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411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: Liv Morgan Warns Carmella, Rey Wants His Son to Be Great, and More!

September 25, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Liv Morgan WWE Raw

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 09.25.21

-Matt Camp welcomes us to WWE HQ and he is joined by Sam Roberts. They start with Headlines and first being Roman Reigns beating Montez Ford and that gave Roman his 3rd win of the week. Also, Nakamura successfully defended his IC Title against Apollo Crews. We also saw the debut of Happy Talk.

-Next we see the close to Morgan/Vega as Vega finally gets a win to build heat towards Carmella/Morgan. They throw to Kayla who is backstage with Liv Morgan. Liv is all business as she hopes Carmella is watching as this is her warning. She is going to make Extreme Rules the worst night of her life and walks off.

-Matt and Sam discuss! Rey and Bianca will be the other guests on the show this week.


-Back with talk of Apollo/Nakamura and we see the close as Nakamura retains the IC Title. Boogs with a nice suplex on Azeez. Camp mentions the draft is coming and who knows if Apollo gets another shot at the IC Title and Roberts mentions Boogs and Nakamura could be separated. Camp rightly points out that would crush Pat McAfee.

-We go back to last week as Sami beats Dominick for a third time. Camp brings up the mixed signals Rey is sending to his son as he wants him to go on his own, but is always out there for his matches. Camp thinks Dom should be listening to Sami Zayn and Roberts agrees that he should listen to anyone with sound advice. Over to Kayla who is with Rey Mysterio. Rey is confused with the whole situation and he doesn’t know if he is doing bad by his son. He wishes he could get some personal advice as he worries if he is suffocating his son. Rey puts over Dom’s growth and admits he is a perfectionist. He wants his son to great and not just good. Rey talks about how family members can bump heads, but you learn and grow.

-Matt and Sam discuss what we just heard and then talk about Happy Talk. We get highlights from the first episode of Happy Talk and the first guest is Happy Corbin. Kevin Owens interrupts, but gets attacked by a returning Riddick Moss, though he is only referred to as a Happy Buddy.


-We see the close of Reigns’ victory over Montez Ford and good for Ford getting a shot in a higher profile match. He taps like all the rest and then gets beat down by The Bloodline. The lights go out and The Demon appeared on the top rope and takes over the entire Bloodline. Demon standing tall probably isn’t a good omen for him on Sunday. Camp and Roberts discuss how dangerous The Demon is and that it’s not even worth comparing this to facing Balor.

-Camp and Roberts run down the card for Extreme Rules.

-Kayla Braxton is with Bianca Belair to put the final hype on her championship with Becky Lynch. Bianca is confident as you would expect as the only thing hurt at SummerSlam was her feelings. She is going to do her talking in the ring and she will Extreme Rules as Champion.

-Camp and Roberts discuss and close the show while plugging tomorrow’s PPV.

-It’s Talking Smack and you know what to expect by now. This concludes the build to Extreme Rules and we will see what they can pull off tomorrow. Thanks for reading!

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