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411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: Daniel Bryan Comments on AJ vs. Shane & More

March 15, 2017 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 03/14/17

-SmackDown took place in Pittsburgh tonight which is 40 or so miles from my house, but work kept me from attending. The big story is AJ finally snapping and attacking Shane McMahon. This led to Daniel firing AJ, but a bloody Shane announced that AJ finally had an opponent at Mania before the show cut off the air.

-Renee Young welcomes us and she is joined by Daniel Bryan. They take a few moments to put over the greatness of Pittsburgh (2016 Stanley Cup Champions) and mention what most visitors do: coming through the tunnels and having the rivers and city appear. Renee calls Pittsburgh an underrated city and that’s all I need is another reason to love her.

-They talk about Kurt Angle being at the arena earlier and how she did a 360 degree interview with Daniel and Kurt to talk about what a dream match between the two would be like and it will be on social media platforms soon. That should be quite interesting.

-Now they get down to business and show AJ beating the ever loving piss out of Shane. Just an impressive ass kicking where AJ showed tremendous fire. Shane going head first into a car window was a great visual.

-Daniel says he was very angry following the incident and he lost all the respect he had for AJ. He is no different than other stars who keep blaming others for them not having the chances they think they deserve. They both mention that AJ had his chance and he lost to Randy Orton, so he only has himself to blame. Daniel puts over how brutal the attack was and that glass is no joke. Just ask Goldberg!

-They show a battered Shane coming out at the end of the show and announcing that he will be facing AJ at WrestleMania. Daniel mentions that he had fired AJ right after the attack on Shane. He says AJ is the best wrestler on the roster, but he doesn’t want him on SD. He says he needs to talk to Shane as he isn’t sure if Shane was in his right mind when he made that decision.

-Renee asks if Daniel will honor Shane’s request and Daniel says he has no choice because he is lower on the pecking order. Shane is a McMahon after all. AJ mentions that some fans are excited to see a match between the two and compares what could happen to Shane/Kurt from King of the Ring. That could be an apt comparison.

-Mickey James is our first guest and she says tonight was one of the biggest moments since she has returned. She discusses that she had a deal with Alexa to get her to Mania as the Champion and then they would have a match against each other. She says that in this business you don’t have any real friends and everyone is out for themselves. Renee talks about Mickey’s history at Mania and how she feels heading into it. Mickey is all about the history as her first Mania was on Apri 2nd when she won her first title from Trish Stratus and she will tie Trish for title reigns this April 2nd.

-Carmella interrupts as she says she was the most impressive woman on the roster tonight. She has gold on her hat, her neck, and soon will have gold around her waist. Next up is Nattie as she steals Bret’s catchphrase. She calls Carmella fake and mentions that she ran Mickey out of the company years ago and will do it again. Becky Lynch now as she calls all the women a band of snakes. They all start yelling and talking over each other. Becky wants to include Renee in the action and she says she isn’t getting involved. Alexa out and she blames Bryan for all this drama. Becky drops a Samuel L Jackson “Snakes on a Plane” reference and then calls Alexa an elf.

-Alexa wants to know why Daniel is letting all this chaos happen and she takes a shot at Renee for not controlling him. Alexa talks some trash and Daniel is great here as he just sits quietly as he lets the women bicker. Smart man! Nattie wants to know if Renee is following her cat on Instagram. Had to know a cat reference was coming and Renee tells her no, as it got to be too much.

-That segment was something as they try to transfer to Miz/Maryse vs Nikki/Cena. Daniel still needs time to get through what just happened as he questioned if this is what his life will be as he is about to have a baby girl and then he deals with Brie and Nikki. He thinks the fans will be excited about SD Woman’s Title Match and all the drama adds excitement. Renee wants an early prediction and while it is early to say, but he is excited for Carmella’s entrance with The Big Hog. Daniel wants to see him come out with flesh colored tights and mentions Giant Gonzales had wonderful flesh colored tights. It seems Bryan is back on track so we can move on to the mixed tag.

-They cover the bickering between Maryse and Nikki. Daniel says he can’t be objective because he is on one side of the fence personally and he also wants to punch Miz in the face. He hates The Miz and hates Miz TV, but they will give him opportunities. He says the Miz is easy to hate and compares his arguing style to Donald Trump: in that he cuts people off and talks louder than them.

-With all that said he feels fans will be excited for that tag match. Renee says it will be fun to see Miz and Cena in the ring at Mania again, but it will be the women who will tear each other apart as there is real hatred there. Daniel says it will be a match full of people punching each other in the face and that should be the name for Mania this year: face punching extravaganza.

-That wraps up the show this week. This one was lacking a little, but the natural chemistry between Daniel and Renee always makes for an easy show to watch even when there isn’t too much happening.

-Join me next week and if you haven’t checked it out, you can find my report covering last night’s “Bring it to the Table.” Thanks for reading!

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