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411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 04.10.21: A War of Words Between Paul Heyman and Edge!

April 10, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE Talking Smack

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 04.10.21

-WrestleMania is upon us and no matter what people think of the matches, or the build it’s still special because it is WRESTLEMANIA. As I have stated before I’ve been a wrestling fan all my life and I can still remember watching WrestleMania III in my grandma’s house when I was 6 years old. I was so afraid of what Andre would do to my hero, Hulk Hogan, I hid in the kitchen and didn’t watch the match. It wasn’t until my step-dad came in to tell be Hogan had won that I ran back into the living room to catch the replay of the Body Slam Heard Round The World and the leg drop leading to the 3 count. WrestleMania has always been special no matter if watched at home, watched at a friend’s, or had to watch through scrambled vision on PPV, or attended live (XXV, XXVI, XXVII). I hope everyone enjoys this weekend and everyone in attendance is safe and responsible. Now we get the actual final go home show before the show as Talking Smack get’s the honors of adding any last minute build. Let’s get to it!

-Kayla Braxton welcomes us to the show and she is joined by Paul Heyman. Kayla wants Heyman’s thoughts on Jey Uso winning The Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Heyman is very proud and calls Jey a giant of talent and he proved it last night by winning the most prestigious annual battle royal.

-Kayla wants to know where Roman’s head is at heading into the match tomorrow. Heyman says he is ready for Edge and wants to bring him out, but Kayla tells him as the co-host he doesn’t get to bring the guests out. Instead they throw to a commercial for Miz/Morrison vs. Priest/Bad Bunny.

-Paul apologizes as he says it is WrestleMania and he gets carried away at times. He tries it again and and again, Kayla says no and wants them to cut Paul’s mic until it is time to bring out Edge.

-Kayla wants to talk about the Tag Team Turmoil match and Heyman just wants to know if any of the women are talking about whether Bryan can make Roman tap-out. Kayla keeps trying to hype the Women’s Tag Division and talks over Heyman. He tries again to bring Edge out again and still no dice. Kayla makes a deal with Heyman that she will bring out Edge if he will talk another match first. Heyman shakes her hand.

-With that deal in place they bring up the Cesaro/Rollins match. Heyman goes into his Roman spiel and Kayla is not impressed. She reminds Heyman they shook on it and Heyman offers a hand again and then uses his pocket square to wipe his hand off. Kayla just wants to know who Heyman thinks is going to win between Cesaro and Rollins and Heyman answers, “sure, the winner of the match.” He then proclaims the winner may get a shot at The Universal Champion, Roman Reigns. Kayla reminds Heyman she is control of when guests come on the show and Heyman should be nice. “Am I being a bad boy? Are you going to spank me for being a bad boy?” Kayla says she is going to move things along and promises Edge will be here later.

-WrestleMania commercial for WWE Title Match: Lashley vs. McIntyre!

-WrestleMania commercial for SmackDown Women’s Title Match: Sasha vs. Bianca!

-Kayla finally gives Paul what he wants and brings Edge out as our first guest. Paul turns his attention to Edge and they have a bit of a stare down. Heyman offers his hand and congratulates Edge as this is his dream. The Main Event of WrestleMania! He brings up that Edge had this dream in 2020, but it was ended by Roman Reigns when he tossed him from The Royal Rumble. This year though he started the Rumble at 1 and outlasted 29 men to earn the Main Event spot at WrestleMania. He offers his respect and admiration to a degree that no words can explain. He has enormous appreciation for what Heyman has been able to accomplish. Edge calls Heyman out for all the crap he has talked about him over the last month. He understands it and knows Heyman has to feed his girls and Roman is his meal ticket. He mentions Roman is Head of The Table and everyone knows what he does to tables. He heard Paul talk about Christian and he doesn’t know what that is about because Paul is Jewish and he is Agnostic. He brings up that Paul said Edge would shit his pants in fear at the idea of facing Roman Reigns. Edge says they have a lot in common as neither had a clear path into this business. He brings up that Paul found a way into MSG to pick the brains of the legendary managers at the time and take pictures of the matches. Edge waited at the back door of The Maple Leaf Gardens just to get a look at Demolition and to get a way into the building. He knows Paul understands what he is saying and Paul of all people knows what Edge is all about. He was one of the first ones to give Edge a real chance. He brings up The SmackDown Six and it happened because Paul believed in him. He could wrestle Eddie Guerrero and team with Rey because Paul had faith in him. Knowing all these things he asks if Paul really thinks he would be afraid. Reigns talked about holding things down for 30 weeks. He has held things down for 30 years and had 9 of those years taken away from him. He will never agree with Paul and deep down Paul knows that as well. Fantastic!

-WrestleMania on Peacock commercial!

-Back with The Paul and Edge show. Heyman brings up that Edge’s theme has a line that goes “you think you know me?” He does know Edge and he knows nothing will stop him. That scares him and he is the one shitting his pants in fear for Edge. He talks about the tale of the carrot and the stick that his father told him. 10 years to the day of his retirement Edge gets to be in the Main Event of WrestleMania to regain a Title. He mentions that he sent Edge a text that night 10 years ago that read “great promo kid. First day of your miraculous comeback to live out your dreams.” Two days later Edge sent a message back that said his dream was to Main Event WrestleMania and he would live out his dream. Heyman knew nothing could stop Edge and he would live out his dream. Tomorrow night he lives out his dream and the best part is everyone gets to share that moment with him. In front of a live crowd he will stand in the ring in the Main Event of WrestleMania. After he is introduced, the bell will ring and Edge will have achieved his dream. Now, that is also when reality will bitch slap his across the face as across the ring is the stick: Roman Reigns. Roman is the reality he will witness when he wakes up from his dream. He knows as long as Edge is breathing nothing will stop him from winning The Universal Title. He also knows Roman Reigns and what it means to him to be Tribal Chief and he will take that last breath out of Edge if he has to. “He will beat you fugly tomorrow night. Do you understand what he is capable of?” Heyman’s voice starts to break as he talks about how Edge will not be able to feel the hugs from his children because of the beating he will received. He admires Edge and wants his children to aspire to be like him. The dream is not worth beating and Heyman hugs Edge as he apologizes to Edge for what Roman is going to do to him tomorrow night. “I’m sorry it has to end this way for you. I wish I could stop it, but I can’t.”

-Edge smiles and pats Heyman on is head. “Paul I once crawled over to make the cover in a match while my arm was gray and smoking and bubbling from second degrees burns. With barbed wire punctures in my stomach and thumbtacks lodged into every part of my body after diving face first into a flaming table just to mark my territory and show I belong in the Main Event of WrestleMania. I did all of that just to show I deserved to be in the Main Event of WrestleMania. So what do you think I will do, what depths do you think I will find when I am in the Main Event of WrestleMania? So thank you for the warning Paul. I appreciate it, but you know what I am capable of because I see it in your eyes and can smell it coming off your pores. I am not normal Paul and you know that. I will see tomorrow, I will your Tribal Chief and I will see Daniel Bryan and I will take back what’s mine.”

-Amazingly awesome and the perfect way to send us home. There was no need for any other guests as this was all about putting the finishing touches on the biggest match of the show and Edge and Heyman delivered here. Just masterful work from both men! Thanks for reading!

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