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411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: Heyman on What A Reigns Loss Would Mean, Bryan Says Now Is His Final Major Run, More

October 23, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Talking Smack Paul Heyman

-Welcome to a special live edition of WWE Talking Smack. This episode is taking place on FS1 since SmackDown was moved there tonight due to Game 3 of the World Series. I thought it was going to be WWE Backstage earlier in the week, but it being Talking Smack makes more sense. I assume that means no episode of Talking Smack tomorrow morning, which works for me. This is the last push before Hell in a Cell on Sunday, so let’s get to it!

-Kayla Braxton welcomes us to the show and she is joined by her co hosts, Booker T and Montez Ford. They hype their guests tonight: Paul Heyman, Daniel Bryan (woo), Bianca Belair, and Sasha Banks. That’s a solid lineup!

-We go back to just a few minutes ago as Jimmy Uso tricks Reigns leading to Jey getting in a quick beating. Roman announces that if Jey loses, he and his brother plus all their future generations will be excommunicated from The Family.

-All that leads to our first guest of the night: Paul Heyman. He shakes the hands of everyone on set and they all agree it is a pleasure to have Heyman here. Paul doesn’t agree that Jey got into Roman’s head. He talks about the savagery of the bloodline going back to the 70s and 80s. They are walking into Hell in a Cell and Roman doesn’t want to just walk through his cousin. Heyman mentions Jey finally showed that ruthless bloodline and that is the type of challenger Roman wants to put down.

-Booker wants to know what makes the perfect Paul Heyman guy as he lists people like Punk, Rude, Bigelow, Lesnar, RVD, Mysterio, etc. Heyman believes everything he has ever said about all the guys Booker listed. They all serve the bigger vision. He doesn’t feel Roman is a Paul Heyman guy, but instead Paul Heyman is a Roman Reigns guy. He has always wanted his guys to not only want to be 1 of the 4 on Mt Rushmore, but the want to be the entire Mt Rushmore. He brings up how when WCW was sold the biggest star to leave money on the table and join the WWE was Booker T. That is because he wanted and needed to prove himself against the likes of The Rock and Steve Austin.

-Montez talks about it being an I Quit match and how hard it will be to be around the boys if they know you screamed “I Quit.” He doesn’t even know how those words can be in your vocabulary when you are fighting for The Universal Title.

-Booker talks about being the younger brother and being the second fiddle. Paul jumps on that as Jey is tired of being second fiddle. He brings up that Afa and Sika feed everyone when they were on top as did Yokozuna and The Rock. Roman feeds everyone in the family and Jey wants to prove he can do it as well. Jey is bringing everything he has because he is tired of getting beat up by Roman Reigns.

-Paul says that if Roman loses it was be a fall from grace in the WWE the likes of which we have never seen. Roman was gone for months and was so gone that he was no longer featured in the opening of any of the shows. It would be embarrassing and while he won’t say something trite like we will never see Roman again, but he doesn’t know how Roman will show his face again.

-Kayla asks about the consequences and Paul reads a statement from Roman saying they don’t like Kayla’s questions. He does say that if Roman loses he will lose his identity as the head of the table and lose being the standard. He will give up his position as the biggest star in the WWE. The consequences are dire and career threatening. Even more than the WWE it is the fall out from his own family if he loses. Man, Heyman is fantastic at selling a match and now I am even more excited for this one on Sunday.

-We take our first break!

-Back with Wrestling with Your Feelings with Rachel Bonnetta. Oh crap, they brought this segment over from Backstage? The Street Profits are the guests on the couch this week. Rachel wants to take away their cups as there are no alcoholic beverages allowed. They discuss her assistant who apparently makes a good banana bread. The Profits need to work on their emotions and will be scheduled every other week for the next year. Okay then!

-We see the final moments of the 8 Man Tag from SmackDown with Ford getting the pin on Cesaro for the win. That brings out Daniel Bryan as our next guest. Daniel mentions Tez got the pin and that’s what makes him excited about SmackDown. He had a lot of fun seeing The Street Profits make their entrance though he is not a big fan of the plastic cups as he is The Planet’s Champion. That’s right….he must hate The Street Profits entrance then.

