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411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 01.09.21 – Apollo Crews Demands a IC Title Rematch, Roode and Ziggler Celebrate Tag Title Win, and More!

January 9, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE Talking Smack 1-09-2021

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 01.09.21

-An eventful SmackDown is past us as we have New Tag Team Champions and Adam Pearce is getting a Title match against Roman Reigns at The Royal Rumble. We will see how that last one plays out in the next few weeks, but no matter what happens, Roman is still killing it. I also loved seeing Nakamura getting the run he did tonight and perhaps we get a Reigns/Nakamura match somewhere soon. Let’s get to it!

-Kayla Braxton welcomes us to the show and she is joined by her co-host, Paul Heyman. She immediately brings up the ending of SmackDown and breaks some news as Nakamura will be facing Jey Uso on SmackDown next Friday.

-Kayla asks Paul if he had any time to reflect on what happened last week between them on Talking Smack. Paul tells Kayla that he forgives her and accepts her apology. Fantastic! He understands the pressure she has to be under having to work next to him. Amazing! He calls her out for being unprofessional with Jey Uso last week and won’t ask her to make a public apology. He advocates for Kayla and on her behalf and the behalf of everyone with Talking Smack, he apologizes to Jey Uso. Heyman drops in a Kanye West and Jeffree Star reference as he calls what Kayla did last week nothing more than gossip. Kayla is fuming and says she isn’t doing this and Paul asks if someone can get Renee Young on the phone. Heyman is rather annoyed now as he screams for Kayla to “take the damn tone out of your voice with me.” Man, we are getting shades of Heyman circa Missy Hyatt feud in WCW here.

-Sonya Deville is out and jokes that she has showed up just in time to stop a brawl it seems. Kayla compliments her on her 3 piece suit and Sonya admits she does look good. Sonya says 2021 is going to be her year. Kayla brings up that Sonya seems to be stepping into a new role. Sonya wants to make SmackDown a good place to work and she wants to see the women get opportunities. Kayla calls Sonya a little bossy and quickly changes it to leader before getting to Sonya being a fighter. Heyman gives Kayla credit for the smooth transition from basically insulting Sonya to complimenting her. Sonya is rather annoyed by the bossy term and she tells Paul that her and Kayla don’t get along well either. Paul and Sonya bond over being from the Northeast and Kayla is just getting crushed this week. Kayla and Sonya clash on fashion tips and Heyman is just smirking the entire time. Kayla basically rushes Sonya off the show as she calls Kayla rude. She tells Kayla she is now in a position of power and we see her soon.

-The New SmackDown Tag Team Champions Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode are out next. Kayla congratulates them and Dolph mentions the Profits were booked for this show so apparently they ruined their celebration. Kayla claims it was Paul and Dolph asks him if he has the pencil and if they are back in Philly. Nice! Paul cracks back that if he had the eraser Kayla wouldn’t be here. Paul and Kayla get into it a bit again as this is just glorious. Kayla asks if the attack last week takes away any satisfaction on winning the titles last night. That is a pretty dumb question to ask and Heyman jumps all over it as he says perhaps they should just relinquish the Tag Titles. He says that last week he said the attack was unnecessary but was successful. Heyman then patronizes Kayla by telling her nail polish matches that of the Blue Brand. Dolph and Roode are enjoying the banter between the two of them. Dolph takes over hosting duties and asks Roode how it feels to be a champion again. Roode says it feels great to be the A Team and mentions the Profits were handed these tag titles. Dolph calls Heyman and sweetheart and says they are both great. The new Tag Champs take their leave.

-Our final guest is Apollo Crews and Kayla brings up that SmackDown did not go the way he wanted as he didn’t win the IC Title from Big E. Kayla knows he is disappointed but the world saw a different side of Apollo tonight. Apollo feels he had it won and he is disappointed in himself as he knows he had that match won. He let himself and his family down. He puts over Big E for beating him fair and square. He wants the IC Title and that is the reason why he is here. Their friendship goes to the side when they get in the ring. Apollo demands a rematch next week as he doesn’t worry about friendships. He wants to win Championships. Paul time as he asks Apollo to hear him out and if he wants to deck him when he is done that is fine. He tells Apollo that he is screwed up and the person he screwed the hardest was himself. He went into the ring and he pinned The Champion and didn’t leave with the Title. The match should have ended and he should have been a co-champion or he should have been given the chance to train and get the first crack at the IC Title. Heyman says that emotions cost Apollo as he agreed to the restart the match. He then continues about how what Apollo did was let Big E walk into his house, eat his food, make love to his wife and raise his kids. WOW! He asks Apollo if Big E would let him do that. Someone has to be a winner and a loser and tonight Apollo’s children know their father was a loser tonight. He knows Apollo is not a loser and he let what happened tonight because he is a nice guy. He needs to be here to win money and titles and not make friends. Heyman says that Apollo is a wannabe challenger and in a few weeks needs to come back here with the IC Title like a man. End Show!

-Again, if you aren’t watching this show you are missing out on greatness. Heyman’s pep talks are becoming legendary and this show was just great from start to finish. Heyman going at Kayla was similar to what KO used to do to Renee Young. All the guests were great feeding off that energy and once again we closed with a fantastic segment that again showed why Paul Heyman is well, Paul Heyman. Thanks for reading!

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