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411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 11.21.20: Heyman Becomes a Street Profit, Daniel Bryan Isn’t Satisfied with Just Pinning Jey Uso, and More

November 21, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Talking Smack

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 11.21.20

-Good morning to all as we catch up with the newest episode of Talking Smack. Daniel Bryan is a guest this week and with Heyman as the co-host I am looking forward to what happens. Let’s get to it!

-Kayla Braxton welcomes us to the Talking Smack show as she is joined by her co-host, Paul Heyman. Kayla tells Paul that there is a big fight feel to Survivor Series. Heyman says it is fight weekend and he is not in the mood. Kayla properly introduces Heyman and he thanks her for the introduction saying she did it better than Renee and Charly.

-Heyman cuts her off as she hypes Reigns/McIntyre. This is not Champion vs Champion. That’s false advertising. This is Champion vs Title Holder. Drew is a temporary place holder of the WWE Title and that is by design. Reigns is a Champion and will be so for as long as he feels appropriate. He continues that the moment Reigns came out of his mother’s womb he was destined to be and stay a Champion. It compares to there being movies and then there are films. Drew is the second best talent and Superstar. He is the stand in for Roman Reigns and Drew is the baby sitter of secondary belt.

-Kayla switches to Murphy knocking off Rollins on SmackDown last night. Heyman says no matter what happens among the other 9 guys in the match on Sunday, Jey Uso will establish himself a star. He goes on to say that he better establish himself as a star.

-The SmackDown Tag Champions, The Street Profits are out as our first guests. Dawkins tells New Day they are welcome for getting the team the win tonight. Heyman tells Kayla that his mother raised him to be a gentleman and Ford shoots back “a jew that can do.” Heyman laughs as he says he can’t top that line so he won’t try. He has heard it before and likes it more each time he hears it. Dawkins says they respect New Day as they are 10 time Tag Champions, but they are still going to bring The Smoke. Ford says that New Day always turns into tomorrow and The Profits are tomorrow. They will continue, continue, continue, continue and Paul is enjoying this as he tells them to say it with more passion. They will continue to do what they have been doing and show they are the best of the best of the best of the best. Kayla wants to know if any part of them is concerned and Dawkins wants to know if they look like the LA Clippers or Dallas Cowboys. Ouch! They ask Kayla if she is nervous and Paul says that he is supposed to be the heel and Kayla is asking questions like that. Heyman asks which team leaves with the win on Sunday and Ford cracks up Kayla with the “jew will do” line again. Dawkins says they will win on Sunday as Kayla says Paul is a Street Profit now. Paul says he would be honored and gets offered to smell what’s in the red solo cup and he is taken back by it. They tell him it is happiness and fire. That was tremendous!

-Bayley is out next as Heyman tells her not to drink what is in the red solo cup. He says that he is allergic to olives and that’s why the face. Bayley and Heyman take turns shaking Kayla’s hand and then we get a triple handshake. Paul: “Kayla you can let go of my hand now.” Bayley says she didn’t need to win a qualifying match because of what she has done on SmackDown and that is why she is also the captain. Nattie is out and Kayla points out that Nattie had a lot of chances to earn her spot. Nattie compliments Paul and Kayla. She wants Bayley to remember she has more wins that any other woman in WWE history and she has been in more Survivor Series elimination matches than any other woman. Bayley and Nattie say that they will be on the same page and they will lead their team. They then start talking over each other and get into another argument over being on the same page. Kayla says the positive is that RAW women don’t seem to be on the same page either. Nattie reminds everyone she is the BOAT and Paul tells Bayley what that stands for. Nattie calls Paul handsome again and Bayley says calling Paul handsome isn’t going to make her the captain. Paul cracks them all up as he wishes more women would drink from the red solo cup if it means they will call him handsome. This is the show I’ve been waiting for since Heyman was made co-host. Bayley is sporting one of the new Taker/Snoop Dog shirts and Nattie tells her she looks nice. Bayely is annoyed and goes low as she mentions she doesn’t follow 2 Pawz. Wow, Nattie has a family you know. Nattie says that Paul and Kayla follow her cat and Paul just nods his head as I am losing it with this show. Bayley retorts that she may block 2 Pawz now. Kayla think they need to talk and work things out. They leave while arguing as Daniel Bryan’s music hits.

-Bryan is out as our final guest as he made sure to wait until the women left. He laughs that there is a lot Paul probably wants to say right now. Daniel goes off topic as today is his wife’s birthday. He loves her and calls her the sun his world revolves around. Kayla gushes over that and then Bryan quickly mentions it is also Nicole’s birthday (I mean they are twins) though he isn’t going to give her the same heart felt message. He calls her a wonderful sister in law and they have a lot of fun. Paul is staying quiet as no matter what he says it would be a lose lose situation. Bryan says it is because what Paul says comes off as disingenuous at times. Bryan brings up that when he was host of Talking Smack he had fun with The Usos as they rapped. He puts over his rapping ability as he got jiggy with it and Kayla is just losing it now while Paul is somehow keeping a straight face. Man, I miss Sweet Beets! It is strange though as Jey stopped being respectful and Kayla mentions someone got in his ear. Bryan isn’t a lawyer and he isn’t pointing fingers, but there is a correlation. He calls Paul a genius and since he was a kid he would see Paul make people better. Heyman is all smiles as Bryan continues to praise him, but then the tone changes as Bryan says Paul isn’t as confident now. He also sees Jey walking with his head down and he thinks may the issue isn’t with Paul but with someone else. He isn’t here to talk about that though. He brings up he beat Jey tonight with a small package and tells Paul he has a perfect small package. Heyman keeping a straight face at that line is wonderful! This is all amazing! He is known as Mr. Small Package. He is not satisfied though as he has a devil on his shoulder who is speaking to him. His wife had to watch his 2 kids while he was in the hospital and he can still hear his daughter crying. Bryan gets dead serious since Paul isn’t talking. He isn’t satisfied with beating Jey Uso with a small package and he drops the mic as he infers the main problem is with someone else. I think we all know who he means!

-Paul says he has never seen someone so volatile being proud of a small package. If we are going to talk to someone about big packages, then he is the one to talk too. Kayla wraps up the show as Paul continues to talk about packages.

-This was by far the best show of this reboot run and easily ranks among the best of the initial run. Heyman was amazing interacting with the guests and Kayla. The Profits were fantastic and rolled with things well. The Bayley/Nattie stuff even came off well, but the Bryan segment to close was something else. The way he pivoted from jovial to dead serious while Paul went from happy to worried was great. Bryan vs Tribal Chief Reigns is going to be wonderful and I wish it would happen with fans in the building because the heat would be off the charts. Great, wonderful show this week that everyone should check out. Thanks for reading!

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