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411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: Sasha Lays Claim to Greatest Ever, Rey Mysterio Accepts Murphy, Plus More!

November 14, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Sasha Banks Smackdown

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 11.14.20

-Early to rise for second round Masters coverage and now some Talking Smack before more Masters and College Football. Let’s get to it!

-Kayla Braxton welcomes us to the show and she is joined by her co-host, Paul Heyman. He immediately corrects Kayla on the way she introduced him. He then cracks Kayla up as he makes a joke about being a Jew. Paul also makes sure to name drop Roman and tells Kayla that “incredible” doesn’t mean good like everyone thinks. He rages against the butchering of the English language and tells us that he is here to help Kayla.

-Heyman says Roman is ready for Drew if he wins on Monday and is also ready for Orton is he successfully defends the WWE Title. Whoever walks in to Survivor Series is the 2nd most important champion in the WWE and will leave as the 2nd most important champion in the WWE. Kayla brings up that Jey lost to Drew McIntyre on SmackDown and asks Heyman if this is a set back for Jey as far as how Roman feels. Paul won’t go public with that as it is a family matter and nobody’s business.

-Our first guest is the SmackDown Women’s Champion, Sasha Banks. Sasha greets Paul and he calls her amazing which she already knows. It felt good to prove all the haters wrong as she has heard all the talk about how she can’t defend a title. She is the greatest wrestler of all time and will prove it again at Survivor Series. Kayla brings up Carmella attacking Sasha last week and how Paul mentioned nobody was talking about Sasha and only about Carmella. Fantastic way to throw your co-host under the bus and that kind of gets glossed over. Heyman brings up that he feels there is something to Carmella and Bayley having a plan against Sasha. Banks doesn’t care as she is here every Friday and it is easy to find her. Kayla brings up Survivor Series and Sasha calls Asuka one of the best, but she is the best of the best.

-Paul has no hard feelings towards Kayla and says that Sasha was just a horrible guest. Kayla agrees with him, but Paul isn’t down for a high five.

-Otis is out next and Paul calls him sir. Otis works in his “Spicy Pepper” nickname for Kayla. Otis says he has a lot of buttons to push and for whatever guys like to push them. He was just trying to eat his 3 plates of feud and people have to bother him. He is just a working man and at first it was Miz and Morrison and now it is Ziggler and Roode. He calls Ziggler a punk and he never gets sick of beating him up. Paul agrees with Otis on Ziggler as he hates his hair and abs. It pisses him off that Dolph was blessed with those by God instead of him and Ziggler has no personality to use them. Damn! Kayla brings up Gable giving Otis an invite to Alpha Academy. Otis is pretty lonely with Mandy on RAW, Tucker turning on him, and losing his briefcase so he needs someone right now and that could be Chad. Kayla throws to Otis’ twitter as he popped open a Stone Cold Beer while grilling and Austin tweeted him back.

-Heyman tells the parents at hope that Otis mentioned Tucker with a T turned on him and that they shouldn’t flag the show. Kayla is losing it as Heyman says he couldn’t believe what he was saying until he realized Otis was saying Tucker and not, well….you know.

-Rey Mysterio and his entire family including Murphy are out next and Heyman immediately gives up his seat. He yells at the staff to bring out more chairs for Mysterio and his family. That is on point for Paul as you know he deeply respects Mysterio as he booked Rey in the early years of ECW. Rey talks about the family all being united. Kayla asks Murphy how it feels to get the approval of Rey. Murphy says it is good and that he is happy. He listened to Rollins because he was a manipulator and did things he didn’t agree with, but he is past that now. Aalyah feels great though she freak out a bit as she had no clue what Murphy was going to do, but she was happy to see him protect her father. Rey feels relieve as he just wanted everything worked out. As a father you want your son or daughter guided by the right person and while tricky at first, it worked out. Kayla brings up that Murphy gets Rollins next week. Murphy is looking forward to it and he has something Rollins no longer has….backup. Heyman says he doesn’t get involved in family affairs and we are out this week.

-Heyman was great this week as he seemed to find joy in trying to crack Kayla as much as possible. The guests weren’t all that great as they mostly stayed on point and didn’t go off script much as we usually get with this show, but it was fine. Thanks for reading!

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