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411’s WWE Talking Smack Report 09.12.20: Miz Has Breaking News, Nikki Wants to Save Alexa, and Joseph Park Joins The Show!

September 12, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
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411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 09.12.20

-Happy Birthday to my wife! She is sitting next to me and saw all the open documents I have from the various shows I review and she asked “what’s wrong with you?” Jokes on her I guess as she is the one who married me! It’s time for Talking Smack, so let’s get to it!

-Kayla Braxton welcomes us to the show and she is joined by her WWE Talking Smack co-host, Xavier Woods. He immediately plugs new merch from Up, Up, Down, Down. He gives an update on Big E saying he is on the mend and will be back sooner that later.

-They jump to the close of SmackDown with Reigns showing up late to wreck everyone and win the tag match with Jey. I like the end with Jey raising Roman’s hand while also looking at the Universal Title and the look that Reigns gave his cousin.

-Our first guest is here and it’s “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles and oh man, Joseph Park is here as well. Fantastic! AJ compliments Kayla on her look with the glasses and Park uses big words that AJ doesn’t understand. AJ doesn’t understand how Sami can claim to be the IC Champion. He didn’t want to come to work and was stripped of his title. Joseph Park tells us numbers don’t lie and AJ says that he hired Park to bring the analytic view. Park breaks AJ as he mentions his grandfather once fought George Hackenschmidt in a bare knuckle fight. Amazing! What took them so long to get this man on TV? Their analytic preparation didn’t account for Sami to return and that’s why he didn’t beat Jeff for the IC Title. He also blames the ref for not stopping Jeff from using his knee brace (an illegal weapon) in the match. AJ says he should start wearing an elbow brace, knee brace, and helmet in the ring since it’s all legal now. Park accuses Woods of trying to entrap AJ with his line of questioning. AJ will get with his legal team and figure out his next step. As far as he is concerned he only needs to beat Jeff Hardy, which he can do and Sami shouldn’t be involved. Kayla wishes him the best in his quest and tells him to avoid any knee braces. Park gets in a little jab as he leaves and says this is “the biggest show I have ever been on.” Ouch!

-Next is Nikki Cross who is the #1 contender to Bayley’s Women’s Title. She is quite pumped and full of energy as you would expect. This is going to be The Fall, Autumn, Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s of Nikki Cross. She mentions this was her first match in the ThunderDome and starts singing Tina Turner. Nikki was made for this type of show! She puts over the other 3 women in the match and then gets brought down a bit when it gets mentioned that Alexa hit her with a Sister Abigail. Nikki says Alexa is still her best friend and they make her watch the Sister Abigail again. Nikki blames herself for leaving Alexa in the ring when The Fiend came out and poisoned her. She is her best friend and she is going to save her. Again, I like that they are touching on the fact that Nikki feels responsible for what happened to Alexa. I like storylines that intersect and have layers. They move to the upcoming match with Bayley. Nikki is looking forward to a one on one match as she always had to look out for Sasha during their matches over the summer.

-Miz and Morrison are out singing and Nikki says she has said what she’s needed. She tells Miz and Morrison she left some butt sweat on the seat for one of them. Tremendous! The Miz takes a shot at Woods as they already have him back after only 1 week of Woods hosting. This is the show that Miz made. Morrison is great as his hype man while Miz goes over all his credentials. The Miz has some breaking news as Mandy Rose is now on the roster of Monday Night RAW. He is doing Otis a favor as it will keep distractions away from him as he focuses on his MITB shot. Woods points out that Otis out-smarted them twice and that offends Miz and Morrison. Miz says this was USA Network’s decision and that FOX doesn’t want Otis as the face of their TV show. They get into a pissing contest with Woods as they compare resumes. They are trying to motivate Otis and Tucker to elevate their game. Miz mentions nobody thought he should have won MITB and everyone thought he would lose when he cashed in on Orton. Woods talks over them again as they get into a shouting match and everyone talks over everyone as they take their leave. Woods calls for security as they don’t want that ever happening again.

-Wow, we get a 4th guest on WWE Talking Smack and it’s Paul Heyman. Wonderful! Now I realize I missed out on Heyman being on the original Talking Smack with Renee and Bryan. Heyman gets a text and hasn’t said a single word. Woods and Kayla are caught off guard by the silence and you can see where this is going. Heyman is asked if he would advocate for Jey if he wins and more silence from Heyman. He finally breaks his silence talking about his dad being an attorney and their being a non-Jew judge that had big ears. Woods tries to get things back on track and Heyman says the judge story has nothing to do with Reigns vs Uso. He does mention Big E has big ears. He says he likes Kayla and doesn’t know if that will get him in trouble with human resources. Woods asks if Jey has something in his back pocket and Kayla asks if Jey has a chance. Heyman says that is 2 different questions as the music plays. Woods wants the music cut to hear the answer, but Heyman says they are being given the signal to wrap and we are out.

-That was a fun show and a interesting way to close WWE Talking Smack. AJ was great, Park was amazing, Nikki was her normal fun self, and Miz and Morrison were annoying in a good way as always. I was kind of disappointed with Heyman, but I understood what they were going for with him so it worked. Fun show all around and one I enjoyed the most in this reboot. Thanks for reading!

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