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411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: Ziggler wants Nakamura, Owens Rants At Bryan and Shane

April 12, 2017 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 04/11/17

-The roster changes over the last 2 days are done and it was a mixed bag as it relates to SmackDown and more specifically to me, Talking Smack. The bad is that we are losing the greatness of Miz and his war with Daniel Bryan. Losing Ambrose is a blow as well as he was always great on TS. For a bit last night I was worried Renee was leaving too and that would kill all the fun of this show. The good is that New Day will be fun as their craziness can keep up with what The Usos do each time they appear. Owens should be perfect for this type of show and the dark horse will be Rusev. Can’t wait to see him get a chance to shine.

-I caught the end of Perkins/Jack and it seemed like quite the battle. Now I will have to go back and check out that match as well.

-Renee Young welcomes us to Talking Smack and this week Daniel Bryan is back, but Shane remains as well. Bryan says he is sad to see some of the people leave and Renee mentions she is as well. They talk about Dean leaving and Renee jokes about who she needs to blame for that. Daniel and Shane each place the blame on each other. Nice! Daniel is happy about losing Miz and Maryse as it will make a more peaceful show for him.

-I just realized Renee is rocking a nWo shirt under her jacket. That is fantastic and makes me love her more.

-Dolph is our first guest and he says it was a personal request from him to see Dean Ambrose go. He says he is happy to see The Shining Stars as he is a fan. He talks about Nakamura as he says he just learned who he is and that isn’t a dig. He mainly follows what happens on SmackDown and sometimes what goes down on RAW. He knows Nakamura has a huge following and he can’t wait to beat him in front of his fans. He knows fans are going to pay to see Nakamura and he loves beating people the fans love. He again jokes about being the one that got Dean removed from SmackDown. He talks about this not being Japan or Orlando and Nakamura is a new fish in a big pond.

-Dolph talks about how he has been told that Nakamura has been around for some time. He talks about how SmackDown is the cool show to be on and says it because of him. He says Daniel kind of as well, and Bryan jokes that he is “dad cool.” Bryan gives an update as Brie has about 3.5 weeks to go with her pregnancy. They discuss Shane’s shoes and Bryan talks about his which are made of recycled rubber. Dolph takes his leave and he showed more personality here than he has in years.

-Bryan mentions he once roomed in Santa Monica with Nakamura and former UFC Champion, Lyoto Machida. That is tremendous! He admires Nakamura’s dedication to his craft and how he took a risk leaving Japan (where he was the biggest star) by coming to NXT/WWE. Daniel tells a story of taking Nakamura to a donut place and when Shin bit into one he said “Too Sweet.” That caused Daniel to throw up the sign and yell “Too Sweet” back. Nakamura just stared at him and Daniel jokes that is why he is a nerd. Fantastic!

-They discuss the Women’s Division and Shane gives all the credit to Daniel Bryan. He says everything was decided by Bryan. Daniel won’t take all the credit and then puts over Charlotte. He talks about her being in Main Events of PPV and how much she will bring to the division.

-Our next guest is Jinder Mahal and Renee says with all the work he has been putting in he should probably be shirtless. Jinder wants to know why Gronk is even allowed in a WWE building considering he was a fan that jumped into the ring at Mania. Man has a point though Shane and Daniel kind of glance over that question. Shane says they will take it under advisement and mentions that Jinder did provoke Gronk. Jinder wants Gronk banned and a rematch with Mojo to prove what he can do. He is here to redefine himself and he wants to win championships. Nobody is working out more than him and dieting more than him. He doesn’t care who he needs to go through he will win championships. Man, Talking Smack just makes people step up their game. Jinder just made me care about him!

-As he takes his leave, Daniel takes some shots at the Patriots and Renee points out that he is still bitter about the Seahawks blowing The Super Bowl vs. New England. Next time Daniel wants to put Gronk up in the cheap seats. Daniel loves to see a chip on Jinder’s shoulder and thinks his time away from the WWE did a lot for him.

-They discuss Mojo and the roll he has been on recently. Daniel talks about training with Mojo a week before Mania and says he box jumped 60 inches. Daniel was in awe and thought that wasn’t real. Shane calls Mojo a “Big Sweaty Hog” and Daniel jumps on that as says there is only one “Big Hog” in the WWE and that is James Ellsworth.

-The tag division is next as Daniel mentions that their tag division didn’t get a Mania spot and they (Shane and Daniel) failed them. With SD only being two hours he feels they may have shortchanged the division.

-Before he can continue Kevin Owens is here and he is throwing his shoes on the announce table for reasons that baffle Renee. KO says people were talking about shoes earlier so he wants everyone to see his. Daniel talks about a cow dying for those shoes and Shane makes “shoe in” jokes. Ha! There is some tension with KO and Shane which is interesting. KO says it felt great to be on SmackDown, but he doesn’t care about the fans cheering. He was okay until Sami showed up and again Shane puts that on Daniel Bryan. KO wants to know why Daniel didn’t push for him on SmackDown for months like he did for Sami. He wants to know why they want him now vs 8 months ago. KO doesn’t believe in the “land of opportunity” tag line, but they all need to know where they stand. He doesn’t like that RAW drafted him so late and that SmackDown didn’t want him any sooner. He is pissed off already because they brought over Sami. He will turn this show into KO Country!

-KO says he will beat Jericho and will stay on SmackDown with the US Title. From there he will beat the “Crown Jewel of SmackDown,” AJ Styles. He is the face of America and then he mocks the Bryan “Yes” chant. He closes by congratulating Daniel on the coming birth of his daughter and then mentions he has a son and daughter, but they wouldn’t know that as they didn’t draft him. Owens was a marvelous dick there and it was glorious!

-I was worried about this show with what was lost, but man it didn’t miss a beat. Owens was great as expected and Ziggler was wonderful as well. The surprise was Mahal who showed more here than he he has in his entire WWE career. See you all next week!