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411’s WWE Talking Smack Report 09.19.20: Otis Talks Mandy Being Traded, Jeff Hardy Speaks On Ladder Matches, and More!

September 19, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Otis Mandy Rose WWE WrestleMania

-My apologizes for the delay as it has been a rough one at my home. Our family had to say goodbye to one of cats, “Milo” as he crossed over the rainbow bridge after battling lymphoma. He was a wonderful cat that my wife took in years before I met her. He loved giving snuggles and had the sweetest disposition. You will be missed Milo!

-Kayla Braxton welcomes us to the latest edition of Talking Smack and is joined by her co-host, Xavier Woods. They talk about the awesomeness of The ThunderDome and how it is great to connect with the WWE Universe again.

-Next they discuss Sasha’s return and Woods geeks out over Sasha being in Season 2 of The Mandalorian. They touch on Big E’s return and Woods brings up that people complained E needed to be more intense and he showed that tonight. Woods talks about E needing to release some anger and finding a cathartic release.

-Our first guests are Heavy Machiney: Otis and Tucker. They share a group hug with Woods and Otis calls Kayla his spicy pepper. Mandy is his peach and it seems Xavier is his Plum. He cracks Woods a bit with that one and mentioning he has a juicy middle. They talk about Miz running away in his white undies. Kayla brings up that Miz deserved it after having a lawyer serve papers to Otis. He knows they have a plan, but he is going to make sure the MITB stays with him and one day soon he will be cashing in. Woods asks how Mandy is handling being on RAW. He mentions they are both confused, but their bond is tight. He then shows off his stomach as he is getting in shape with his Coach, Shorty G. He warns Miz and Morrison if they poke the bear they will find out what playing games is all about. Tucker says they love to have a good time, but when it comes down to business bad things happen. Otis mentions he has never been to court and the last issue he had was a seat belt violation when he was fifteen.

-Lacey Evans is next and she immediately calls Kayla a nasty. She brings some merch, hand sanitizer, and is wearing a face shield which makes it hard to hear her. She is given a mic and that helps a bit. She keeps unloading shirts and I am never one to begrudge someone plugging their merchandise. Kayla brings up things haven’t gone Evans way. Lacey says she is tough and isn’t here to discuss the Sister Abigail issue. So Woods moves on and brings up that wins have come hard to find for Lacey. Win or lose she sets the proper example. Her mission is to be a champion and while that hasn’t happened yet she is going to continue to set an example for what a woman should be. She doesn’t insult people and simply points out the obvious. She feels she should have her own show where she can teach women to be a lady. She takes a shot at Kayla for not being able to keep a man and says America needs her. Sue me, I like the character! Woods smartly lays low and allows the women to discuss things. He mentions there is a good bit of tension. Kayla says that she has been in Lacey’s home and Lacey says it was a wreck. Kayla wasn’t up at 6 AM, she couldn’t clean, and she even couldn’t catch shrimp. Kayla tells her she knows how to tell time and her time us up. Lacey calls her a nasty one more time and then takes her time to pack up all her merch. She is off as she has dinner to cook for her husband. So we have Evans vs. Kayla here and Vega vs. Caruso on RAW Talk. Woods wants to train Kayla as he wants to see a fight. I agree!

-Jeff Hardy is our final guest and Woods loves the side plates on his IC Title. He puts over Jeff’s creativity and that’s what he likes about him. Kayla gives him props for laying down the law and putting the IC Title on the line in a Triangle Ladder Match. Kayla breaks news that the match is official and it will be winner take all. I assume it will be like Razor/Shawn with both titles hanging above the ring. Again, I know some people are tired of ladder matches, but this makes sense as there are 2 titles and a dispute and the IC Title has the ladder match history behind it. Hardy brings up the feud with Sheamus and the storyline there. He feels he is right where he is supposed to be in life through a lot of luck and faith. Kayla brings up that AJ claimed Jeff cheated last week and Jeff says that he did have knee surgery and has to wear a knee brace now. Jeff can’t wait for Clash of Champions and loves having even virtual fans being in the arena. He knows the odds are against him in the match, but he has beaten the odds so many times. He just wants to be in that type of match with those two guys and he is about proving himself right and not worrying about proving people wrong. His finals words are “if we can’t break a table, let’s break a ladder.”

-Kayla and Xavier wrap things up and we are out this week.

-Decent show with Lacey being the high point though Jeff’s new outlook on life is great to see. Tucker and Otis were fine, but were just kind of there. Thanks for reading!

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