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411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: Dominik Wants Rey to Stay Away, Apollo Crews Wants To Bring Honor to IC Title

September 19, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Talking Smack Dominik Mysterio

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 09.18.21

-My apologies for this being a day late. Family went out last night for get groceries and what not and by time I got home and kids were in bed it was past midnight and this show completely slipped my mind. So let’s knock this one out before the Niners/Eagles game. Let’s get to it!

-Scott Stanford welcomes us to WWE HQ for Talking Smack, and he is joined by Matt Camp. They discuss last night’s (Friday’s) show and Camp is pumped by Big E showing up as WWE Champion.

-Headlines: Rollins not done with Edge and WWE has a hometown hero get destroyed once again. The inevitable Rey/Dominick match continues the build. We see the close of the match as Sami moves to 3-0 over Dom. Camp explains why he thinks Rey as Dom’s coach isn’t helping and they need to change things up.

-Kayla Braxton is with Dominick and he discusses his 3rd straight loss to Sami. His dad told him it was time to go out on his own, and yet Rey hasn’t let that happen yet. The mixed singles have his head confused. Kayla tells Dom they are all rooting for him.

-Camp and Stanford discuss before getting to Carmella getting her face smashed by Liv Morgan. We see the footage and then Liv takes job in possibly breaking Carmella’s nose. They get a match against each other at Extreme Rules. The show where no match has any kind of Extreme stipulation at this point. Weird!

-Stanford tells us that Carmella did not break her nose. Next week on SmackDown it will be Zelina vs. Liv Morgan.


-Highlights from Edge/Rollins II at MSG. Great match and Curb Stomp on back of the neck was nice! Edge gets stretchered into an ambulance and out of MSG.

-Now to SmackDown as Rollins felt sorry for Edge and he can’t live with himself for feeling like that. He wants one more match with Edge to finish him one way or another.

-Camp and Stanford discuss. Then move to the return of Apollo Crews and his issues with Nakamura are back on the table. Apollo wants his IC Title back. We see footage of Boogs beating Roode to keep him undefeated. Then as they celebrate with McAfee on the announce table, Apollo and Azeez return for the beatdown. Apollo wants his rematch!

-Kayla is backstage in Knoxville with Apollo Crews and Azeez. Kayla informs us the match will take place next week on SmackDown. Apollo is embarrassed by Kayla’s question about his timing. He tells her not to worry about it as he is getting back what was stolen from him. Next week he becomes a two time IC Champion. Crews questions the last time Nakamura defended the IC Title. Nobody remembers this reign, but they will remember his and he will bring back honor to the IC Title.

-Stanford and Camp discuss!


-Extreme Rules commercial as we still wait for any kind of match to have any kind of stipulation unless it’s just understood that every match with be Extreme Rules.

-We are shown the ending of Big E and Balor pinning the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, The Usos.

-Stanford and Camp discuss the role Big E has been on lately. If it was up to me, I keep E on SmackDown with the WWE Title and then send Balor to RAW after winning The Universal Title (with Brock interference). Reigns can then SMASH Brock in Saudi for revenge and we can get Roman going after E and WWE Title while having Drew (from RAW) involved as well. Then move Brock to RAW and throw Owens over there as well. I mean, probably no need to take Title off Reigns, but if Rock is no good for Mania next year, I can’t see the point in keeping The Title on Reigns all the way until Mania 39 in LA.

-Mayor Kane presents Bianca with a Key to The City of Knoxville and then Becky interrupts for the beatdown and downer of an ending. Would it have hurt for Bianca to put Becky through the table to send the crowd home happy?

-Back to Kayla, who is with Sonya Deville. Sonya is on the phone as Kayla patiently waits for her to finish the call. Sonya is heated about the way Naomi talked to her tonight and nobody can talk to a WWE official that way. She is lucky she was only fined, and Sonya wants to point out she will not lay her hands on WWE talent. Now she discusses the SmackDown women’s division and the 2 matches at Extreme Rules. She thinks Liv/Carmella will be a star making match.

-Camp and Stanford discuss and then wrap things up for this week.

-Just your standard new format episode that built to some things for next week and hyped Extreme Rules and that’s fine. We know what this show is now and at this point no need to compare it to the glory days of this show. Thanks for reading!