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411’s WWE Talking Smack Report 12.20.16

December 20, 2016 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 12/20/16

-Back at it for another edition of Talking Smack with Renee Young and Daniel Bryan.

-Renee mentions that Bryan is a little under the weather and then they make fun of Daniel’s sweater. Bryan gets right into it as he wants to know what is up with Renee slapping The Miz. She points out that it is no secret that she is in a relationship with Dean Ambrose. The Miz called her out on SmackDown Live and that was crossing a line with her, so she responded by crossing the line. She apologizes and Daniel tells her that she doesn’t have to apologized to anyone, especially him. Renee just wants to move on as even thinking about it makes her sweaty.

-To lighten the mood, Santa Claus shows up on set and I bet Mick is pissed that he showed up on SmackDown and not RAW. He says he is going to give out gifts to people on the naughty list and then makes sexual references to Renee that apparently went over the head of Daniel.

-Santa joins the panel and they bring out Baron Corbin. He busts on Daniel’s sweater and then says he belongs in the Main Event. Daniel wants credit for putting him in the match and Baron gives no fucks as expected. Corbin is pissed that Daniel made a #1 contender’s match last week when Daniel knew he was out hanging with rock stars. Baron says he is the big threat to AJ and that he will be celebrating New Year’s without his title. Santa has some words for Baron as it seems he is on the naughty list. I am kind of wanting Baron to drop Santa, but no dice.

-Santa continues to hit on Renee and then offers her some cookies. Renee just ignores him and focuses on the stacked card for SmackDown next week as 3 titles are on the line and John Cena is making his return. Santa says John Cena is always on the nice list. Santa says he is hot and starts to take his suit off, and continues with hitting on Renee. Apparently Santa is on a break with the Mrs., so he continues to make sexual advances to Renee….can’t say I blame him.

-Next guest is Luchadora which is Becky Lynch who makes puns about Santa. She unmask and says she donned the costume because Alexa has been running from her. Becky wants her title back and is also pissed at the disrespect Alexa showed to the local wrestler last week. Becky says she needs to be the Champion again because all the other champs on SmackDown are underhanded and cheat to win. Daniel applauds those who can do it on their own, and admits that he did things in his past that he isn’t proud of, but in the final years of his career he followed the rules.

-More from pervert Santa as he hits on Becky and exposes his chest to see if does anything for her. Daniel says that he should go do that to Arn Anderson. Santa then goes back to hitting on Renee as they are beating this into the ground and it better have a decent payoff at some point. Becky exits as Santa continues to rub cookies on his chest. Just, wow!

-Renee brings up Ryder’s injury, but gets cut off by burping from Santa. Renee and Daniel are beyond disgusted and I really just want Santa gone at this point. Back to Ryder as it seems he ruptured his patella tendor and surgery is going to have him out for some time. Daniel can relate to what Ryder is going through and admits that it just sucks. He wants Zack to come back motivated and he will continue to get chances on SmackDown.

-Now Santa is making fart jokes as this is becoming the worst Talking Smack ever. Daniel looks beyond embarrassed to be sitting there.

-Nattie is out next and she points out that Santa is a little creepy. Nattie says that she put the spotlight back on her where it should have been all along. The biggest mistake she ever made was training The Bellas. Her family is royalty and all they got should have been hers. She was born into one of the greatest families ever and there would be no Women’s Revolution without her. She feels she should have been the team captain at Survivor Series. Renee wants to know where this all started and Nattie says it has built over time as she realized how many times she was pass over by all the other girls. She has had enough of seeing the other girls get opportunities she deserves. She mentions her uncle is Bret Hart and that she is wrestling royalty. Nattie is sick of Nicole being looked at as a great wrestler and wants to know why her family didn’t get a spin-off show. She reiterates that she is royalty and then storms off the set.

-Daniel says he tried to stay out of it because his wife was called out. Nattie can say The Bellas got a chance 10 years ago because they were pretty, but a lot of girls got that chance due to being pretty and they didn’t last 10 years. He can say that Nattie only got her chance because she is a Hart. Ouch!

-Renee goes to wrap up the show as now Santa is apparently getting drunk. Renee again runs down the card for next weeks stacked SmackDown Live. Santa gives out gifts and the boxes are empty because the elves have unionized. Santa finally leaves as I guess there was no payoff for him being there. Renee finally gets a chance to end the show.

-The Santa stuff killed this one as the guests even came off less than stellar with the “comedy” of Santa running through their important interviews. Definitely a weak episode this week which is a shame as it was coming off a strong SmackDown that is leading to a super stacked show next week.

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