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411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 01.16.21 – Apollo Crews and Big E Talk IC Title Rematch and Kevin Owens and Paul Heyman Trade Words of Warning

January 16, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE Talking Smack

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 01.16.21

-Kevin Owens is on the show this week, so let’s get to it!

-Kayla Braxton welcomes us to the show and she is joined by her co-host, Paul Heyman. Kayla covers that Jey Uso declared his entry into The Royal Rumble and Paul has no comment. Kayla asks if the plan has always been for Jey to win The Rumble and challenge for the WWE Title. Paul tells Kayla she is just a happy person to be around and Kayla doesn’t know how to take that. She switches topics and covers the ending of SmackDown with KO returning and taking Pearce’s spot at The Rumble. Heyman says that anything he has to say, he will say on this show and straight to the face of Kevin Owens. Awesome! Can’t wait!

-Our first guests are Apollo Crews and Big E and E likes to point out they are playing his music as they enter. It seems they will be facing off next week for the IC Title. Kayla congratulates Apollo on his victory tonight over Sami Zayn. She says that interactions between E and Apollo tonight made her uncomfortable. E says it is all competition and he has seen Apollo for years. He has never seen anyone with his strength, athleticism, and build. With that said he has not worked for the last 8 years to get to this point and have someone slide in like it is all fun and games. He is here to win Titles and money and he tells Apollo this is not his time. He is deserving of the opportunity, but 2021 is his year. Apollo brings up how close he came to winning last week and E tells him they aren’t playing horseshoes. Apollo will shake his hand after the match, but he is taking that IC Title. “You are an incredible talent, but you aren’t me.” -Big E. They shake hands which makes Kayla happy and disgusts Heyman as he wants to see them throw hands. Heyman says his problem is all that respect and admiration means nothing when they get in the ring. He then brings up all the New Day merchandise money and did E let Apollo in on any of it? He says they both have to learn good sportsmanship is for losers and hatred is a far better emotion in the ring than love and respect. Big E isn’t buying it, but Apollo feels he has a point and walks off the set. Intriguing!

-Kayla brings up that Paul has given both men a pep talk, but before she can continue Heyman has a producer remove E’s microphone. He then wants to know why the show is called Talking Smack and they don’t encourage people to Talk Smack.

-Nattie and Tamina are out next and Kayla congratulates Nattie on her win over Liv Morgan. It felt great for Nattie as she has been torn trying to be the nice girl backstage while she knows there is a killer inside. She felt like breaking Morgan’s ankle tonight. Kayla puts both of them over for being leaders in the division as they have been in the company for over 10 years. Nattie puts over the bloodlines each has come from and Tamina isn’t even sure why the question was asked. Kayla mentions Tamina has never held a singles title in the WWE and Nattie feels that Tamina has been held down. That is going to change as Tamina is destined for greatness. She is proud to have a 6’1” Samoan Princess who can kick ass watching her back. Kayla wants to know if fighting for the Rumble win will get between them. Nattie says that Kayla seems unfocused and what she is missing is that her and Tamina represent greatness. Nattie is the BOAT and she would never have anyone in her corner that isn’t great. Heyman calls Tamina “The Yacht” and Nattie and Tamina love it.

-Our final guest is Kevin Owens and here we go! Owens gives the floor to Paul as he takes a deep breath. He tells KO that he outsmarted them and he has to hand it to him. Not many people have been able to pull one over on him. It was in plain sight and they didn’t see it coming. He calls it brilliant in it’s simplicity and he is envious of it as he wishes he had come up with something like that. Now come the consequences. He is Roman’s council and he can’t control his rage right now. There is no civility as Roman is going to explode. Heyman shoots from the hip as he mentions when he was executive of RAW he pulled Kevin out of a lot of bad situations. In another time KO would be a first round pick as a Paul Heyman guy. This time though KO is going to get beat FUGLY by Reigns and will be leaving in an ambulance. Roman is a Samoan not many generations removed from a savage. When KO wakes up in the hospital he will think: “I know I am not in Heaven because God doesn’t love me….You will think this is hell because you are going to hell, Kevin.” He will then think Hell looks a lot like Florida. Heyman is trying to find the words because they need KO and his star power on SmackDown, but he made the mistake of standing up to Roman Reigns. He is a hero, but it comes with a price. The price will be paid at The Royal Rumble as Roman will make sure Kevin can’t stand up anymore. KO just laughs and says “card subject to change” pissed him off as a kid as his first shows as a fan had Razor vs JJ and instead he got Goldust vs Henry Godwin. Nice! He says it was still a great match, but it wasn’t Razor vs Jarrett. Now 20 years later “card subject to change” has worked out in his favor. He paid attention to most of what Paul said and he is in hell when he has to listen to Paul’s bullshit on this show. He saved Paul on RAW because when the show wasn’t going well he ran to KO to save things. Paul admits that KO never let him down. Owens says he has been a Paul Heyman guy since 1998 when he discovered ECW. He admits Paul has helped him more than he has ever known. Owens brings up that he wanted to fight Brock the last 4 years and Paul would blow him off and say he would talk to Brock about it. At The Rumble it is last man standing and KO wants to take Paul to the platform where he was thrown off, but the cameras are on tripods. That sucks! KO says that he is done with the nights off and he doesn’t want to be a hero. He just wants to be The Universal Champion, so he wants Paul to call Roman. He then changes his mind as he will deliver the message to Roman himself next Friday on SmackDown. Paul just shakes his head as KO says they are done. He laughs one more time and gives Paul a slap on the back.

-Can KO just be a guest every week on this show? That last segment was as wonderful as you would expect and if this show was even referenced in the slightest on SmackDown it would only add to this feud. Charly smartly sat back and let these two handle things and it was magnificent. The rest of the show was solid as well and I like that Heyman’s pep talks to E and Apollo over the last few weeks have had a purpose and have lead to what looks like an Apollo heel turn. If you aren’t watching this show, you need to as it is just adding layers on to what we see every Friday on SmackDown. Thanks for reading!

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