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411’s WWE Talking Smack Report 1.10.17

January 11, 2017 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 01/10/17

-Back at it again with another edition of Talking Smack. I didn’t get to see SmackDown this week due to work and the fact I am rather sick with the flu, but got to get things done.

-Renee Young is your host and she is joined by Shane McMahon this week. Renee is gushing over finally getting to do this show with Shane.

-They start by talking about the news that broke that WrestleMania 34 will be in New Orleans. Renee says it was her favorite place that has hosted Mania.

-Moving on they jump to the announcement that Taker is going to be in the Royal Rumble. Shane says it just makes the Rumble star studded and that it is filling up quickly. Renee hints that perhaps Shane should jump in, but he says he is good.

-Renee thanks Shane for the fine levied against Maryse From there they announce that next week SD will have Lynch vs Bliss for the SD Woman’s Title inside a steel cage.

-That brings both ladies out on separate sides of the desk. Renee wants to know if Bliss is upset that she has to defend her title or if because it will inside a steel cage. Alexa isn’t upset defending the title because she is a fighting champion. The ladies bicker a bit as Renee tries to get things back under control. Lynch calls Bliss out for copying the look of Harley Quinn and getting her personality from “Mean Girls.”

-Shane stops the bickering and gets them back on topic about the cage match next week. He sells the danger of being inside the cage, and I like the idea they are giving these ladies a chance to step up in a big time match. Becky says she is going to prove she is the best in the company and that nobody in the company has been able to do what she has done. She has overcome obstacle after obstacle, and Bliss interjects that she didn’t overcome her at TLC. “There is no fair in fighting” says Bliss. Becky tells Bliss to keep the title close for the next week as in 7 days it will be hers. Nice stuff there from the ladies.

-Shane says that the cage was Daniel’s idea and he loves it. Renee asks that if the cage is a good place for them considering how tense things are. Shane thinks it is a great place and tension is what makes great feuds.

-Next up discussion of The Wyatt Family and how they are starting to fall apart. American Alpha kept the titles when Orton and Harper had issues. Wyatt had to keep peace after the match, but ended up taking a misplaced boot from Harper. Renee wants to know how impressed Shane is with AA, and he is extremely impressed. He puts over how intense they are and how they go after everything.

-Next guest is Mojo Rawley and obviously he is hyped. Renee brings up how his team was getting some traction and then Ryder got hurt. Mojo calls is heart breaking what happened to Ryder. He suffered a devastating knee injury winning the match for their team. It sucks that it should have been them where AA is now. Renee wants an update on Ryder (who she is upset with for shaving his beard). Mojo says Zack is doing well and just moved into his new house. Ryder told him that it was Mojo now since he was going to be on the shelf a long time.

-Shane brings up Mojo’s injury in the NFL. Mojo was playing for Arizona and his calf ripped off the bone and rolled up his leg. The doctor told him it was career ending and he found the WWE. Shane mentions that Mojo has a MBA. He had some offers to try again with other NFL teams and could have gone back to WallStreet. Mojo mentions he is great friends with Rob Gronkowski and his family (I saw Gronk play in High School at Woodland Hills (PA) and he was awesome). He says Gronk’s dad is like a second father to him and that he was a college roommate of Mike Rotundo. Crazy how all this just ties together. Mojo says when he got healthy Gronk’s dad put in a word with Rotundo and that is how he got his in with the company. He thought it was a prank call, but it was legit and he left everything he knew for a tryout with the WWE. He says being in the WWE was the first thing he ever wanted to do so it was an easy decision.

-Shane wants to know we are going to see now from Mojo that he is on his own. He says it is time to be the true him. He is going to have to stop the joking and dancing and get more serious. Renee asks if she can have his hat and it ends up going to Shane. Fun stuff here and that one interview made me like Mojo more than anything he has done to this point.

-Renee and Shane talk about Cena vs Corbin. Shane calls it a great match and Renee says that Cena is back. A fired up John Cena is not one you want to face in the ring. Shane puts over Corbin for hanging in there as a rookie with John Cena. Renee thinks it was a message not only to AJ, but to the entire locker room to shut them up.

-Renee wants to know if Shane is buying Carmellsworth. He sees some sparkles but Renee isn’t buying.

-Dolph is the next guest and he is one again sporting a n.W.o shirt. Shane takes off the Mojo hat as Dolph says it offends him a little. Dolph says he has realized that with all the talent of SmackDown nobody is going to do things for you and you have to take what you want. He has been frustrated with things and that shows in abnormal ways at times. Shane says that Dolph knows has a target on his back due to going down the road he is heading. Dolph welcomes the target on his back because he is confident in his abilities, and he knows he is really good at this time. All these years later he is still here, and he needs to be better. He lives for SD and the live events. He thinks he is on a level above everyone else.

-Shane asks about the crowd reaction when he laced Kalisto with a chair. Is the crowd booing him the reaction he wants. For the last few months people have been booing guys who walk out with a smile and he says the chair attack wasn’t premeditated. Going crazy with the chair gave him the same feeling he had when he cashed in to win the World Title. It gave him a sense of relief and he knows some will cheer and boo, but most are relieved to see the real Dolph, that they all know, is back.

-Dolph feels like he hit bottom when he put his career on the line. He has been in a funk and he either needs to go away for a year or find another way to get noticed. Dolph understands that Kalisto and Apollo are pissed off at him and they can find him any day. He doesn’t take breaks or vacations.

-Before he leaves Dolph enters himself in the Royal Rumble and Shane tells him he accepts it and he is in the match.

-Renee wraps things up and we are out for another week.

-Nothing blow away here, but still a rather enjoyable show. The Mojo interview with a high point and I loved the face to face that is building towards the woman’s cage match.

-See you all next week!

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