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411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 10.31.20 – Kevin Owens Crashes The Show, Kayla Braxton Dresses as Sami Zayn, Plus More!

October 31, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE Talking Smack

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 10.31.20

-Happy Halloween to everyone right here on 411. Today is also my younger sister’s birthday. Much like everyone else in my family she is not a wrestling fan, but there was a brief period in the mid 90s when she was. Actually I should say she was a fan of Shawn Michaels as she had a crush on him when she was in junior high/high school. I had fun torturing her during the Mania XII Iron Man Match as she watched hoping he would win. She was such a fan that my mom of all people even took her to a show in Pittsburgh just to see Shawn. She also received one of those cardboard cutouts of HBK as a Christmas present back in 1996 as well. Hope you enjoy your day!

-Talking Smack is coming off a strong ending to SmackDown as Roman Reigns continues to rule all. I am kind of shocked Bryan is not on the Survivor Series team as that environment would have been fun with him involved. Let’s get to it!

-Sami Zayn welcomes us to Talking Smack as it seems he is on his own this week. He mentions that Kayla didn’t show up and he thinks this will be a much better show without her. Her seat is empty and I assume there will be a Halloween payoff for this. He plugs SmackDown for next week as Sasha/Bayley rematch is happening. Next he touches on his Survivor Series match with Bobby Lashley. He will be representing the people from every country on every continent while Lashley is only representing the United States.

-Greg Hamilton shows up as it seems Sami wanted him up here to give him a proper introduction. Sami is annoyed that Greg was late but lets him go ahead with the introduction and as Sami’s music hits, Kayla Braxton is out dressed as Sami Zayn. Sami cracks a little as Kayla does a good job enunciating like him. He seems rather impressed while also doing his best to act angry about it. This is fun!

-The Street Profits, the SD Tag Champions, are out as our first guests. The Profits are impressed with Kayla’s impression, while Sami tells us he is rather angry and just wants to get through this. Kayla makes the mistake of saying “tonight” and Sami corrects her by saying last night as this one is falling off the rails, but in a great way. The Profits take a shot at the Dallas Cowboys which I can dig as a 49ers’ fan. Sami turns the talk to Survivor Series and The Profits are ready. This is the biggest match of their careers. Dawkins answers his phone as he has a “call” from Shannon Sharpe, former NFL TE and host of FOX Sports’ Undisputed, and tells him to have a reservation made for New Day as they are dishing out Ls. Kevin Owens shows up and Sami wants his thoughts on Kayla’s costume. Owens thinks Sami should be entertained by it as he calls it great. He came over to see the costume in person. He coaches her as he thinks she needs to throw her hands around a little more. Sami convinces Kayla to go change out of her costume, so KO takes her place on the set. Sami tells The Profits they are out of time and they need to leave as they wasted their time taking phone calls. He gives them a round of applause to get them off the set, but it’s not happening. Everyone talks over everyone as this is just insanity. Sami basically has to shove them off the set as KO watches on in amazement.

-Dominik and Rey Mysterio are out next as KO is apparently a host for now. Sami wants to know what’s going through their heads following SmackDown. Dominik is still trying to process everything. Rey doesn’t know what his daughter is thinking a she is putting them through a lot. Sami asks KO his thoughts since he has a daughter, though she may be too young at this point for KO to have thoughts. Sami switches in mid question and goes back to Rey. Rey says her motif was to support her brother and it has turned into a mess. Sami mentions it was a risk to bring Dominik into this world. He credits Dominik for the beatings he has taken. KO tells Sami he won’t shut up and let people talk. He knows Rey and Dominik are in a tough spot and he wouldn’t want to be in the situation they are in. Rey just calls it a very difficult situation. He has to find out if she is being manipulated or if she does have real feelings for Murphy. The last thing he wants to see is his 19 year old girl to be in a relationship with someone who hurt their family. He mentions he is bumping heads with his wife who is trying to be understanding, but he has to be the man of the house. Sami just basically laughs at the predicament as Rey is just crushed by all this. Sami brings up Seth and KO calls him the worst person on SmackDown. Rey isn’t sure if Seth is still pulling the strings and that causes KO and Sami to jump on the idea as Seth has done worse things. Sami gives Rey a chance to say something to Murphy. Rey says they can do whatever they want to hurt him, but they crossed a line when they try to hurt his son or especially his daughter.

-The Mysterios take their leave as KO and Sami talk about how they don’t want to be in that situation. KO scolds Sami for yelling at them and not showing some empathy. Kayla is back and that sadly means KO takes his leave as well. Man, I want the KO and Sami show every week now!

-Bayley is our final guest and she immediately bonds with Sami. For her this is much better than having Daniel Bryan or The Miz on the show. She tells Kayla to quit making fun of her friend. Bayley is very confident heading into her title rematch on Friday. Sami compliments her on her posture which shows how confident she is. Bayley mentions it was more than just 280 days as if you take out the very short reign of Charlotte she has owned that title for over 500 days. Sami brings up that Sasha is capable of winning Championships, but she kind of sucks as defending them. Bayley puts Sasha over as being the best she has ever faced, but she is not better than Bayley. Kayla asks if Bayley is thinking ahead to facing Asuka at Survivor Series should she win on Friday. Sami and Bayley agrees that it is a great question. Bayley says she is so good that she can look ahead and she will win on Friday, then beat Asuka and even lead the SD women to victory. Kayla wraps things up as Sami wonders why he doesn’t get the honor of doing so and that’s it for this week.

-This episode was just chaos in a fun way and never boring. The surprise KO appearance was great and Sami continues to kill it on this show. There wasn’t anything really noteworthy mentioned, but it was just fun and sometimes that’s all I need from a show. Thanks for reading!

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