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411’s WWE Talking Smack Report 09.11.21: Big E Talks Brock Lesnar, Bianca Talks Becky Lynch and More!

September 11, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Big E. WWE Money in the Bank

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 09.11.21

-Never Forget graphic with lights shining in place of WTC Towers to open!

-Matt Camp welcomes us to WWE HQ and he is joined by Sam Roberts. They discuss 9/11 and the tragic events 20 years ago. SmackDown was in MSG and Roberts talks about the spirit of those in NY and what MSG means to WWE.

-Headlines: Brock Lesnar returned to a massive reaction and he immediately puts Paul Heyman in the middle. He then throws out a challenge to Paul to face Roman for the Universal Title and then preps Paul for F5. Roman saves with Superman Punch and then the Usos end up going to Suplex City. Great opening segment with a hot crowd! Camp questions who Heyman is aligned with and even quotes Bobby Heenan with “Whose side is he on?” Nice! Props to Camp for that and that made the show for me.

-More Headlines: The Demon returns as we all expected and it will be Roman vs The Demon at Extreme Rules. 10 Man Tag to get as many people on the show as possible and it included Atlanta Hawk, Trey Young who bounced The Knicks from the playoffs. That was a nice touch! Big E gets the win over Sami for his team. They discuss the options Big E has with his MITB briefcase.

-Back to MSG where Kayla Braxton is which Big E, who is doing curls with the MITB briefcase. He talks about holding the briefcase against your body. He talks about Trey Young and calls him a gifted basketball player, but he wasn’t very popular here. Big E is just letting Paul know he has what he needs to take the title away from his man. He just likes to be there haunting people. His life is to be places, people don’t want him. He teases Brock about his hair and says he is at a level of wealth where he can do things like that. He congratulates Brock on that and calls him a massive man, but it won’t deter him from his plans. Big E is great!

-Camp and Roberts discuss!

-Commercials! NXT 2.0 This Tuesday!

-Camp and Roberts discuss the awesome Rollins/Edge match while highlights are show. You knew they were going to crank it up being in MSG. Rollins gets the win and Edge gets stretchered out of MSG. I assume he is out until he gets drafted to RAW in October. They show Edge getting stretchered out and put in am ambulance. Nice touch with Rey Mysterio standing next to Edge on the stretcher as he is wheeled out. Rollins is also there and he doesn’t know how he feels about and he doesn’t know how he is supposed to feel. “Maybe I don’t feel anything at all.” Camp and Roberts discuss that what Rollins did was on brand and it wasn’t anything excessive. I agree, man won a match and at worst landed a low blow, which happens often.

-Kayla back in MSG looking for Bianca and she is interrupted by Carmella who asks for a mirror and then Liv Morgan. I guess this is there makeup for getting their match on SmackDown cut. Liv asks Carmella if she is lacking love in other areas (shots fired at Corey). Carmella says she is confident and loves who she is while Liv is still trying to figure out who she is. “I’m hot and you’re not.” She takes her leave while looking for some champagne. Liv says there is something wrong with Carmella.

-Roberts comments on what we see and talks about how fans have been waiting for Liv to have her break out moment. He calls Carmella a spoiler in the division and doesn’t know if this is the right moment for Liv.

-Commercials! Extreme Rules!

-Back with the contract signing between Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair. Becky is getting the crowd to boo her which is impressive. We don’t get a brawl to end the contract signing and Camp makes the same point. Camp and Roberts discuss Becky/Bianca and Becky’s comment that Bianca is a flash in the pan.

-Back to MSG and Kayla finally has Bianca Belair for an interview. Bianca is determined to win the title back and notes she is a quick learner. Becky fooled her once, but won’t fool her twice. She informs us that Becky showed her ass tonight. Next Friday, SmackDown is in Knoxville, TN (Pitt just beat Tennessee, so WOO!) which is Bianca’s hometown and they are going to show out for her.

-Camp and Roberts discuss Usos/Profits in the Main Event and we see the close as Roman runs in for the DQ finish. He chokes out Ford and then accepts Brock’s challenge as he will smash him right after he smashes Finn Balor. Cue The Demon and the crowd erupts and it’s still an epic entrance! Camp and Roberts wrap things up for this week.

-Big E was fun and I appreciated Camp’s Bobby Heenan shout-out. This show was fine and one of the better ones with this format. Thanks for reading!

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