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411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: Seth Rollins is Ready for Hell in a Cell, Zelina Vega on Being In Queen’s Crown Final

October 16, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Talking Smack Seth Rollins

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 10.16.21

-Long day for my family as we had my youngest son’s first birthday party. It was a good time and now back to the grind with Talking Smack. Let’s get to it!

-Jackie Redmond welcomes us to WWE HQ and she is joined by Matt Camp. They quickly get to our tournament results as Finn Balor knocked off Sami and Zelina Vega got the win over Carmella. Balor was expected and I would call Vega winning an upset, but I’m all for it. Also, Brock and Roman signed their contract and Brock continues mind games with Roman as far as who Paul is really helping.

-Naomi got forced into handicap match against Shayna and Soyna and that ended as you would expect. Shayna continues to wreck people and needs to win the Queen’s Crown. I just hope this doesn’t lead to Naomi costing her a match in the tournament.

-Sonya Deville is standing by backstage at SmackDown with Sonya Deville. Sonya mentions she won tonight and she knows what she is doing as she runs both brands. She has to take a call and walks off from the interview.

-Jackie and Camp discuss!


-Back as they cover Zelina’s win over Carmella in the semis of the Queen’s Crown. They had an agreement to not hit each other in the face, but that went out the window quickly. Liv keeps Carmella from her mask which leads to Zelina getting the win. Yes, they are shorting the women in this tournament with match times. I wasn’t that bothered as we have had quick opening matches in the men’s tournament in the past, but the trend continuing in the semis is concerning. With that said, I still think Shayna should wreck Doudrop and Zelina in the next two matches.

-Kayla is backstage with Zelina and this should be fun as they have had long simmering issues on this show. Zelina doesn’t care what happened to her face tonight as it will be amazing when she wins The Crown. She doesn’t care who she faces in the finals as she is just as ruthless and determined as they are. She wants to prove that people need to quit sleeping on her and they will she makes people kiss the ring. Kayla mentions Zelina is heading to SmackDown and they won’t have moments together like this, so she wrote a poem. These two are great together as Kayla’s poem ends by telling Zelina no matter where she goes she will find her.

-Camp and Jackie move to the men’s semifinal match as Balor got the win in a wonderful match would she be expected considering who was involved. Balor/Woods should rock unless they want to give Jinder THE HEAT by beating Woods. Campo doesn’t think it matters who faces Finn in the finals, but he does put over how much KOR means to Xavier.


-Next up we get to Edge/Rollins and Hell in a Cell being the rubber match in the series. Thankfully, they have built to HIAC instead of just having a Cell match because it’s time to have one. We go to Edge’s promo on SmackDown as he does what he does well and that’s sell a big time match. Edge promises to scar Seth’s soul!

-Rollins gives his response while rocking another pimp suit. Rollins points out he has spent more time in Hell in a Cell than Edge. He mentions he is who he is today because of HIAC (ie: match with The Fiend where everyone turned on him and then the match).

-Camp mentions this is Rollins’ 4th trip inside HIAC and only the second for Edge. That is kind of crazy he only had the one match with Taker.

-Kayla is backstage with Seth Rollins and he is in a good mood. Kayla wants to talk about the suit and Rollins didn’t realize it had an Harley Quinn vibe when he bought it, but it works. Rollins tells us he is in a great mood and really didn’t want to talk about Edge, but since he has to, Edge is afraid of him. He is capable of being more dangerous that Edge and brings up 2 of the 3 guys he faced in the cell are no longer in the WWE. He calls Edge a broken man and he does feel sympathy for him, but he won’t show any mercy. This could be the end for Edge after Crown Jewel.

-Camp brings up Edge had to leave on a stretcher in a one on one match with Rollins and now it’s Hell in a Cell. Jackie throws to the contract signing between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns. Heyman tells Reigns he got everything he wanted in the contract and councils him to sign it. Brock signs without reading and Reigns calls him a dumbass for doing so. Brock laughs and drops the bomb that he knows what’s in the contract because he read it this morning with his advocate, Paul Heyman. That draws an audible “ohhhh” for the crowd.

-Camp and Jackie run down the Crown Jewel card and we are out this week.

-Standard episode but it was nice to see them remember Kayla and Zelina love tormenting each other. Everything else just put the finishing touches on SmackDown build to Crown Jewel. Thanks for reading!

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