail Kim. We get some photos of Kong and Jeff says he always wanted 4 distinct divisions: heavyweight, tag, x-division, and women. He showed a picture of Kong and it got a reaction as she was different than want you saw in the WWE. They talk about the 6 sided ring and Sting says he hated it. It changed the dynamic for him and Jarrett brings up how Hogan hated it too. Sting is old school and the ring is 4 sides and Hogan was of the same mind. Jarrett says the 6 sided ring is what got them in the toy business as companies cared about that. AJ says he grew to love it and it looked like cage fighting. It gave it a real sports feel and he was mad when they decided to go back to a 4 sided ring. Sting wasn’t complaining when it was gone.

-Jarrett jokes he and Sting are on their second plate of food and AJ hasn’t done anything. Looking back on the journey and Jeff says it made him a better person. Sting says he is grateful for the run and it was a lot longer than the one off he thought it would be. He loved the Joker character and had more fun than people have any idea. AJ looks back at how he matured and wishes he had the knowledge now that he didn’t have back then. He is amazed at the talent he got to work with and will never take credit for what he was able to do and learn. He got to learn and experience it with all of them.

-They wrap up with AJ telling them both he loves them and loves sitting and talking with them. Sting says they should get mushy and have a group hug.

-This was great and was everything I wanted it to be. It was fantastic having footage to go along with the stories and hopefully one day we can get matches or even full cards on the Network, but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards right now. Jarrett kind of ran things with this one which I kind of expected and usually it makes for a better show when someone takes the lead. All three got a chance to get some stories in and like all the good episodes of this series, you wish there was more.

-Thanks as always for reading and join me tomorrow for Backstage Coverage with the return of CM Punk.

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