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411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: Natalya Angered About Being Off WrestleMania, Seth Rollins Talks His WrestleMania Record, More

April 3, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE Talking Smack

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 04.03.21

-Man, Peacock is killing my routine as Talking Smack still hasn’t been uploaded. I was fortunate that this show is still part of the free tier of the WWE Network though it didn’t premier until about 15 minutes ago. So for the last time from the WWE Network, let’s get to it!

-Kayla Braxton welcomes us to the show as we are just one week away from WrestleMania. She introduces her co-host, Paul Heyman and he questions what kind of greeting she just gave him. Kayla is already needling Heyman and just talks over Heyman as he tries to speak about Roman Reigns. “You’re a morning person, aren’t you? Have you considered decaf?” Kayla says applications are out for a new co-host after WrestleMania. Heyman asks her where she is going. “Are you going to ESPN? I hear they hire anyone now a days.” Ouch! Kayla just smirks and tosses to video of SmackDown closing with Daniel Bryan with a win over Jey and then standing tall over Reigns and Edge after beating each of them down. Heyman says Daniel is just a guy. He is not the Tribal Chief or the End All Be All. She mentions Daniel tapped out Reigns and Heyman asks when. He asks if Daniel is the Universal Champion and if not then he never tapped out Reigns. Heyman goes into his spoiler spiel and Kayla says spoiler the same time and throws out jinx on Heyman saying she owes him a coke. Heyman has her clarify and she says Coca-Cola. Heyman: “I thought you were throwing out a Freebirds from the 80s reference.” Nice!

-Commercial for Bad Bunny vs Miz at WrestleMania (Night 1).

-Trailer for Sami Zayn’s documentary. This was great. Fear of Zebras, Flat Earthers. Just all awesome! Justice for Sami: Coming soon!

-Sami is out as out first guest and he admits it has been a rough night. He didn’t sleep last night, but he is glad he could be here. It has been a stranger few hours and he wants to talk to Paul Heyman. He brings up that he thanked Paul a few weeks ago for admitting he was conspiring against him when he was in charge of RAW. He isn’t mad that Paul called him a prick and then does a wonderful Heyman impression of Heyman saying Owens was behind it all. Sami dismissed what Paul said, but now he has a hard time not thinking KO was part of this. KO has betrayed him more times than he can count, but this was the worst and most personal. He brought Logan Paul here and KO went behind his back to tell Logan that Sami was a crackpot. He is only here today because he got an ounce of revenge last night when he attacked KO. He apologizes to Paul for dismissing what he said about Owens. He then wants to hear from Kayla when the documentary comes out as he has a feeling that she is one of his biggest detractors. Kayla tells Sami she is being told it is time to wrap him up which only feeds into Sami’s conspiracy theories. Heyman even mentions that Kayla is on it and he again says Sami is a prick as he takes his leave.

-Commercial for Orton/Fiend at WrestleMania. I’m still holding out hope for a Firefly Fun House Match.

-Natalya and Tamina are out next to hype whatever match they have coming up for the Women’s Tag Titles. Nattie says they aren’t afraid of any of the other teams. She mentions Nia isn’t family with Tamia because she would stab her in the back any chance she gets. Nattie rages that WrestleMania is missing the women of the WWE and WrestleMania should be about the women. Nattie says they are the directive and she is tired of being a good girl and a doormat. She asks if she needs to knock on Vince’s door and ask what she has to do. She then curses to hammer home her anger and this would be great if it was coming from anyone other than Nattie as she has had many chances and runs in the division. Though I guess her bigger point her is that she is being left off WrestleMania again. Heyman loves her but wants her to stop bitching and complaining. He admits she deserves to be on WrestleMania, but she needs to do something about it. He mentions her father and grandfather and refers to Tamina’s father. “If they left you off WrestleMania wrongfully, then get your asses on WrestleMania.” Tamina stares down Paul and tells him “okay.” Paul smiles as they take their leave. I liked Royce’s angry promo on RAW Talk a week ago better as again, at least you can say she hasn’t really had any kind of run since becoming a single.

-Sasha/Bianca WrestleMania commercial!

-Seth Rollins is out as our final guest this week and he refers to himself as The Drip King. He is wearing the same suit from “last night” as he felt he would wash it and wear it again since it got such a great response. Rollins sends his best to Heyman to pass on to Roman Reigns. Kayla mentions the words swing and escape which angers Rollins a bit. He asks if Kayla is aware what he means to SmackDown (Heyman: “I do”), and tells her that he pays her salary. She has a job because of him and he isn’t going to get carried away like the other guests as he is above that. Kayla mentions Cesaro has never had a singles match at Mania and WrestleMania is old hat for Rollins. He knows he has to take Cesaro seriously at WrestleMania and he has never underestimated an opponent. Kayla brings up a valid point about Rollins having a strong record at Mania and Heyman says he can attest to that. Rollins doesn’t want to step on toes, but mentions slaying The Beast and the Heist of The Century. Heyman wants Heyman to step on some toes because he has a great vision. Kayla angers Rollins when she brings up Cesaro embarrassing him with The Swing. Rollins nearly walks off, but composes himself and says Cesaro is on the level he is because he is not as good as him. Roman Reigns is on his level and Paul Heyman is someone that can understand greatness. Rollins is greatness while Cesaro has been a wealth of potential. “Potential is crap unless you deliver.” Next Saturday he is going to over deliver again and all the talk about what Cesaro can be is going to go out the window. Cesaro will be another stepping stone in the Hall of Fame career of Seth Rollins. He apologizes to Paul and Heyman apologizes back as Rollins takes his leave.

-This was fine as it just set the table for WrestleMania. Everyone just seemed angry with this one which was a nice balance to Kayla who just kept egging them on. Heyman did what he does best and played off the guests to accentuate what they were trying to convey. Again, another fine show for this series. Thanks for reading!

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