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411’s WWE Talking Smack Report 10.09.21: Tournament Match Winners Speak and More!

October 9, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE Talking Smack

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 10.09.21

-Jackie Redmond welcomes us to the show and she is joined by Matt Camp. They start with the contract signing between Sasha, Becky and Bianca and that ends with Bianca standing tall. Matt plugs next week’s Super-Sized edition of SmackDown.

-They put up the King of The Ring Bracket and then the one for The Queen’s Crown. Redmond makes me happy by pointing out how much people love brackets.

-First for the men was Rey Mysterio vs Sami Zayn and Sami continues his run of victories over The Mysterio Family. With the finals being in Saudi and Sami staying away from that show, you kind of to assume that Balor is heading to the finals. Redmond is all over the fact that Sami touched the crown before he won it and she should know about that coming from The NHL Network. Fun fact, you aren’t supposed to touch the Conference Trophies either, but the last 3 times my Pens did they won the Cup and the time they didn’t they lost in The Finals.

-Megan Morant is backstage with Sami Zayn and she congratulates him on the win. Sami says being King sounds good as he has fought conspiracies and will overcome it all to become King. He promises to be a benevolent ruler and a man of the people. He may even anoint a Prince…..Prince Dominick Mysterio. He will free Dom from his ruler and tyrant, his father. He yells in excitement in just saying the words “King Sami.”

-Jackie is sold on the idea while Camp isn’t feeling it.


-Back with Jackie and Matt and they jump to talk of The Queen’s Crown. Zelina knocks off Toni Storm to advance to the semi-finals. Camp thinks Storm overlooked Vega and things they fans were surprised by the result. Camp thinks this may have been the biggest win of Vega’s career.

-Back to Megan and she is with Zelina Vega. She is asked what it would mean to become Queen and Zelina says it would make history and she loves the sound of “Queen Zelina.” It would prove herself to all the Twitter Trolls and haters and they would have to kiss the ring. She tells us a ring comes with the crown. She mentions Carmella is her frenemy and Carmella can be beautiful and have that, but she is going to be Queen.

-Jackie and Camp discuss and then get to Cesaro vs Balor. This may shock you but these two delivered a high quality match. Camp says it was maybe the Match of the Night and really, what else was competing with it? Balor gets Sami in the semis and that has to be a Balor win.

-Back to Megan and she is joined by Finn Balor. Finn puts over Cesaro as one of the best in the sport. He calls it one of the toughest matches he has had since returning to SmackDown. Next week Sami needs to remember he is stepping in the ring with Finn Balor at the peak of his career. We are looking at the next King of the Ring!

-Jackie and Matt discuss! They promise to discuss Hell in a Cell next.


-Both Tournaments continue on RAW this Monday!

-We see the close of Carmella vs Morgan and I think they missed the boat on this one as Morgan should have gone over to set up the match with Vega. Really though this tournament needs to be Baszler running through everyone.

-Back to Megan and she is with Carmella, who is a little happy as you would expect. She mentions she was the first Ms. Money in the Bank and will be the first woman to win The Queen’s Crown Tournament. Carmella is not worried about Zelina and will do whatever it takes to win. She has a new secret weapon with her mask and loves that Liv failed tonight.

-Jackie and Matt discuss and then move to Rollins/Edge. We join Rollins’ promo in progress as he talks about Edge being a coward in the eyes of his daughters. Edge arrives and is well, HEATED! Edge out with a spear, but Seth gets away. Edge challenges Rollins to Hell in a Cell and it’s going down at Crown Jewel. Jackie can’t wait to see what happens and then we hype both tournaments continuing on RAW and we are out this week.

-Just another show and not a bad thing as it was smart to get comments from all 4 tournament match winners. Thanks for reading!

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