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411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 01.08.22: Naomi Wants to End Sonya Deville, The Usos Give Props to New Day, and More!

January 8, 2022 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Naomi WWE Smackdown Image Credit: WWE

-We start with Brock challenging Roman to a title for title match. Reigns says no and insults Paul which leads to Paul breaking down and saying he loved Roman. Brock tells Heyman to shut up which Roman takes exception to, so he hits Brock with a Superman punch.

-Jackie Redmond is back and welcomes us to the show as she is joined by Matt Camp. Peter Rosenberg joins us as the special guest this week. He wants to know what is going on with Paul Heyman as he makes sure to plug his podcast. Camp is confused by everything other than he knows Paul wants to be where the power is and right now two guys have the power. Rosenberg questions if the working relationship between Roman and Paul is actually finished. He wonders if Paul is setting up Brock Lesnar.

-Camp goes back to Day 1 as it was a rare night as it wasn’t Roman Reigns standing tall with his Title to end a show. He feels Roman was reestablishing himself tonight on SmackDown. Jackie thinks Paul is a pawn between two dudes with a massive ego and Paul is just a tool they use against each other.

-Next we get footage from Happy Talk as Moss dressed as Drew McIntyre is the guest this week. I miss down on his luck, bum Corbin. This leads to a match with The Viking Raiders because Drew is out with injury. Moss/Corbin get the win as Moss gets the pin.

-Kayla Braxton is with Moss and Corbin and they are happy! They brag about taking out Drew at Day One. Moss feels he proved he belonged in his match with Drew and then they made a statement with their attack on Drew. They do have excuses for Moss losing as his mouth was dry and it was muggy because of Drew’s fire pyro. Kayla just rolls her eyes and mentions they are in a casino tonight which is how Corbin got back on top. Corbin is going to win more money and then lets Moss tells some more jokes. “Do you know what you call a good looking lady at The Mohegan Sun? An out of town visitor.”


-Royal Rumble commercial!

-Next they talk Women’s Royal Rumble and of course the big news is Mickie James is part of the match. Camp refers to her as Impact Knockouts Champion, so Impact is getting something from this. Still crazy to think that even the WWE is opening The Forbidden Door on their actual television. We did have Jericho on Austin’s show, but I assume only hardcore fans watched that.

-We get highlights from Charlotte/Naomi with Sonya still messing with Naomi. Charlotte gets the win and I forgot to mention Charlotte will be in The Rumble even though she is the champ as she wants to win and pick her own challenger. I mean, wouldn’t she just pick the RAW Champion to try to win that belt as well?

-Kayla is backstage with Naomi and she refers to Sonya as Cruella again. Naomi feels she put Charlotte on notice tonight, but she can’t move forward until she can end Sonya.

-Matt and Jackie discuss before moving to Sami Zayn. We get highlights of Boogs’ win over Sami. Again, Sami can lose every week and talk his way back to getting heat. Zayn then gets dumped over the top rope by Johnny Knoxville after the match. Knoxville will be in The Royal Rumble match. That’s fine and I am sure he has no issue taking a bump. I mean dude got blistered with riot pellets and didn’t fall off his feet. Go find the clip on YouTube!


-RK-Bro vs. Alpha Academy and Doudrop vs. Belair vs. Liv on RAW this week. That show is going to get crushed by the College Football Championship.

-Back with highlights of The Usos beating New Day in a street fight to settle this feud for the time being. I am cool with The Usos using and renaming 3D and it’s cool to see The Dudley Boyz being okay with it as well.

-Kayla is backstage with The Usos and they are hurting. They ask Kayla how she is able to get in the men’s locker area anyway. They give a shout-out to New Day for being great, but while it is a new year, The Bloodline is still running WWE. They let Kayla throw up the single digit and give her a fist bump. The Usos were always great on OG Talking Smack and we got some flashes of that here.

-Rosenberg rejoins the show to talk New Day/Usos rivalry and Camp thinks it is the greatest Tag Team rivalry in WWE history.

-Jackie throws to video of Roman Reigns’ office as Seth Rollins shows up and laughs. WWE of FOX made it seem like it was official, but Camp points out here that nothing is official as far as Reigns/Rollins at Mania. Rosenberg brings up he interviewed Roman and he told him he had no interest in doing anything with Rollins as he had closed that book. Jackie talks about their history and wonders if Seth has the best shot at beating Roman. Camp thinks he might as Seth as it is unexpected, and Seth is a former WWE and Universal Champion. Rosenberg agrees Seth presents a challenge, but he names Lashley, Big E and Brock as bigger threats to Roman.

-We get some banter as Rosenberg wants to be in The Rumble and puts over that he is a former 24/7 Champion. Jackie wraps things up for this week.

-The Usos were fun as this was more of the same from this show. Thanks for reading!

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