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411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: Dillinger On His Debut, Usos Set For Title Defense, More

April 4, 2017 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 04/04/17

-Renee is here fresh off her work on RAW Talk last night and this week she is joined by Shane McMahon. I assume Daniel Bryan is home with Brie on baby watch.

-Renee is pumped about Nakamura and Dillinger. She said she went out in the crowd for Shin’s entrance and she had goosebumps. Shane is happy to have both guys on SmackDown.

-Shane thanks the fans for the entire weekend for coming out in force the last 5 days. Renee asks Shane how he feels after his match with AJ. Shane says he feels ok and calls AJ shaking his hand tonight a class move. I just hope that wasn’t a way to tease that AJ is heading to RAW on Monday. SmackDown needs him and I need AJ vs Nakamura to happen in a WWE ring. Shane says that going to battle with someone you do develop an appreciation and he is honored to go out there and perform at Mania with AJ.

-Our first guest is the SmackDown Woman’s Champion, Naomi. She calls the entire weekend surreal as less than a year ago she couldn’t see herself in this position. They discuss her entrance at Mania and how once she got to the ring she felt how long that ramp was. Shane mentions it was 80 yards long, and that kind of surprises Naomi. Renee asks her about the shake-up coming and Naomi is ready for anything. If she could face one RAW opponent, she wants Charlotte to see where she stands against their best.

-Naomi is out and Renee wants the inside dirt on the Superstar Shake-up. She asks if Shane is speaking with Kurt and he says everything has to go through Vince. Renee thinks SmackDown should have the first pick since RAW had it the last time, and Shane doesn’t think that is happening because Steph is daddy’s little girl. Renee presses Shane to pick someone he would want from RAW and he mentions Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns. He doesn’t want anyone to leave, but if they do he wants them to keep their edge.

-Dillinger is next as he is fresh off his SD debut. It has been 15 years in the making for him, and he says it is possible he may get choked up talking about it. He thanks Shane for the opportunity, and puts over the match he had at Mania with Shane. They show footage of the debut and Tye is grinning ear to ear as he watches it. He says he will never get used to watching himself, and Shane agrees that it is always weird. Shane talks about him showing up at the Rumble and Tye says this moments topped it. He has been overwhelmed by the support and loved that all of this happened in Orlando. He talks about loving SmackDown Live and if he ends up on RAW he just wants to keep the momentum. He however wants to stay on SmackDown.

-Tye gives them a ten and he exits. They talk about the SmackDown Live having their own post Mania live show now and how they all stepped up their game. They talk about the war that Corbin and Ambrose had. I assume that was a reward to let them shin after getting shunted to the pre-show on Sunday.

-They get back to the greatness of Nakamura as Shane calls him a rock-star. Renee can buy that and says she wants to be more like Shinsuke. Renee says she will be very upset if Nakamura ends up on RAW. Shane says they had some preliminary talk about doing something and then Vince just announced it on RAW last night. He and Renee think it is happening because SD started catching up with RAW.

-The Usos interrupt and want to know why every title was defended except the ones they hold. They are getting bored just sitting at home with the titles. Shane says sometimes things happen and The Usos say it is all love with Shane. They will take on any team from RAW or SmackDown. Shane says that if they are still there next week and so are American Alpha they can have a title match against each other. The Usos ask if they are safe on SD since they are the champs, and Shane mentions Vince said nothing was off limits. The Usos ramble about going to a barbecue and having Shane’s number. They are fantastic! Shane says he goes way back with them because of their lineage.

-They talk about The Miz and Maryse, and Shane loved it. He found it hilarious and thinks they both did a great job. Renee talks about how committed they both were to the role. They also touch on the great year The Miz has had and how the crows was behind him. Shane puts over Miz for all he does and how he doesn’t turn down anything company related.

-Renee wraps up the show as the plug RAW and the Superstar Shake-Up one last time.

-The show was fine though as always, lacking without the presence of Daniel Bryan. I assume he is back next week since he is being hyped for Monday’s Shake-up. Dillinger did ok in his first appearance and you can see he was kind of still in awe about his moment happening tonight. The Usus were fun as always and Naomi came off as being blessed once again.

-Thanks for reading and see you next week when who knows who may show up.

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