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411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 09.05.20 – Jey on Facing Roman Reigns, Cesaro On Not Getting World Title Shots, and More!

September 5, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Jey Uso Smackdown WWE Talking Smack

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 09.05.20

-It’s time for Episode 3 of the rebooted WWE Talking Smack and this week, Xavier Woods finally joins the show as the co-host. Coming off what happened to Big E at SmackDown this should be interesting. Let’s get to it!

-Kayla Braxton welcomes us to the show and as mentioned, she is finally joined by her co-host, Xavier Woods. Kayla gives Woods a great introduction and he tells us he is sometimes known as Austin Creed. He felt bad for Kayla with the way Miz bullied her the last few weeks.

-They jump to medical updates: Big E suffered lacerations and is undergoing tests at a local medical facility. Sasha Banks is also being evaluated at a local medical facility. Woods talks about not seeing E for months and calls what Sheamus did disgusting. They talk about E’s singles run, and Woods knows he will have a great run on top with many championships.

-Kayla brings up a great question as she asks how New Day have always stayed boys and didn’t have the issues that Sasha and Bayley had. Woods talks about the way they all just bought in to being a group and not letting egos get in the way. He was floored it was Bayley who split the team as he expected it to be Sasha, because it’s always Sasha. He then goes on to say they will probably be a tag team again within 6 months. They are great at what they do and have emotions keep them in the moment and will realize they are great together some point down the line.

-Our first guests are The SmackDown Tag Champions, Cesaro and Nakamura. They low key shove the fact they are Champs in Woods’ face. Cesaro then plugs left, right, left, right as Kayla questions if they are even allowed to say that on the show. Woods puts the brakes on that and tells them to relax with that talk. Cesaro gives everyone a Champions Salute! It hurts Woods that they beat New Day for the Tag Titles, but it’s all about respect. Woods asks Cesaro why he feels he has never had a chance at the Universal or WWE Title and Cesaro asks how much time they have. Nakamura jokes that he is too nice. Cesaro says that answer is out of his hands and he just does what he is asked to do and does it the best he can. He hopes hard work will pay off someday and if not then he will have to make changes. Cesaro brings up that it is the same thing with Big E. Cesaro talks about his past gimmicks: being told to yodel, be a rugby player, a real American and things such as changing his gear, etc. He takes all of that as a challenge. He talks about being told not to use a move so he will find three other ones to use. Cesaro then breaks out a dad joke about self-deprecating humor. Cesaro then fires off another one about entanglements and Kayla’s hair. She shoots back as she asks about Cesaro’s hair. Cesaro is great!

-Nakamura mentions he respects all the wrestlers and puts over all their abilities. Kayla asks Shin about his favorite thing about Cesaro. He calls Cesaro sensitive and how he loves that he cares about the small details. He learns from Cesaro a lot and their traveling around the world for years helps both of them. Cesaro works in a Hamilton reference and metions Lin-Manuel Miranda was at NXT Cardiff when he was there. I have yet to see Hamilton, but I will always know Miranda from House! Cesaro puts over Shin for winning The Rumble and having a great match with AJ at Mania. Kayla has to cut him off as they are running a bit long and have more guests. Cesaro thanks Kayla for getting the show on track and mentions he isn’t on shows like this often because he likes to talk. They basically have to drag Cesaro off the set as he won’t quit talking. Fantastic! He just keeps talking even as he leaves.

-Alexa Bliss is our next guest and Woods loves the new look. She has brought back the pig tails and added a little something to it. Kayla was happy to see her and Nikki makeup on SmackDown. Alexa says she will give Nikki a new mug since she destroyed the last one. Woods brings up the elephant in the room: The Fiend. Alexa calls The Fiend interesting. Woods brings up that he was in the same state years ago (yes, continuity from the New Day/Wyatt Family feud). Alexa just stares off and then snaps back and thanks them for having her and walks off the set.

-Woods says that as he mentioned he was in that state years ago and only Kofi and Big E were able to pull him out of the hole. She is going to need Nikki to help save her.

-Our final guest is Jey Uso who is spraying silly string in celebration of his win tonight. Woods is worried about it getting in his hair. Moment of silence for Sweet Beets since Bryan is no longer part of Talking Smack! Jey wants the show to be called The Big Dog vs The Underdog as he knows he isn’t being given much of a chance. Woods brings up that Jey is the twin with the temper and that is one of the ways he can tell them apart. He still has the scars from the wars they had together. Jey and Jimmy would fight as kids and Jey admits Jimmy stabbed him with a work once. It seems Reigns was the one that would break up the fights. Woods wants to know what it feels like for Jey to know he is facing his cousin for a Universal Title. Jey talks about being on the sideline and now he has this spot. He was genuinely happy to see Roman tonight. Kayla asks about Heyman and Jey loves him. Heyman goes way back with his family to the SST days. Nice! He has been running around him since he was a kid. Jey isn’t stupid though and will keep his eye on Paul because he knows he can’t trust him. He just knows that if he has a barbecue in the next 3 weeks he might not give Roman a plate. That’s cold! Jey marks out and gets flustered thinking about what it would mean to be a World Champion. He never thought about that as it has only ever been about a tag team and wanting to beat New Day’s record. It will be different standing across from Reigns without his brother being by his side. He jokes that Roman is about to whip his ass in the front yard once again. Woods wants him to do it for the Tag Teams.

-A birthday cake is brought out for Woods and they joke they can’t sing the song due to copyright laws. Woods blows out his candles as the show closes.

-Fun show as Cesaro was great and as expected so was Jey. He and Jimmy were always a highlight of the old Talking Smack so he brings a ton of energy to a show like this. Even the Alexa stuff was good as it continued that story and I love that Woods is bringing out past issues to tie into current storylines. Miz was wonderful as the co-host but Woods is going to crush it as well. Thanks for reading and tomorrow I will be back with a recap of the Austin interview with Jerry Lawler.

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