-Kayla brings up Daniel wanting the IC Title defended every week and Booker agrees that it should be defended more. The lineage of the title is one that should make you want to defend it more. Daniel loved Harlem Heat but The TV Title is what pushed Booker T as you saw him every week on TV. If all this leads to a TV Title showing up as a SmackDown exclusive I would be all for it!

-Booker brings up how Daniel mentioned he felt he lost a step. He wants to know how it feels for Daniel to work with the young talent. Daniel feels the past generation didn’t give the younger guys a chance to be on TV more. Daniel says that his strong point is now his mental game. He puts over the hyper athletic guys like The Street Profits and Buddy Murphy. He cites Native Americans in his quest to leave this planet a better place for generations to follow. He also enjoys getting in the ring no matter how many fans are in the building. He is nearly a 40 year old dad and he’s not cool. He sees all these guys that can bring a new, younger audience to the show. He compares it to the NBA where guys are younger and keep getting better and more athletic. Daniel says this is his last run as a full time guy on the roster and he just wants to prove thigs to himself and he wants to help younger talent.


-Rob Stone of FOX Sports talks about the fascination of NFL players and WWE. They touch on Rock, Austin, Reigns all playing college football. We get highlights from Mania XI with LT vs Bigelow. Reigns and Big E talk about what playing football did to help them in wrestling and it’s cool to see footage of Roman and Big E playing in college. Roman played at Georgia Tech and E at Iowa. They compare the atmosphere of college football and WWE (mainly WrestleMania). E talks about working at Mania in front of 100,000 people but at 20 he played football in The Big House with over 100,000 people watching. He is grateful for the lessons he learned at Iowa.

-Flashback to last week as Steve Austin joins Rob Stone on The College pregame show. Austin would like to have a beer with Alabama head coach Nick Saban. Austin then gives nicknames to the various talking heads on the show. You can tell Stone is a fan as he spent the entire interview marking out and I don’t blame him.

-They plug Big Noon tomorrow as The Big 10 finally starts their season. As I mentioned they can claim safety all they want, but they figured if they cancelled everyone else would and it didn’t happen. They saw the world moving on without them and had to get back in the game.


-Back with Bianca Belair getting the win over Zelina Vega earlier in the night. Having reviewed Main Event since May, it is nice to see her getting a chance on one of the 2 Main Shows.

-Bianca is here and Tez is more than proud of his wife. They have their own language and you can see how much they adore each other. Booker gives some advice as he always tries to help out the next generation. He mentions every time he says something the internet blows it up and brings up his thoughts on Naomi and Sasha in the past. Booker would love to network with her, but it needs to be off camera as he wants to make sure she is paying attention. Bianca mentions as an athlete you have to be comfortable at being uncomfortable and she will take any advice. Kayla wants to know Bianca’s goals on SmackDown. Right now she wants people to know who she is and prove why she is the EST on SmackDown. She is watching Sunday and wants the SD Woman’s Title.


-Hype for World Series game 4 tomorrow on FOX.

-David Ortiz and Booker T have a fun war of words on twitter and through their various shows. Booker T responds as he can see the fear in the eyes of David Ortiz. “Let me catch your ass at Starbucks.” Awesome!

-Sasha Banks is our final guest and Booker has been waiting for this as he mentions he and Sasha have had a twitter beef. Booker wants to know where Sasha ranks in the Women’s Division All Time. Sasha says she is the greatest of all time and Booker says she passed the test. “It’s not a test, Booker…it’s just straight facts.”

-Kayla puts over the accomplishments of Bayley, but she has yet to experience Hell in a Cell. Sasha has been in there twice. Sasha puts over her accomplishments including winning the greatest match of all time in 2015. She is the standard, marquee, conversation and Legit Boss of the WWE. This is her 3rd Cell Match and she will be walking out with the SD Title on Sunday.


-Hell in a Cell Predictions: Ford: Uso, Booker: Roman; Booker: Miz, Ford: Otis; Booker: Elias, Ford: Hardy; Booker: Orton, Ford: Drew

-That wraps up this special edition of Talking Smack. It was a fine show that did well at giving a final push for Hell in a Cell. We also got the crossover stuff with FOX Sports which is to be expected. All in all a fun show and it being a hour didn’t hamper things as it still flew by. Thanks for reading and I am off to check out 205 Live so look for that review here shortly.

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