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411’s WWE The SmackDown LowDown Report 01.14.23: GUNTHER Talks His Win over Braun, Rey & Raquel Talk Royal Rumble, More

January 14, 2023 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
The Smackdown Lowdown Image Credit: WWE

-They made me sweat for a half, but then BROCK PURDY and the boys hit the throttle and left Seattle in the dust. I love playoff football! Let’s get to it!

-Jackie Redmond welcomes us to the show and is joined by Matt Camp. They get right to our Main Event as Sami Zayn seemingly had KO beat, but The Usos and Solo attack. Sami is less than pleased, but goes along with it and KO gets his ass beat including a splash from Solo through a table. This story is awesome!

-GUNTHER is still our IC Champion as he beats Braun Strowman. Pretty strong HOSS FIGHT with GUNTHER getting the pin off a powerbomb. Just let GUNTHER keep rolling!

-To the video as Rey Mysterio addresses the WWE Universe and declares for The Royal Rumble Match. Karrion Kross interrupts and talks smack about Rey’s parenting skills. Rey attacks, but Scarlett offers enough of a distraction to let Karrion get the Kross Jacket.

-Rey is backstage with Megan Morant. Rey says Karrion made things personal tonight. He considers himself a great father and drops that news that he and Kross will face off in two weeks on SmackDown.

-Jackie and Camp discuss!

-GUNTHER and Raquel Rodriguez still to come!

-Peacock commercials!

-Bobby Lasley hype video!

-To the video as Bray Wyatt cuts a promo in the ring in a rocking chair. It seems like they are going back to Bray Wyatt of old and perhaps dropping The Uncle Howdy gimmick. Unless this is just another step along the way. Definitely some old school Bray in this promo!

-Jackie and Camp discuss Bray/Knight and their upcoming Pitch Black match.

-To the video as Raquel Rodriguez gets a win over Liv Morgan. Good win for Liv as she knocked off a former Champion.

-Raquel is backstage with Megan and is asked about The Royal Rumble. Raquel brings up that she grew up an hour south of San Antonio and running The Rumble there would mean a lot to her. She is putting it out in universe to make it happen.

-Jackie and Camp discuss The Women’s Royal Rumble. Camp mentions the Rumble Match for the women is only 5 years old so experience may not mean as much as it does in the men’s match.

-GUNTHER still to come!

-Peacock commercials!

-To the video as Sami and Kevin Owens do what they are destined to do forever. Sami seemingly has KO beat, but that’s not the plan as The Bloodline hit the ring for the DQ. KO gets destroyed while Sami seems confused, but accepts what’s happening.

-Jackie and Camp discuss. Camp puts over how hard Sami fought in this match as he felt he needed to win this one and instead it was just a match to set-up KO. He brings up that Heyman got this match made a week ago and what we saw was the plan they had in place.

-To the video of THE HOSS FIGHT as GUNTHER pins Braun Strowman to retain his Intercontinental Title. Fun HOSS FIGHT!

-GUNTHER and rest of Imperium are backstage with Megan. GUNTHER says it felt great to once again defend the honor of his great prize and of their great sport. Imperium will apparently be involved in the upcoming Tag Team Tournament. The Mat is Sacred!

-Jackie and Camp discuss the Tag Tournament: next week it’s Drew/Sheamus vs. The Viking Raiders. Also we will get KO and Roman signing the contract for The Royal Rumble.

-Jackie wraps things up and we are out this week!

-Oh, and I’m sorry to any Charger fans out there. After what just went down as I finished this show, someone is getting fired. Geez!